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completion of a commission

Last month I was asked by a friend of mine, on behalf of a group, to paint a specific image as a gift. I’ve never completed a commission for a group of people before but was thrilled. 333 more words


Singing Round 350 - When In Doubt, Sing

Saw the title on a t-shirt today and then just filled in the rest. :)    SING ON!

365 Rounds

Ellington's Interlocking Riffs

I got into the 1956 album Duke Ellington At Newport while studying for my master’s last year. It’s a standout piece of work from one of the greats of 20th century music, but what seduced me about it were a few particular things – all kind of related to each other. 1,035 more words


Singing Round 328 - Hear the Music Sway

This round is inspired by my friend Maddie– always going with the music– dancing her way through life.  Sometimes you just need to stop, listen around you, and then groove along.

365 Rounds