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Illness is Hectic ~Sun 5/1/16

The last couple of weeks have been absolutely crazy medically speaking – way to much crap going on.  Here’s the updates though:

  1.  Yale and the stomach stuff:  I went to Yale on this past Wednesday to see the doctor and get the results of my tests.  
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Personal Story

Thank You

I just thought I would like to dedicate a post to all of you who have followed this blog over the past few years day in day out and thank you for continuing to do so. 398 more words


To Give an Idea of a Syncopal Episode

Last week took a lot out of me and I attribute it all to the stresses I encountered. But I was hoping this week would start off on a better note.  297 more words


Stressful Week

When I say I don’t handle stress well, I mean it.

Monday: Due to my company needing to downsize, I was laid off. I came into work and was there a full day. 574 more words


It all started....

It was 2008, and I was living with a boyfriend and a roommate. I was 18, about to turn 19, and was doing what many people do as teenagers. 650 more words



One thing I’ve definitely learned throughout this journey: Dysautonomia is incredibly unpredictable in so many ways. The symptoms are unpredictable, the severeness is unpredictable, and the duration in unpredictable. 845 more words

Neurocardiogenic Syncope

Causes of Fainting in Child

Author by-Disha Sharma

All of us have seen someone fainting or fainted ourselves. Your child too might have fainted during long morning assemblies in the school during intense summer mornings or during running long rounds under the sun during the physical education periods in school. 300 more words