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Pussy Power

Over the weekend some of the themes that I and we have been discussing recently came together.

For a few months now, Elena and I have been wondering when ‘She’ would show her face. 419 more words


A Wink from the Universe (4 min read)

Written By Millionaire’s Digest Team Member: Heidi Allen

Founder & Owner of: Positive People Army

Millionaire’s Digest Team, Contributor, Family & Life and Successful Living Writer… 1,420 more words


The Right Road

When your in the right place how do you know….

There is proof…

Everywhere you go….

The moments, so perfect…

As the synchronicities flow…

You know that this is the right road….

~TMB~ Love and Blessings


Nature's first gold is grain

(That’s a Robert Frost allusion, in case you didn’t catch it.)


On Saturday, January 14, I taught a private English class in which we used an article about… 230 more words


What is your Mayan Gateway?

Anyone who wants to input their full birthday into the Mayan Dreamspell Calculator, just go to this site.  At the top is a rectangle.  Click on the rectangle at this page.   86 more words

13 Moon Calendar

Reflections about Coincidence and Synchronicity

Carol A. Hand

A different view of life’s coincidences

Carl Jung’s concept of synchronicity

Unus mundus“one world” – connecting all

Invisible threads that only a heart or spirit can see… 120 more words

Critical Thinking

Could it bee that simple?

A nearby tree,
recently came alive
with the sound of a gazillion buzzing bees.
They covered the pollinating tree,
in an organized frenzy.

This brought to mind, 407 more words