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I began following this blog recently and it has many great quotes.

Einstein is one of my favourite sources for quotes. When I taught, I had a poster in the classroom with this quote: “The true sign of intelligence is not knowledge but imagination.” 137 more words

Day 74 (291 left) Law Of Attraction

Better evening than morning. Contrast is gone and I am back on my river of life. I know I did many asking and I know I have to be in receptive mode to receive it. 217 more words

You are not yourself

We are an energy vortex

of kinetic creation,

living life in illusion

believing that everything is solid and firm

but that is because we have not learnt, 117 more words


Error of Existence

Error of Existence?

“When I manifested myself to existence, existence came to the existence of the existent, I then exist…”

~ unknown

The alarm goes off and I have to leave my fantasies and reunite with  the physical world, one that I am not sure of. 329 more words


magickal musings

I wore a new cologne to class today. The cologne is advertised for men wishing to define their own masculinity, and part of the reason I purchased it due to the resonance in the statement. 58 more words

Nothing humane about humanity

In a world where so many people have so much

why do others suffer on the minimal amounts,

what is about the refusal to share, 115 more words


Basic Premise

A combination of remote viewing and hyperreal sublimation is used experimentally to explore the possibilities of non-causal interrelations between the subject and an imagined target. Out of the indeterminacy of content is constructed guiding narratives which are used to orchestrate some approximated form of the imagined interaction taken place with the remotely viewed target.