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Synchronizing Web System

22nd Friday Fun Session (Part 3) – 16th Jun 2017

When we have to implement an idempotent operation in web application, where the respective method execution is not idempotent when executed simultaneously, it is essential that we use concurrency control. 1,638 more words

Friday Fun Session

Lock Objects in Java

Java 5.0 introduced Concurrency with the new java.util.concurrency packages. Basically this is for large concurrent applications that make good use of multi processor and multi core systems. 547 more words


Java Threads- Locking

Concurrency brings in to picture it’s own set of issues, especially with respect to ability to execute in a timely manner. The most common problem is deadlock, basically when a thread is waiting indefinitely for a resource blocked by another. 321 more words


Java Threads- Synchronization

Threads communicate by sharing access to fields and object references. However there are two issues with this, interference and memory consistency errors. This is where we implement synchronization. 557 more words


Oscillatory networks based on Kuramoto model #2 – Cluster Analysis #1 - Sync Algorithm

Kuramoto model is able to ensure global synchronization in oscillatory networks. Global synchronization is a state of oscillatory network where each oscillator has the same phase coordinate and this state is not interested from practical point of view, because nothing is encoded by oscillators (see previous note ‘ 892 more words

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