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What Does it Mean to Live an "Integrated Life?"

You want — and need — time for family, for personal relationships, for community involvement, as well as for hobbies and other interests. They help you refuel your soul and are important parts of what makes life worth living. 185 more words

Work-life Integration

Breaking News : What Do You Mean - Viral Succes - Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber fans make his latest Single “What Do You Mean” a great success. Their Lip-syncing makes the Single goes Viral.

This is one of the Fan-editions by 12 year old Sophia… 38 more words


Music Publishing in the Digital Age


As part of the finetunes network, Roykit offers songwriters, composers and artists an alternative to traditional copyright models. Establishing direct deals with major platforms such as Youtube, iTunes or Spotify, Roykit is able to collect royalties faster and help to secure a higher revenue for artists and writers. 115 more words


Beyonce Doing The "Chicken Dance" Is The Best Thing You'll See All Day

Thanks to the internet, we already know that Beyonce is ALWAYS on beat. Regardless of the song she’s singing or dancing to, she never, ever, misses a beat. 50 more words


Identifying "Missing" Data

In researching a replication issue, I thought I’d do some digging around the hairy situation of mismatch data.  From my earlier post today, you’d have seen I had to remove a ton of duplicate rows from a table already; the problem I am facing now is that I have missing and/or changed data between my source and target tables. 325 more words


I used to believe in fate, how good it could really be
But life also has in it hate, and so it was not so good to me… 163 more words