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Maximally Even Rhythms Part 1

Today I’m investigating the simple maths behind some of the deepest rhythms of groove music!

If we view any repeated/looped rhythm as a cycle, then the notes of the rhythm can be imagined as dividing up the cycle. 1,555 more words

Singing Round 274 - There is Another Sky

This round features one line from a poem by Emily Dickinson.  The poem’s full text can be found here.  While it’s surely a cryptic few lines, I was inspired by the theme of “moving on” I found in the poem.

Try singing it!

365 Rounds

62. Rhythmic Irregularities 4

Less is more.

Sometimes, perhaps often really, this platitude rings true.

Yet there are times when in fact more is more. In music, it’s hard to imagine Berlioz’s… 1,768 more words

Music Scoring

Singing Round 258 - Obama

In honor of last night’s State of Union Address by President Barack Obama, I wrote this syncopated round.  His name sings so well with large vowels and forward consonants.  

365 Rounds

Circular Rhythm

A few months ago I was jamming with a trio I’m in (featuring Dylan Lynch and Max Zaska) and I improvised a riff I really liked. 627 more words