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Unsynchronized code in Java

We have two threads that execute the sequences below, without any synchronization:

x = y = 0 Thread 1 Thread 2 x = 1 117 more words

4 Minor Things I Just Can't Do

I’ve had some minor accomplishments in my life: I’ve managed to save a little for some trips here and there; I can pretty much say “no” to agents without any guilt; I’ve managed to use ink on my drawings though still practicing on it; and well, I’m enjoying my writing style right now. 545 more words

About Me

Spotlight on the Music Industry: Zync Music Group

The music industry can seem like a daunting machine right out of the Industrial era with all of its complex, moving parts. Everyone has at least heard of a record label and a manager, but not many people know what exactly they do down to the nitty gritty. 3,410 more words


Inventory Synchronization Across Multiple eCommerce Stores

Keeping an eye on your online store‘s inventory is hard enough when you’re just running one store. When you have numerous shops, it becomes rather the complicated task. 43 more words

Price Synchronization Challenges for Retailers

These days the merchants are more concentrated on integrating data with other websites than they are upstream suppliers. And the price synchronization challenges are focused in classifications such as customer electronics and basic product instead of quick moving durable goods. 6 more words


Just to reiterate, everyone is prone to selective perception, this blog is generic, if you think it is aimed at you, then your selective perception has selected that perception. 544 more words

Self Discovery

ACCMCC, Days 4 and 5

Penny Haxell opened proceedings on Thursday with her astonishing work with Ron Aharoni. They give a sufficient condition for a tripartite 3-uniform hypergraph (one whose vertex set is partitioned into three parts so that each hyperedge contains one vertex from each part) has a large matching (set of pairwise disjoint edges). 1,177 more words