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Artist With Synesthesia Can See Music As Colorful Paintings | DeMilked

via Artist With Synesthesia Can See Music As Colorful Paintings | DeMilked.

Grapple as they do to appear open minded concerning this phenomenon, author and editors seem unable to avoid pejorative terms such as “amiss” and “symptoms”.   291 more words

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Playlist: The little dog laughed # 15 “Synesthesia Vol. 1: music & colours“

talk talk, april 5th (the colour of spring)

The little dog laughed # 15 “Synesthesia Vol. 1: music & colours“


Colours intro:

April 5th – talk talk (the colour of spring) 149 more words

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Hélène Grimaud

‘Hélène Grimaud is undeniably one of the finest pianists before the public today…’ Robert Cummings

The brilliant and passionate pianist Hélène Grimaud talks about wolf conservation, musicianship, Liszt Sonata, live performance and about her synesthesia … A must see video by director and host Alexis Bloom for Quick Hits. 33 more words


Sound-Color Synesthesia

One of my favorite types of Synesthesia is sound-color because it’s always fun to space out and watch while I’m bored. In the simplest of terms sound-color synesthesia is when my brain processes sound and the signals flow to the visual processing section of my brain creating visual input out of the sounds that I’m experiencing. 281 more words



Researchers at The Australian National University (ANU) have shed new light on synesthesia – the effect of hearing colours, seeing sounds and other cross-sensory phenomena. 247 more words


Synesthetic Transcription

“The key to the piece was devising a visual system who’s form and compositional dynamics matched the response to music.”

So basically, this is your brain on Burial’s music : 45 more words

The correlation between sound and color

Recently Jaume Lleixà, musician and cultural manager of Princess Fundaciò of Girona, invited me to the event “Concert for Painting” at CaixaForum Barcelona where, from an extraordinary musical work as Bach’s Goldberg Variations, the artist Hugo Fontela, who received the Fundaciò Princess of Girona Arts and Letters prize in 2014, played his art in a concert format, emulating its ephemeral nature, with a beginning and an end. 1,476 more words

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