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Surrender 42: Too Late or Not Too Late, That Was My Question

I dearly love how the Divine answers the deeper questions of my heart and soul, sometimes before I’m even aware that I have asked. The series of synchronicities that occurred this week, a phenomenon I call a strand, arrived in response to a thought that I had. 744 more words


from random to synchronic

Seen as I was doing my exercise walk in Golden Gate Park, February 4, 2016. What you are looking at is, of course, what’s left of the inside of the ‘top’ body piece of a flat top round hole guitar.
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Je Suis Kali

Firstly, the hole of the Universe, and Multiverse and any other Universe that may happen to exist is Innocence. You are In No Sins, I am In No Sins, We are In No Sins and They are In No Sins. 956 more words


Synchronicity (2015)

Few ideas in science fiction tantalize or intrigue like that of time travel. But let’s get real: if it were possible, what would we actually… 570 more words

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Bender's Star

And just like that, he is gone. Not by choice, necessity.

I take comfort that we walk under the same sky and that the same moon beams will touch our faces every once in awhile. 140 more words


A repetition of the same single digit number on the clock is stunning when we did not planned to watch time. It is even more surprising to stumble upon the exact same single digit mirror hour all the time. 1,248 more words


Lighten Your Stress Level with Everyday Magic

Change your reality by changing your attitude.

Most of us are trained to adhere to the rule of the rational mind. We try to figure things out, analyze what’s going on or what went wrong, make up scenarios, and solve the problems we’re facing by thinking about them hard. 974 more words