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The psychology behind Polykinetics: An NLP connection

I am going to try to write this the best that I can, but if it doesn’t make sense at first, just bear with me and I am sure the deeper I dig into this, the clearer it will become… 649 more words

A Little Travel Magic

When I fly commercial airlines alone, I always wonder who the magical Universe will arrange to occupy the empty seat next to me.

Talk about magic! 724 more words


A Sortie of Falcons

Hafiz and I
on a bench, basking
in a rosy sunset.
Falcons gathering
on the limbs overhead–
some Merlins, some Sooties, a Grey–
all of them edging awkwardly close, 111 more words


My Pet Goat (Polystyrene)

Day 72.

One of my treasures is this fellow. I feel a great affinity and empathy for this particular object. It is almost  as if it were a living creature. 206 more words


“All good things are wild and free.” - Henry David Thoreau

In the business world, a hippie is not exactly considered as something positive to be labelled as. The immediate image that pops into mind for many, is probably a dreadlocked lethargic individual, lying on a hammock day-after-day, joint in hand, in the middle of nowhere with minimal career ambitions; needless to say, not exactly the ideal candidate for the business world.   848 more words

The Trouble with Poets and their Car Troubles

The weather changed this week. It got cold, and the sky went grey, and I’ve been withdrawing into myself. Into my own reserves of warmth and brightness. 2,233 more words