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The Synesthete Spelunker: Seeing With The Brain

From www.rochester.edu/news:

Through five separate experiments involving 129 individuals, the authors found that this eerie ability to see our hand in the dark suggests that our brain combines information from different senses to create our perceptions. 265 more words

obvs in synesthesia [1]

example of isolated and intense synesthetic phenomena while listening to björk by lyric

repetition of phrase: “i am not hurt” in the song family on the album vulnicura (2015) 35 more words


career and meaning and purpose

When I re-read my previous post, I get a gestalt sense of what ‘my life’s work’ is, but I can’t describe it in words. Nor does it seem like, if I… 781 more words


Synesthesia and song.

I have recently been really into the music of Mary Bichner. She is rooted in the Boston area and is also a Sailor Moon fan (the plots and characters of Sailor Moon inspire her songs.) She mixes classical music with pop songs to create her own music. 38 more words



[ Image by AmorinaAshton on DeviantArt. ]



Intones in

Color a song

Ending in art.

Acrostic Poetry

Synesthesia In Worship

Sometimes when I am practicing songs for Sunday morning service, I am honestly not sure to what depth I am to practice them. Do I listen and become familiar with every single sound and feeling of the song? 478 more words


Group Poem #24 Synesthesia

Here’s the latest addition to our group poems:

LAWS Group Poem #24

She made the sand turn

She made a model out… 120 more words