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Your Calendar Will Not Work...

Reprint – So much of it is true.


You advocate a ________ approach to calendar reform

You advocate a

( ) lunisolar ( ) … 616 more words

If your business were a song, what would it sound like?

A theme song for your brand!

Would it be:

  • up-tempo and bright
  • slow, serene and light
  • designed to make people dance
  • simple and anthemic

Here’s where Island Moon Music comes in. 335 more words


In The Essence Of Synergy

The head and the heart are bound to collide—when they do—the dynamics of wisdom and knowledge will arrange themselves as a single fundamental being. The strength from this force alone will create waves in an ocean of synergy. 1,285 more words

Final Cut Pro X - 10. Synchronisation

0:39 min
  1. Select the clips and audio you want to synch
  2. Right click and click ‘Synchronize clips’
  3. A new window opens, name the file and click ‘OK’
  4. 28 more words

Premiere Pro - 7. Synchronization

0:43 min
  1. Select two clips
  2. Right click and click ‘Create Multi Camera Source Sequence’
  3. A new window opens
  4. Name the new clip
  5. Click ‘Audio’ to synchronize…
  6. 21 more words