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A brilliant green lizard, bold red cardinal, soft grey feather, school of dragon flies, lucid dreams, a warm touch on the shoulder are just a few of the many fascinating messengers that await to be seen and felt by you. 935 more words


Healing While Here

As I settle in and acclimate my system after any journey, it is important for me to commune with the language of the land in order to get grounded and fine tune my energetic alignment (just as essential as finding my favorite cheese shops and bakeries, of course!) This feels important especially when I travel alone, as it amplifies my awareness; connecting to the earth, our place of belonging wherever we are, is essential. 1,007 more words

Writing For Healing

Confession #8- Lover of Numbers

“I cannot deny that I am a lover of numbers, not just any numbers: Angel Numerology. It was a concept of synchronicities that was integrated into my life by one of many… 222 more words

Alex Speak

Twin Flames vs Karmic Relationship

For one moment, I had a surge of doubt whether I am in a twin flame relationship or a karmic one. But I guess I am getting better with purging my triggers quickly. 531 more words


Using Psalms And The Moon's Cycles To Turn Dreams Into Visions

Even the most casual observer of the Moon’s cycles will notice an increase in dream frequency, intensity, and message around the New and Full Moons and especially at eclipses. 718 more words


An Invitation

Blog and blogging, what strange words to use, to have been invented. They sound silly; twenty years ago, who could have imagined them existing at all? 321 more words


Who's with me in this twin flame path?

You ask me how’s my journey so far?

It is soooo daaaaaamn challenging!

This twin flame (TF) journey has caused me a lot of purging here and there for four years now, and I didn’t know the meaning of “purging”until I come across this TF concept back in March 2017.   634 more words