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For me and for others, I’m getting, everything seems to be off the scale at present. And it doesn’t look like there will be a slow down any time soon. 362 more words


I Am Not From Here

There are some people you meet and immediately feel like you’ve known them forever.  He was a friend of a friend, but across the years I’ve heard enough stories about his interactions and relationship with my friend and his family that it was good to finally meet him and his wife in person. 1,445 more words

I feel... the worst!

We are all broken, that’s how the light gets in.” – Ernest Hemingway

I heard this quote first thing this morning on the radio as I was getting ready for work.   537 more words

A lightbulb moment

When embarking on a road less travelled i.e. a full time entrepreneur, it can actually be quite a lonely experience. Going from working in a collaborative office environment to spending large amounts of time by yourself with no certainty of the future is certainly daunting. 606 more words


I don’t quite know what happened with all these messy lines — they got away from me a bit. Must figure out how to add depth to my drawings without cluttering up the page with lots of unnecessary and distracting lines that serve no aesthetic purpose whatsoever.


AM47 Synchronicity with the film Midnight Special

The film Midnight Special is about a child (ALTon Meyer) from a lower Density reality who (by some fluke or as a lesson) is born into our current higher Density reality. 74 more words


Synchronicity in London

Yesterday I had the pleasure of attending the Mind Body Spirit Wellness Festival in London. I chose to participate in Day 2 of this four-day-long event so that I could attend a Synchronicity workshop held by the beautiful and innovative spiritual teacher, … 854 more words

Evolution Of Man