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The two super potent cancer cures

I dream one special dream. In that dream little monster, something like microorganism called Vida chased me. Because it is very fast I can not escape it. 370 more words

Baking Soda Cancer Cure

The Beginning: Fall 2017 Trip to Amritapuri, India

I traveled to Amritapuri for five weeks this past August and September so that I could participate in three festivals, Ganesh Chaturi, Krishna Jayanthi and Onam. 615 more words


Ghosts and Other Intangibles

I am going to change tack now and this is prompted by the events of yesterday and a dream I had last night. Yesterday was an example of synchronicity, I was writing on the blog about buttering up and then went into town, lo and behold someone tried to butter me up. 789 more words


Sagittarius New Moon & Saturn's Entrance in to Capricorn

Noticing many synchronicities between Sagittarius New Moon (18Dec UTC), Saturn’s entrance in to Capricorn (21Dec UTC) and my various natal astrology charts. The end of 2017 is going to be huge.


Sutapimai (3 / 3)

Paskui mistiškumai išvis atsibodo, vietoj to užėjo biesas ką nors kurt. Filmuot, grot, ar ką. Ir kartu labai nesisekė to daryt. Po darbo jau būdavau pavargęs ar tingėdavau, o jei ne po darbo, tai šiaip nieko įdomaus nepavykdavo sugalvot. 615 more words


Give it your best

I root myself down deep

Within my soul and spirituality

I root myself deep down in love

Discovering my inner peace

Found my compassion and empathy… 112 more words


The End Game

I feel we are fast approaching a Crunch time. What’s new some may ask. It’s felt like a crunch time after crunch time after crunch time. 818 more words