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Re-read: ECG for syncope

Here are three bounceback cases who presented with recurring syncope

CASE 1: 80yoF presented with syncope, normal labs and the following ECG. Sent home and came back after another syncopal episode… 147 more words


missed long QT syndrome

Misdiagnosis of Long QT Syndrome as Epilepsy at First Presentation. Ann Emerg Med. 2009;54:26-32

This retrospective review of 31 patients (median age 21) with proved long QT syndrome found 39% experienced diagnostic delay after presenting with syncope or seizure, with a median delay of 2.4 years. 171 more words


approach to syncope

In a patient who faints, we need to consider both the cause and the consequences, which means running through all body systems–paying special attention to the CARDIOVASCULAR system. 312 more words

Integrated Approach

Sweet Dreams are not Made of This

Picture this: It’s 4am.  Dark outside.  You’re sleeping in bed with your pretty little wife next to you.  Suddenly, out of nowhere you are awakened to her screaming, … 628 more words


The landscape seems fractured

      as the sky’s plates shift

on one another

 and the horizon tilts  

while bright colors swirl around me

 like paint on a surrealist canvas… 39 more words

Illness is Hectic ~Sun 5/1/16

The last couple of weeks have been absolutely crazy medically speaking – way to much crap going on.  Here’s the updates though:

  1.  Yale and the stomach stuff:  I went to Yale on this past Wednesday to see the doctor and get the results of my tests.  
  2. 795 more words
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