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Barnes & Noble

I took my mom to Barnes & Noble today. While on my way there, I thought about looking at the tarot card options they have for sale, the last time I was there I browse right past. 362 more words



I’ve been hearing this song in my head the last month or so. It didn’t occur to me that there could be a reason, just another earworm. 337 more words


Palindrome Numbers

What on earth?

So this is the first time I’ve noticed this synchronicity. Palindrome numbers?

I wrote this post right before going to bed: Snoring Puppy… 610 more words



My ears are always ringing. Since I can remember…a constant ringing. I assumed it was because I had a lot of ear infections as a child (including tubes, a few times.) And ear infections as an adult. 265 more words

Spiritual Awakening

Synchronicity: Cousins

Yesterday I was updating my calendar on graduation dates and weddings etc…two of my younger cousins are engaged, one getting married in May and the other, well, not sureĀ  he just got engaged and will be deployed in a few months. 106 more words


Things I Don't Understand But Will Write About Anyhow


I just finished writing my last blog post…the part about having a dream about my two mentor teachers last night (one from elementary school who was pretty much the epitome of everything a teacher should be in my world and one I wanted to be like someday…) and my Political Science professor from college who instilled my love of constitutional law. 430 more words

Spiritual Awakening