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It smells like rose water
and tastes like chili peppers.
You feel it when smiling up at the sun,
when your chest tightens, when your skin flares up. 152 more words

Color: the Hell you Say?

The sight of memory is gray like a morning fog;

it whistles and it rustles where it shuffles by

toward that snowy countenance we call a tunnel. 115 more words


Synesthesia: A New World of Colour

What colour appears in your mind when you think of the word mandible?

For most people, such a question has probably never occurred to them. 562 more words


Birdland by Maynard Ferguson

“Birdland – Maynard Ferguson” For the first horn player I ever had a crush on. Those high sweet tones set my 13-year-old heart on fire, and at 72 years of age still does!!!!!


Visual Texture

I can feel the texture of this tapestry textile just by looking at it. Can you feel the visual layering of color, imagining the soft raised threads against your fingertips? 66 more words


Talking to Friends at an Art Gallery

As Peter Gabriel said:¬† “I’m waiting for ignition, I’m looking for a spark
Any chance collision and I light up in the dark.

Besides experiencing the art displayed at an opening, I usually spend most of my time chatting with fellow artists.  30 more words

Digital Drawing