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At one point during an unexpected, serious medical emergency earlier this month, I genuinely thought I was dying. This is the story + a tiny reflection on physicality + impermanence + love.  1,577 more words

Vasovagal Syncope

i.e. the common faint. To date, I have never fainted and as a kid, I thought the idea of fainting (and of breaking a bone) was pretty cool. 341 more words


Day 30: How is your body affected? What do I like about my body?

Starting with your toes and working up to your head, name each part of your body and how your illness has affected it, followed by something you like about that body part… 528 more words

Day 27: Come what may

Hello lovelies, thanks for visiting again. Today we are talking about advice and chronic illness.

What’s the most helpful advice you’ve had? 

When you’re ill, chronic or acute, you’re never short of advice from other people. 358 more words

Why didn't I go to medical school?

This is some of the thinking that contributed to the recently released Darwin’s Paradox: An international science mysteryhttp://amzn.to/2k8qJgi. Novelists are always accused of adding biographical details, especially by their families. 592 more words


Days 23 and 24: pep talks and socialization.

Hello lovlies. Today’s post is 2 days worth. It’s also just me rambling on and on again. Sorry if it’s short. Spoons and all.

Day 23: What do you say to yourself when you need a pep talk?  320 more words

Day 20: Spoonie friends!

Hello lovlies. thanks for coming back again today.

Day 20: Have you met anyone with the same illness(s)? Did it help? 

POTS is a very unknown disorder to just about anyone. 216 more words