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How Do You Get Lucky? Grab the Thread

For the last few months, I’ve been noodling my ability to get lucky in meeting people who make huge differences in my personal and professional life. 566 more words

Getting Lucky

How Bitter Always Leads To Better. Always Has. Always Will.

I am not saying it, Betty did too. Remember? Betty bought a butter but the butter was bitter? Over the years I think I have understood that something bitter inevitably leads to something better and beautiful. 324 more words


Calm After the Storm: #Dreamshare 7/15/15

              The other night I dreamt that there were so many floating objects and colors swirling in front of me, I swear I must have been lost among the cosmos somewhere for some time in my sleep. 436 more words

General Spirituality


Someone who puts a lot of emphasis on labels, designers, or money is immediately off-putting. The most attractive person to an INFJ is someone who isn’t materialistic and al about wealth. 727 more words


Ancient Beast of the Sea

               The Great White Shark is a prime example of one of the oldest living animals of the earth: the shark. This magnifcent beast is yet another re-occurring motif in my dreams. 321 more words

General Spirituality

Energy boost

After the last chemo, I laid around for more days than I would like. My energy was low and I didn’t have much to write; each day looked like the one before it. 447 more words


Jewish Voice for Peace

Full disclosure: I am a card-carrying member of Jewish Voice for Peace and a soft-spoken person. I aspire to stand on the side of peace and social justice.   186 more words