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The Goddess Isis Synchronicity

I have drawn the 8 pointed star of Isis since I was in 5th grade.  I have a very vivid memory when the design came to me sitting in Ms. 303 more words


88 - Manifesting Wealth & Abundance 11/3/15

Today the 88’s were relentless.   I caught 2 in the photos .  There was a point on my drive home where I was surrounded by three “88” license plates. 23 more words


77 - You are on Your Divine Path 11/2/15

Today the 77’s were surrounding me.  Apparently I am on my divine path :-)

Thank you Angels!


Recognizing Real vs. Artificial Synchronicities | Wake Up World

Real synchronicities and artificial synchronicities both have meaning to the perceiver. Both manifest via highly improbable “coincidences.” Artificial synchronicity is engineered by hyperdimensional negative beings in an attempt to suppress, sabotage, drain, distract, or mislead targets on the verge of awakening. 21 more words


People First

I have had a theme the past few days.  It has been a teaching about valuing people over things.  When a society values things over its people it gets into trouble.  63 more words


Divine Timing

My plan when I started this blog was to write every day. That was my intention. Even if it was just a short note, I would still write every day. 400 more words