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Synesthesia, shingles and art: a strange trifecta of synthesis, beauty and pain.

This is a blog post I started in March but never completed. Oh how I can remember the agony of those long, miserable days and nights. 487 more words

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Suppressing autistic behaviours = sucking the juice out of life?

I knew I had a lot of quirks – even as a very young child I was vaguely aware that there seemed to be something special about my perception that others didn’t share. 2,351 more words

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If You Can See That Numbers Have Colors, You May Have Synesthesia, One Of The Rarest Perception Abilities In the World

If you can see a number in your mind and immediately know what color it is, physically feel the effect music has on your body, or perceive concepts like time and space as specific images, you may have an ability that only 4% or less of the human population possesses. 654 more words

Collective World

MAY 14, 2018

Today is the day what my friends call “chillin”.

And I have done nothing except, tie my hair in a messy bun, clean the book shelf and had a sweat session. 308 more words

Adventures of a hyperthymesic girl - May 13, 2018 - #paypalsucks

When I started writing this particular kind of blog post, something happened and I was being bombarded with memories – that seems to have slowed down, so I don’t necessarily have a ton of recovered memories to share – but I enjoy telling you all about my adventures… so here goes. 1,438 more words

My Sound Synesthesia

I’ve mentioned before how I discovered my synesthesia, and I’ve talked a few times about my grapheme-color synesthesia. This was the first type I realized that I had, but as I learned more about the subject, I discovered that I possessed other types as well. 1,314 more words