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Lights on, lights off

I want all the lights off, but also all of them on so that I can feel like I might have the capacity to concentrate despite ‘brain fog’. 339 more words

Hillary's fainting spell

And I thought I’d retired as a neurologist. What is there to say about the video that shows Hillary Clinton being held up by a woman on her left, later by others, and then collapsing sufficiently that her head is at most 3 feet from the pavement in one frame. 1,002 more words

Medicine In General

Week 1 Done


Yesterday marked the end of week one…

It’s pretty awful so far. I’m trying to remind myself that this is practically a walk in the park compared what is to come but it’s like saying getting shot in the hand is better than the foot or something. 258 more words

Blog #6

I have the official schedule.

Tuesday the 6th I start chemo and radiation

Chemo will be at 8a every Tuesday for 5-6 hours from the 6th until October 11th… 40 more words

Blog #5


I just got a phone call from radiation moving my dry run through (like a pretend radiation session) from the 6th to this Friday the 2nd. 127 more words

Blog #4


First off: Thank you everyone who listened to me. Thank you for respecting my space and desires. Thank you for stepping back and realizing this isn’t about you and it’s about me. 481 more words

Blog #1

Hey all! I have decided that the best way to get everybody on the same page (and to take some stress off everyone trying to keep everybody else in the loop) is to just start a blog. 2,032 more words