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Doubt and synchronicity

I took a leap of faith. You would think that was the hardest part. It isn’t. Carrying on when things aren’t going your way is. 236 more words

Our Life Changing Story

Synchronicity's "results" are always best

A recent experience with a review of The Munich Girl reminded me, once again, of the beautiful synchronicity with which Life works — perhaps in spite of our “best planning” — and the delicious surprises that result. 306 more words

Creativity And Spirit


​I didn’t want to write about you, but it’s been eating me up – my soles are cracking.
Killing me soft like pillow kissing.
Misery, in the palms of withdrawal fuelled longing. 152 more words


Real Time Astrology: New Moon In Scorpio October 30th, 2016

The New Moon at 7 degrees Scorpio takes place on Sunday, October 30th at 12:38 PM Central Standard Time. Being at 7 degrees of Scorpio means the New Moon falls inside the  847 more words


The Secrets of Mars

I think I may have discovered my purpose in Life. And that is to give Roob a bloody good laugh.

Anyway, on Friday night I was pondering ‘Who’s That Girl’ and Time, both of which I will discuss later. 616 more words


Welcome to the Jungle

This song came to mind yesterday morning. The only words I heard were, “Welcome to the jungle.” I immediately played the song to see why I was getting the message. 754 more words


The Making of a Wand

The wand chooses the wizard, goes the now popular saying. Indeed it does. But that also means that when a fellow decides to find his first wand, then that day is special, because on that day a wizard is also chosen. 963 more words