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Grounding and Shielding

                        It is no secret that there is negativity (or toxins) in the environment around us. It is inevitable to be exposed (i.e. individuals giving off a low vibration, areas with emotional/physical/spiritual toxins in the environment, parasites and energy vampires, etc)  whether it is school, work, in a store, or around our home. 628 more words

General Spirituality

#Dreamshare Synchronicity-5/13/15

                                                            I have noticed one very repetitive motif has been coming up in my dreams within the past several months to a year and that has been ships (spaceships, sail boats (big and or small), and or a combination of the two), bodies of water like the ocean, lakes, rivers, islands, deserted beaches, and space or the cosmos. 176 more words

General Spirituality

Inspiration and support

Health Story Collaborative hosts cool events where patients of all kinds get to tell their stories. I spoke at one event, and afterward, I walked on air and could feel a change in the vibration of my body. 1,313 more words

Daily Life

My Own Private Synchronicities

Recently, I read two articles describing the most common synchronicities one often experiences when they’re in the flow, aligned with their desires and on their way to manifesting them. 526 more words


Open my heart space to listen more freely to sound

My first intent is manifesting beautifully in 2015, it is through the very process that I set out to do when creating my blog, which is exploring ways to restore the equilibrium of hearing loss and tinnitus through sound, and doing so with the intent… 454 more words

I have a place to live!

I knew my friends had plans to remodel their basement into an apartment and rent it out someday, but as far as I understood it was not finished. 140 more words


Catching a Rest in Short Moments

I was driving in the car today and my head was spinning with thoughts of this and that — I’m talking with my family about going for a visit to give them a hand, and we’ll have to make some adjustments b/c I can’t stay there due to my animal allergies. 194 more words