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Why didn't I go to medical school?

I can’t stand the sight of needles or blood. When I go in for a blood test, I close my eyes and cringe. When it’s all over, I know it’s polite to assure the phlebotomist (that’s what they are called) that their technique was painless.  514 more words



I have my mother’s eyes and my father’s nose. I have my grandmother’s Irish hair and Irish complexion. I inherited my mother’s body and my father’s love of exercising it. 1,551 more words

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Fainting is also known as syncope, which is a complete or partial loss of consciousness with an interruption of awareness of oneself and one’s surroundings. 384 more words


It may knock me down... but it won't dampen my spirits.

Current FaceBook Status:

Sporting a classy new addition due to a blackout last night. All is well though and I got some anti-nausea shots so I am praying to be able to finally eat tonight.

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Autonomic Dysfunction

Sudden Blackness: I Didn't Notice That the Lights had Switched Off

I am learning that I am one of those few men who proactively address and reasonably respond to health problems or concerns when they arise or when I become aware that something is amiss. 1,069 more words

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Syncope, Questions

1. In which patients presenting with syncope do you get a Non-Contrast Head CT (NCHCT)?

2. In which patients presenting with syncope do you get a troponin? 30 more words