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Color Theory and Synesthesia

This past semester (Fall 2016) I took a Color Theory class, and it was INCREDIBLE. It pissed me off, it made me feel amazing, it made me question things… IT. 235 more words

Habakkuk For Me & You 2

For a few days I’m simply sharing Habakkuk starting yesterday with Eugene Peterson’s commentary section. Here’s Chapter 1:

Habakkuk 1 The Message (MSG)

Justice Is a Joke… 441 more words

Real Life Faith

This Green City

“The Green City”

I am really digging into using greens, yellows and dark slate together. I feel colors have a meaning to us. I know it does for me. 56 more words


1.11.2017 (pt 2)


Fireworking words,
Of calligraphic ink –
It doesn’t matter the meaning,
Paint a picture-poem,
Hang it on my ceiling,
Let it drip
Cherry red, replace my lipstick, 49 more words


Fighting Your Child's Battles

Dealing with an ASD diagnosis of my child is one of the most difficult things I have had to endure as a parent. It is instinct to want to protect your child.   167 more words


When the deep red world forgets who you are,
And the singular slip petals are enough to send you down,
And the cast iron smiles are enough to send you down, 235 more words


A Night Awash in Color and Light

Sometimes, I get this feeling that comes over me, where all the colors become so vivid and everything is alive. It isn’t just the ordinary colors of things…I mean it’s certainly those. 111 more words