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Music Publishing: Copyright, Royalties, and PROS, oh my!

Publishing is one of the most confusing aspects of the music industry, that many musicians simply just don’t know much about. If you asked any artist how they make money, a majority of answers would be touring, selling records, merchandise, etc. 803 more words


The synchronization of body and mind

The synchronization of body and mind has become of the most difficult task today in this new age of life. We have innumerable tasks lined up to do as soon as the alarm goes off in the morning. 183 more words

What Every Small Artist Management Firm Must Do Immediately

Artist Management Firms: If you do not have someone on your team whose sole responsibility is to utilize online music sync agencies, pitch ad agencies, and cozy up with music supervisers, you’re missing out, bigly. 502 more words

Music Licensing

X-Men: X-Men #51

Maybe once I get a new phone, I’ll use twitter (@psychodadcomics) more.  right now?  hard enough to keep regular apps on there.  My phone sucks. 1,327 more words


Something to Try if the Left Joy-Con on your Switch is Having Connection Issues

While I have been pretty fortunate with my Switch, Lindsey’s left Joy-Con suffered the dreaded “desync” issue today. After trying everything from pairing the controllers to putting the Switch into sleep mode and back in the dock to a hard reboot, the solution ended up being a mere button press away. 48 more words


Lying Green Giant

Kind of screwed this up. Should have been “one Halloween.” Not last Halloween. RJ has celebrated Halloween more than once in the last 20 years.

Words: they matter.

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