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love is never lost

Did you ever notice when you fall in love that your heart expands so much that there suddenly is room in it for everyone you ever loved, hey even everyone in the entire world including those that wronged you in some way? 44 more words

Meraki 014: synchronistic

Meraki 014: synchronistic by Underground Jungle on Mixcloud

Week Two of our Kolossus Records Feature.

Started DJing back in 2013 influenced mainly by dubstep, this week we feature this young artist who calls himself, … 303 more words


On the wings of Divine feathered friends

Well this has been quite the week for visits from some fine-feathered friends.  Monday I had a visit from a buzzard the flew toward my window I was sitting near, not once, not twice, but three times.  165 more words

Daily Inspiration for Living a Spirited Life

Messages from the spirit plane can take many forms, including synchronistic words or phrases (reading a word and hearing it at the same time from another source, e.g., radio). 17 more words

Synchronistic Flow of the Divine

I love how the Universe gives you validation that you are on the right path.  In my previous post I wrote about death and rebirth.  Well for the last few days I have seen a vulture hanging out on the chimney outside my window.   324 more words

Synchronicity: Notice Your Answered Prayers

Inviting synchronicity into your life is to notice the meaningful coincidences you experience. Synchronistic moments are answers to our prayers. Need a new job? Coincidentally, you met someone who knows the perfect person who could help you right at the right moment. 109 more words

New Age

Never give up…

Have you ever found yourself caught up in an energy frenzy, feeling enough is enough and thinking it’s time to push the **** it button?! That feeling of exasperation, exhaustion and bewilderment can be a mega energy drainer, yet these moments teach us so much about ourselves. 376 more words