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Music Pick #1 - July 27

This is the first of many!! Every week, I want to do a worship/Christian music selection and just spread some love for all the musicians out there! 150 more words


Why Should Church Be Boring?

Firstly, if church is boring to you, you should first eliminate the possibility that you are there for the wrong reasons. That being said, church should be a perfect outlet for creativity and inspiration when preaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ to whoever walks through the doors. 253 more words


SYNESTHESIA: "Modern Vampires of The City"

syn-es-the-sia (/ˌsinəsˈTHēZHə/) noun.
 – the production of a sense impression relating to one sense or part of the body by stimulation of another sense or part of the body.

716 more words

Color Class and Life Drawing II Come to an End - Freshman Year at RMCAD

It’s been a busy quarter with two studio classes. In color, we started out with assignments to paint in different color harmonies – which forced us to experiment with non-usual colors. 148 more words


For The Inner Synesthesiac In Us All

Soundscapes at the National Gallery
8th July- 6th September 2015

The National Gallery’s exhibition, Soundscapes, aims to present a new way of looking at famous works of art. 304 more words


Synesthestic Writer: When Your Words Come in Color

Synesthesia (sin-es-THEE-shah) is a neurological condition that is not well understood but it basically means the person has a blending of the senses. There are a few different kinds… 656 more words

Part-time Writer

21# Waterstones' Women with Bouncy Balls.

Let me start by saying, I’m a book person. Nothing says “inner calm and solace” more than a nicely laid out bookshop with dark, book-filled nooks and corners. 303 more words