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First Post

I decided to make a  blog for Synesthetes. I’ll post websites, videos, research opportunities, gifs, and anything else seems fit. Would love for this to be community based and have others pitch in.   25 more words



It was a blue Monday.

Mandy was running late and as she strapped her daughter into her car seat, she broke one of her manicured nails. 2,105 more words

Can You Smell Music?

Imagine that when you see a city’s skyline, you taste blackberries. Or maybe when you hear a violin, you feel a tickle on your left knee. 460 more words


China's Paw Print on Tampa's Lowry Park Zoo

China’s Paw Print on Tampa’s Lowry Park Zoo
Diplomat Artist Buzz, By, Susan Sacirbey — Join me at Zoominations, a Chinese Lantern Festival of Lights –


15# Lemon Songs

Accidentally asking, “what colour is it?”, when I meant to ask, “what chord is it?” whilst recording a song in the studio yesterday. I’m lucky, my band mates know all about my synaesthesia and are cool with it, we can laugh about it. 43 more words


what’s missing?

  1. A project big enough to sink my teeth into, that requires NT and NF skills, plus movement
  2. Visual poetry forms
  3. writing about Chesapeake Bay
  4. play: torso garments…
  5. 69 more words
Personal Growth

Mugwort tincture: my first experience

Last year, I made three tinctures using a single herb in each. I made lavender, mugwort and echinacea. The echinacea was specifically for Mr. LaVeaux. He has quite a time fighting colds in the winter months. 377 more words