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Chasing Success

The drive we have to succeed is a normal one to create our desires.  Even this attribute of life has spiritual involvement if we’ll only take a moment to notice it.  327 more words


The Black Box

In the Cockpit.

Listen to the Black Box. A Ride on Time.

And today King Richard 111 is buried. ‘My Kingdom for a Dark Horse’ 23 more words


the mother of all "conspiracy theories" ?

What is the most ridiculed “conspiracy theory” of all time? How confident are you in your sense of reality?

We’ll know our disinformation program is complete when everything the American public believes is false.

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LIFE - here - and here- and here

The synchronicities are overwhelmingly loudtalking the last month:

First the movie BIRDMAN with Micheal Keaton – which is about actors  who mesh with the narrative/manuscript they are playing, and you end up not knowing what is script and what is “real” – and in the end, Keaton… 478 more words

A Course In Miracles Blog


In late 2003 I walked into The Royal Museum in Edinburgh, what is now The National Museum of Scotland. The first thing I saw was a Nisga’a totem pole. 242 more words

Carl Jung

I'm Going Batty.


For some reason, the Universe is showing me bats. It started with a dream last week. I dreamt there was a bat loose in a garage or storage space (didn’t recognize the location). 400 more words

New Age

Asking for a sign from heaven.

I was driving in my car praying and asking for a sign from heaven as I was driving home. Then my phone rang.

It was my daughter. 58 more words