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trust means allowing

I could shut the door
and close all my windows
and looking through the peephole
watch the corridor of my existence
awaiting something
and then letting my mind filter it… 71 more words

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Technology: Blockchains

Blockchains for a considerable time now has been a much discussed technology. Bitcoins too have hit headlines for multiple reasons, both good and bad.

In this article,we will explain in detail the concept of blockchains, bitcoins , their applications ,and importance. 697 more words

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Perth, week 4

And now the time in Adelaide and Perth is over. We are back in London, having arrived on the same day as we left Australia. This was the first time I have done this, and I really don’t recommend it. 540 more words


8 Tips on Writing Music for Advertising

You can scour the internet all day for tips on how to write for synch, but what really are the proven methods?

1. Know your audience:  299 more words


51 [Body maneuvered wirelessly by the radiowave]: you lose a command over your body

Your physical movement looks quite complicated to be externally controlled, though the electromagnetic wave actually can maneuver it. My movement has been restricted on every day for several years and you cannot imagine how minutely it is controlled. 683 more words


Resolving sync conflicts in Resco Mobile CRM

When do synchronization conflicts occur?

A synchronization conflict comes into play when a user modifies a record in the Resco Mobile CRM application, but before he synchronizes the change, this record is also altered on the CRM server. 367 more words

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What Everybody Ought to Know About a Master Recording

If you’re thrown into the world of music licensing, whether by choice or circumstance, it may seem like you’re biting off way more than you can chew. 384 more words

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