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A Toast to Murder--mystery set in a bar

A Toast to Murder

by Allyson K. Abbott

There are suspects galore. The wannabe detective actually gets unwanted official recognition. The setting is interesting—a bar whose owner caters to the Capone Club, an informal crime solving group, by providing a room in the bar for their gatherings. 394 more words

Book Review

Sweet & sour music

Two experiments investigated the influence of the harmonic content of background music on taste perception.

The participants evaluated samples of mixed fruit juice while listening to soundtracks that had either been harmonized with… 159 more words


Aljabr interviews: a visually impaired traveller

Robert’s story is an incredible one of life persevering through adversity with a great spirit.  You’ll hear him speak of when he lost his sight, key moments in his life, his career as a trad musician and studying music, and the most fascinating bit of all: synesthesia.  16 more words


Write a Poem with me? Write descriptive imagery using Synesthesia to blend senses.


A russet hum

of leaves in gold hued gasp,

un-link their chain-link grasp, fall

to moss green burr and sod.

Above the sky, Elk grey… 320 more words

Synesthesia-Feeling and Tasting Life

I have recently made a new self discovery about myself!  Not only am I an Aspie with Alexithymia, I am also a “Synesthete”! What is Synesthesia though?  1,304 more words

Asperger's Syndrome

"I'd choose friends by the flavor of their names": The rare trait that lets people taste sounds

Meet James Wannerton, one of the 4% of people who have synesthesia, a joining of the senses.

Who are you?

I was born in Manchester, England, and presently live in Stuttgart, Germany. 1,612 more words


A solo for didgeridoo
Performed by the motliest crew
   (A hobbit, a hobo,
   A balding bonobo) 
In B-flat and ambient blue.