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The Music Goes 'Round and Around

Musicophilia: Tales of Music and the Brain
Oliver Sacks

Earlier this year, at the age of 82, Oliver Sacks passed away.  Along with Lewis Thomas… 1,027 more words


Dream elements: 11.24.15


I’m at the ocean. I’m wading in the surf. A big wave comes in and I float on my back towards the shore.

Emotions: joy, happiness, ecstatic. 424 more words

Psychological Alchemy

Andrew McMahon Top Five

I’m certainly not the first one of my angsty generation who got hooked on Something Corporate during my whiny teen years and then decided to never let go. 801 more words


Smell Colors With A Synesthesia Mask

Synesthesia is a mix-up of sensory perception where stimulation of one sense leads to a stimulation of a second sense. This is the condition where Wednesdays can be blue, the best part of your favorite song can be orange, and six can be up and to the right of seventy-three. 148 more words

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Salad Is Beautiful

Keywords: Food, Synesthesia (Color and Taste), Web, Branding, Data Visualization, Infographic,  Javascript, Illustration

“Salad Is Beautiful” is one of my project for Boot Camp final.

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Design Works

Black MIDI: There Is No Denser Music

Imagine if you played all the keys on a piano at once. What would it sound like? Now imagine that you’d like to transcribe that music. 303 more words

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AA: asexuality & synesthesia

Aidan wrote in:

Do you have any resources/ have you ever read something about or connecting asexuality and synesthesia, or people who experience both? I don’t have synesthesia-like experiences for most things, at least in its most common definition of associating colors with other senses (sounds/voices, numbers, letters, et cetera) but my senses seems entangled in other ways, and I didn’t really think about it much but once I realized it, it just seemed like something that had always happened- strong emotions have inherent colors for me, some just a “feeling” and others overwhelming my brain until I can pretty much see it.

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