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‘Where our ancestors fly’ - inspired by the song ‘Special Place’ by Muted World

When I hear the song ‘Special Place’ by Muted World, sung by the beautiful voice of Jófríður Ákadóttir, it immediately sparks a chain of mental images that is difficult to control. 91 more words


Synesthetic Sundae

The ice cream tasted like Bach, with a hint of rainy day mornings. Alicia savored each snow-day-ecstasy bite and let it slide down her throat like rosy melodrama. 192 more words


Purple sweets

Sensation Lilac (Syringa Vulgaris)


Synesthesia (Part Two; The Color of Music)

Okay, so on the synesthesia tests I didn’t score as a synesthete on the music/color test.  But I was extremely synesthetic on the tests for color/months/days of the week.   514 more words

Synesthesia (Part One; French Blue Monday)

This link will help you understand Synesthesia

Yes, Mondays are blue.  Specifically French blue.  Every day of the week has its own color.  Sunday is golden yellow, Tuesday is a yellow-ochre,  Wednesday is indigo blue and sometimes changes to blue violet, Thursday is burnt orange, and Friday is solid wood brown, and of course Saturday is rich pure red while Mondays are not just any blue… they are French blue.   620 more words


Spiritual Vision: Piercing the Illusions of Sense

ALL of what we call ‘reality’ may actually be subjective, that is beholden to our powers of perception, according to Theosophy.

If, as in the words of the dying Buddha, “all compounds are perishable” then all collections of atoms are to be considered ‘illusions.’ 1,698 more words

Brain, Mind, Consciousness, & Beyond


These things writing, saying, they breathe, he said. Lately that.

I know what you’re thinking, he said. You’re thinking when the night strikes it’ll be like daylight did and sundown’s when the breathing starts, lately. 341 more words