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One Small Step — Courage Truth Love

I’ve known many people who get overwhelmed by certain areas of their life or in certain situations, be it family, work, worries about the future, health, friends… I feel overwhelmed on a fairly regular basis and have come to identify it as anxiety.

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To Dare is to Lose One's Footing Momentarily. Not to Dare is to Lose One's self. Soren Kierkegaard

When was the last time you did something that scared you? When was the last time you took a risk, not knowing what the outcome would be?

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KCHUNG Chill & Grill

On September 4th, many KCHUNGers got a chance to meet and greet eachother for the first time. Eric was the Official Grillmaster and Margie provided the venue at her art studio. 83 more words


Miraculous Medal and Procedure Results

Thank you for all your support this week, through all the ups and downs. Especially the downs.

I recently lamented that I don’t see the everyday miracles like I used to. 858 more words


Transitions- Autumn

As we leave behind Spring and Summer;

The sweet scent of something anew fills my nostrils. 

What is it? What is this new scent?

Rainfall, gentle chill of the wind, richly scented soft amber leaves; 163 more words

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Signs, synchronicities & validation

I had this thought today and the more I thought about it the more I realised it is one of those powerfully simple, universal truths. 363 more words


Who Am I?

  Who am I? I’m me. I’m Alex. I’m the person who I want and need to be. I follow my own truth which lies between my heart and soul. 495 more words

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