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More Common Dream Motifs

I have more common dream motifs that I want to share, which is just an addition to the previous post. (This might become a series depending on how many motifs continue to occur in my dreams or the dreams of those involved with The Dream Gallery or #Dreamshare). 626 more words

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Common Dream Motifs

I have had so many repetitious motifs showing up in my dreams lately. I felt as though that doing a personal analysis (separate from looking at exact definitions on dream analyzing resources) would be an interesting venture to take on.  470 more words

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Pay attention to dreams

For many years now I have been keeping track of my dreams. A private online blog is the best way for me to have a journal I won’t lose, and it’s easy to search. 1,195 more words

Growth Opportunities

Colorful Affirmations 3

We all have a choice. Always remember that whether if we are in control or not. Choosing love, light, and happiness will make you feel whole.  7 more words

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Synchronicities: Retrieving the Inner Child

One afternoon last May, my little girl and I went out for a stroll inside our village. We saw a security guard on tiptoes gathering some kind of a fruit from a tree. 470 more words

Inner Child

Colorful Affirmations pt 2

Today, I send to everyone and and everyone:

(Featured Media credit- MerylHersheyBeck.com)

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Colorful Claymation Battle

Last night I had an incredibly vivid, but in my opinion, beautiful dream. I recall getting up one morning and everything that I knew had melted into what felt like a clash of multiple realities. 721 more words

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