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learning how to breathe (again...)

Since the day I first realized that I was coming back to the farm for the fall and winter I have thought about walking through the back forest after an autumn rain. 991 more words


The Search for the Quantum Soul...

Invisible things. Unseeable things. There are plenty of things in this Universe that we cannot perceive due to the limited senses that we have, even with the advent of technology and instrumentation. 535 more words


- and a gourmet burger

I am now a true believer that in the acceptance of the present (and all its tensions), combined with the release of specificity (in terms of of ambitions/desire) allows for magic. 118 more words


Grimmfest 2015 Day 1 Recap

I took the 4:40 train from London to Manchester and hit up Grimmfest. The horror festival up North which has been running since 2009. Manchester is two hours on the train from London and has a industrial vibe going on. 714 more words

Horror News

Synchronicity at Work

I have a penchant for motivational gurus. I think they have an invisible link to spirituality or the metaphysical in some way. Although in today’s day and age we would prefer to look at things from a more mainstream perspective this may be frowned upon, the patterns are surprisingly overwhelming. 511 more words

what do you believe?

earlier today on facebook, my wise and wonderful friend kristie posted a list of her “powerful beliefs.” she divided the list into two sections, empowering (allowing) and disempowering (resisting), noting that her disempowering beliefs are the ones that cause her the most anxiety and grief. 615 more words

Incredibly Strange Coincidences


Incredibly Strange Coincidences 2003…

How Many Chris Mastrangelos are there?

When I lived in Philadelphia in the early 1980s, I went to the public library to apply for a library card.  716 more words