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synesthesia : diatonic scale

a personal synesthetic response to the diatonic scale, using watercolour and mixed media.


They Smell of Nutmeg

Libraries have always been sacred and mysterious places to me. They charge no fee for checking out a book, yet I often find myself alone strolling the aisles. 455 more words


Thoughts on synesthesia

I love reading up about topics, absolutely LOVE it. On any given day, if I come across something that catches my interest, I`ll immediately start Googling away and I end up with tons of tabs open in my browser with at least 5 different topics of interest. 898 more words

This Has Been A Blogpost

I'm Stuffed!

I’d LOVE to be able to taste words! If I could, reading all your posts would be like full course meals, all the time! With a sprinkle of my favorite desserts! 384 more words


Don't Judge a Book by its Color, Personality-Color Synesthesia

Meeting somebody for the first time while experiencing synesthesia is comparable to trying to have a conversation with someone while noiseless fireworks go off behind their head and their personality is oozing all over your skin along with the occasional bits of flame like color making the appearance between their teeth as they begin to introduce themselves. 423 more words



Another Sunday maths blog!

This is something I have experience with, as I have Spatial Sequence Synesthesia. This means two things, firstly every number has a colour, or is made from several colours, and secondly that every number, date or time has a point “in space”. 284 more words


Trying to explain Synesthesia

Okay, so, I understand if you can’t pronounce that word on the first try. It’s okay; most text boxes on the inter-webs think it deserves the dreaded red squiggle underneath. 1,505 more words