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Mania & POTS does not mix well...

Full of energy & drive to get up and GO, in a body where when I stand my heart rate increases to 140+ and I have seizures or pass out…I mean it’s just not a good mix, is it 😂 82 more words


When it Feels Like I'm Fading Away

It’s the morning, the only time I feel vaguely myself these days. As the day rolls on, I get more brain fog, more pre-syncope, and more syncope. 465 more words

When Moving and Brain Fog Combine

We recently purchased a home, had a bit of work done on it, and then moved in.  We’re also hiring folks to install a pool, put in a wheelchair ramp, and update the landscaping to be water wise and bird friendly.   477 more words

Fading to Black & Back

Ever have a moment when it felt like everything was falling apart? You’re falling apart. Your job’s falling apart. Maybe even your social life is falling apart. 2,556 more words

Black Out


It’s been a long old time since my last blog post, and for that I apologise. I have been intending to write this blog for what seems an age, however, events kept over taking me to the point where I decided to delay writing it until things seemed a bit calmer and……..well, just generally better. 2,076 more words

Chronic Illness

DC Inst - Vasovagal Syncope

You have been evaluated in the Emergency Department today for your syncopal episode. Your evaluation did not show evidence of medical conditions requiring emergent intervention at this time, however we recommend you follow up with your primary care provider for further testing as an outpatient. 47 more words


ESC Syncope Guidelines

The ESC Syncope guidelines 2018 have been released (European Heart Journal (2018) 00, 1–69 doi:10.1093/eurheartj/ehy037). They are comprhensive. Excerpts follow.