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In search of G Major

The daily commute to school can be a boring one.  In our car this week, for the forty minutes ride Charlie has banned songs.  He says he doesn’t like music with words anyway.   631 more words

Finally hitting my stride

Good morning!

I have been off work for over two months now and I finally feel like I am making the most of my time at home.   214 more words


Seeing Sounds_Blog#9

Joining concepts in learning, can help crystallize memories. Memories that are invoked when we hear that certain song are somehow attached together. Likewise, when we add movement or art to sound, it is easier to remember the not only the piece of music, but also the correlated image. 457 more words


A Moment of Joy

Upon waking naked under the bed sheets strewn over me
 you rise pushing a shadow in your place so when
 my fist opens you are already at the other side of the room
 smirking like a side-kick over a deck of cards
 cultivates a feeling so superior that I look with awe
 as your steam sifts through my fingertips emitting the color
 of chamomile which tastes of a flowering countryside
 illuminates the sound of a smile now playfully haunting
 me collecting an ebb and flow within a river that encouragingly
 floods from the pleasure of a singing tea kettle where warmth exudes
 sunlight immersed in a field as snow melts away now springing
 I am brightened by the understanding that you will come and go.

Coloring our composers

“What’s the purple guy’s name?”

The question came out of the blue from the backseat of the car one afternoon driving home,

I looked around – nope, no one dressed in purple out shoveling their driveway or going for a jog that he might be looking at. 675 more words

The Dorky Daddy

A Tangible Perspective

I see the world,
And I feel it.
Whether it be a new acquaintance
Or a new ice cream flavor,
It dances across my skin… 308 more words