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Feel All I See

I stared at the bright, swirling light of the full moon and wondered if this is what love felt like.

This was one of the outcomes of a game night of word play with friends. 216 more words

Dead places seeing Dead names Dead tasting stone Dead games: On The Book of the Dead by Orikuchi Shinobu (translated from the Japanese by Jeffrey Angles)

by Jace Brittain

A vision is shared among multiple people, some dead.

In this vision, voices proliferate. Names proliferate. Senses bleed into senses in the sense that the lips of a dream lover might smell like their hue, in this case: vermilion. 1,243 more words


Writing Prompt: Synesthesia


In writing, synesthesia is a technique that fuses color, sound taste, and smell together to present ideas, characters, or places. This technique makes ideas “more vivid and adds more layers of meaning to a text for the readers’ pleasure” that makes the piece of writing “more interesting and appealing” (LiteraryDevices.net). 217 more words

Writing Prompts

A Picture

A thousand word, experimental short story

I find myself out of the situation. Placed not in the brightly lit classroom, but in a pool of thought, watching one fade in as others fade out. 992 more words


If all synesthesia is idiosyncratic, then why doesn't anyone like 9?

Since I was very little, each letter has had such a distinct personality and relationship between its nearest letters. As soon as I knew letters, I knew who they were, just as if I’d met someone. 803 more words



Synesthesia literally means “joined perception” (“syn” together & “aesthesis” perception) and is a blending of two or more senses simultaneously perceived into one anomalous event – a cross-wiring between brain areas that are normally segregated in nonsynesthetic individuals. 615 more words