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Scalable spinlocks 1: array-based

Last time we saw that spinlock implementations which only use a single synchronization variable (Test-And-Set Lock, Ticket Lock) don’t scale with growing numbers of threads. 1,278 more words


Evolution of Synchromodal Transport to Synchro-logistics

The use of parallel transport modes in the network of a company is called Synchromodal Transport, which is a kind of intermodal transport (see Figure 1 for a visual representation). 247 more words

MIM 2016/FIM 2010 R2 Notes/Domino Connector 8.x Tips and Tricks

This TechNet article has plenty of good material possibly 90% of all you need.


It should be followed to a tee. Here are some of the extra tips when working with the FIM Notes MA Connector. 1,028 more words


Synchronizing with Love

“Try to synchronize as much as possible with the good things. There is nothing more important than enlightenment. More light means more joy and more Harmony, more life.”

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Science Of Being Eugene Fersen

You Still Can…

Hearing, assimilating, and communicating

Sentiments visit to create a whirlwind environment

Unprepared, a feeble and drowsy heart is pushed forward

To comprehend the chaos and align immediately… 138 more words


Mutex - synchronizing processes

Mutex is a mechanism which allows us to synchronize processes. (see also: semaphore).
Mutex is resource consuming stuff, so avoid it if possible.

Imagine we have an application which writes something into a file. 195 more words


Semaphore - synchronizing threads and processes

Semaphore is a mechanism similar to mutex and lock, but there are a few differences:
a) Semaphore can allow more than one thread to access critical section. 479 more words