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51 [Body maneuvered wirelessly by the radiowave]: you lose a command over your body

Your physical movement looks quite complicated to be externally controlled, though the electromagnetic wave actually can maneuver it. My movement has been restricted on every day for several years and you cannot imagine how minutely it is controlled. 683 more words


Resolving sync conflicts in Resco Mobile CRM

When do synchronization conflicts occur?

A synchronization conflict comes into play when a user modifies a record in the Resco Mobile CRM application, but before he synchronizes the change, this record is also altered on the CRM server. 367 more words

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What Is A Master?

If you’re thrown into the world of music licensing, whether by choice or circumstance, it may seem like you’re biting off way more than you can chew. 384 more words

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What Is A Composition?

When discussing the topic of copyright, there are so many terms and ever-changing rules and laws, that it seems almost impossible to keep everything straight. While it may be difficult, it is possible for you to understand (and maybe even become a master of) copyright. 359 more words

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24-2 [Brainwave controlling device]: the radar capacitates to snoop what you think wirelessly

The brain is read by the radar, not by the ultra-long wave which is employed to affect the brain wirelessly. This distinction indicates the device itself is much simpler for the brain reading, though it is necessary to crack the reflection of its radar modulated by the brainwave. 597 more words


24-1 [Brainwave controlling device]: several technologies are used for the brain manipulation

The brainwave control has been developed historically and it is still on the progress to reach the future when the human being is more controlled remotely. 459 more words


22-2 [Brain control history]: your thought can be manipulated by the ultra-long wave irradiation

The more fundamental issue is what frequency affects the brain. If the long wave even affects the brain, the original machine was not that sizable and the smaller one might have the capability to cause a damage in the brain or organs. 644 more words