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age is a belief system!

To understand AGE, we have to first understand TIME.

Consider this: when I first traveled to South America, I left my country on 18 April 2009 and four continents, four countries, four flights* and 32 hours later I reached Venezuela on 18 April 2009! 1,674 more words


My journey with Ayahuasca - It was like being shown the secret handshake for a society I always knew I belonged with.

I recently had the pleasure of journeying with Ayahuasca, thanks to the wonderful people over at Soul Quest Ayahuasca Church of Mother Earth in Orlando.  My experience was so profound that I decided it was time to rekindle the blog and share my story with the world – or at least with the internet. 1,192 more words

Following My Path

Intentionality`s Metaphysical Power

“Action is character”  –  F. Scott Fitzgerald

I​`​m a keen exponent of the benefits of working with the energy of Loving Intentionality and will happily bang on about it any chance I get, especially when the intent is directed towards Healing.  1,013 more words

Magical and Fantasical Insights

I’m starting this blog to acknowledge and celebrate the magical and fantastical in every day life. When we pay attention to coincidence or even the events that we find jarring or unexpected, there are hits and unfolding that occur that takes our lives in new and unexpected directions. 111 more words

Celestine Prophecies

Interview Tim Engelhardt

Although his career in DJing and music production had an early onset, taking off before it was even legal for him to play in clubs, … 3,583 more words

Torture The Artist