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Synchronize Entity Objects with Database Changes

Let’s see how to synchronize entity objects(EO) with database changes. It is a one step simple task.

Right Click >> Customers(EO) >> Synchronize with Database. 32 more words


What is synchronized keyword in Java and how it works?

Synchronized blocks

In Java language terminology, the coordination of multiple threads that must access shared data is called synchronization. The language provides two built-in ways to synchronize access to data: with synchronized statements or synchronized methods. 443 more words


Stateless, layered, multi-threaded rendering - Part 4: Memory Management & Synchronization

The last post of this series basically concluded with the following questions: how do we efficiently allocate memory for individual command packets in the case of multiple threads adding commands to the same bucket? 2,261 more words

Game Engine

Orbital combinatorics

Yesterday I went to Edinburgh to give a colloquium talk about synchronization, including the recent stuff about butterflies. The day before, I had discussed Artur Schäfer’s work with him, and he expressed a hope that if he went to the… 1,519 more words


Spinning the lock

During kernel development one of problem you will need to solve is to choose proper synchronization mechanism to make whole system stable (no crashes and deadlocks) and happy (performance is good). 1,284 more words


Novel Joint Chip Sampling and Phase Synchronization Algorithm for Multistandard UMTS Systems

Read  full  paper  at:http://www.scirp.org/journal/PaperInformation.aspx?PaperID=45#.VNhvzyzQrzE

CDMA Timing and phase offsets tracking remain as one of considerable factors that influence the performances of communication systems. Many algorithms are proposed to solve this problem. 739 more words