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"Meaningful Coincidence"

“Meaningful Coincidence”

Day Twenty-Eight of the Self-love 31-day 5-minute Challenge: Synchronicities in life

We have all experienced a synchronistic event in our lives where we are blown away. 330 more words


Be There

If you are truly my friend; Please don’t hurt me.

If you truly are my companion; Please don’t wish me harm.

If you truly are my rock; Please don’t judge me by my cover. 151 more words

Alex Speak

Squirrel as a Spirit Animal | Animal Totems

Squirrel has been ever present as of late, making chucking noises and happily bounding across the yard. As I sit at the window watching them intently searching for acorns, my thoughts turn to what this cheerful little creature has to share with us. 435 more words


The Masterful Game – part II

though the path was clear
so close, so near

i still wouldn’t accept, see, or hear
the obvious synchronicities

the signs, the voice
the extended hand… 79 more words


Meeting Sheffield in Manhattan

TGIF: to my good English friends

This is my cheery thanks for 237 WordPress views from the U.K. Yet, all readers are welcomed to join in the jape — even your homework-eating doggie or moggie is invited. 575 more words


Reading Signs

I’m exactly where I’m supposed to be

There’s no mistakes

It’s clear to me

I’m connected now

This I can say

My guides are clear… 157 more words


Colorful Affirmations 5

One single lotus

Represents the universe

We evolve as one.

Alex Speak