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The Gift of LOVE

Normally, I would ask for something practical like money or provide the inquirer with a long list. Not a car, I can’t drive and not stilettos, I like being less than two inches from the floor. 471 more words


Communication provokes brain synchronization between speaker and listener

We all know what are the 3 main components of a conversation: a speaker, a listener and a message. Communication, in order to be effective demands the ability to produce a verbal message, together with the ability to understand it.   423 more words

Behavioural Neuroscience

Getting To Know Me Interview-Pt 2, Enlightened Moments

Getting Deep

In my last post I mentioned that I really enjoyed answering all the submitted questions for my “About Me” video. At the end of the post I mentioned there was something else in particular that I enjoyed about that interview and that I was going to expound on it in my next post. 601 more words


CORE JAVA: Synchronization


Synchronization in Java is the capability to control the access of multiple threads to any shared resource.Java Synchronization is a better option where we want to allow only one thread to access the shared resource. 553 more words

hSync: Oscillatory based Clustering Algorithm

This technical note is a continuation of the previous ‘Sync: Oscillatory based Clustering Algorithm‘. Hierarchical Sync algorithm ‘hSync’ for cluster analysis will be considered as a one of the representatives of algorithms based on oscillatory networks that use Kuramoto model for synchronization. 816 more words

Data Mining