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Messengers With Wings

I’ve been getting messages from birds this month.  A lot of messages.  I noticed somewhere around May 1, shortly after I quit my job of the last three years to start a healing practice, I was seeing Red-tailed Hawks every day. 928 more words


The Carnival Of Mirrors

Thanks to Elena.

I think we are going to see more and more unveiling over the next few months. Even though it is a while away, this year’s ‘Burning Man’ is presenting… 313 more words


rainy Friday afternoons...


It is increasingly coming to light just how much influence Stephen Harper is using to muzzle federal scientist – as if he, and his Christian conservatives, have somehow worm-holed back to the 1700’s, when the Christian (and Muslim) hierarchies tried to shut down science in the name of “faith”. 697 more words


The Struggle

It’s easier because it’s known
But it’s also harder because it’s known
A black streak in the top of
A triangle in the night’s sky… 89 more words

Poetry & Prose

Did Something Magickal Happen?

When you’re using magick it helps to know what works for you and what doesn’t. That way, you can refine what works and possibly ditch the rest. 1,096 more words


Farewells and Synchronicity

On Monday, my boyfriend’s nephew, Everett, passed away in his sleep.  He was born mentally and physically handicapped and fought against impossible odds to live as long as he did.   808 more words

The Beauty of Synchronicity

This most recent period of my life has been filled with synchronized events.  The last time synchronized events like this occurred to me was three years ago when I moved to this small rural mountain community where I changed careers and found the position at a college that appeared to be made for me.   288 more words