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Synchronizing Deletions from Microsoft Active Directory

To synchronize deletions in Microsoft Active Directory with Oracle Internet Directory, you must grant the necessary privilege to the Microsoft Active Directory user account that the Oracle directory integration server uses to perform synchronizations with Microsoft Active Directory. 270 more words


Hybrid Maize Seed Production manual

ESA has hybrid maize seed production manual to be used by its members and partners.  The manual covers pictorial presentation of the field operation, disease and insect pest management and seed quality standards that help to be competitive in the supply of quality seed to farmers. 43 more words


Mobile Device Synchronization

It’s not really important to synchronize your devices. It’s just handy. It means that you can access the same files across multiple devices and have all those files in exactly the same state on each device. 611 more words

Comptia A+ Notes


A few months ago I overheard a conversation between a young girl and older woman. The teenage girl’s hair was dyed a vibrant shade of emerald at the roots, teal at the ends and fuchsia in between.  203 more words


spin_lock의 종류와 사용 용도

spin_lock은 lock을 빠르게 얻기 위해 사용된다. 즉, release를 빨리 해줄 수 있는 환경에서만 사용해야 한다.

spin_lock에도 여러 종류가 있는데 대표적인 것이 spin_lock(), spin_lock_irq(), spin_lock_irqsave()를 들 수 있다. 34 more words


Mobile CRM limits: Performing an application test run

In the previous post titled Mobile CRM limits. Where are they?, we talked about things that limit the application; such as RAM, storage and Internet speed. 1,522 more words

Resco Mobile CRM

A paper on synchronization

A paper on synchronization, written with João Araújo, Wolfram Bentz, Gordon Royle and Artur Schaefer, has just appeared on the arXiv.

It is quite a substantial paper, and goes well beyond anything we have published (or that I have written about here before). 940 more words