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Monsanto Reputation Hurts Bayer Stock Price

After Monsanto failed to acquire Syngenta, Bayer has now bid on Monsanto. Doing so created a drop in Bayer’s share price and many Bayer stockholders want no part of Monsanto. 163 more words

The Amazing Glyphosate Revolt Grows

I must make a confession. I never thought it would get this far. There is an absolutely amazing international revolt against the most deadly and most widely used weed killer in world agriculture–glyphosate. 1,765 more words


asparagus, basil and sesame wraps

The European Food Safety Authority recently began a review of the temporary ban on neonicotinoid pesticides imposed two years ago by the European Union (EU) in response to evidence about the harmful effect of these chemicals on bee populations. 632 more words


How Monsanto's CEO Thinks We Can Feed the World

The world’s agricultural industry has a tall order to fill—it must grow twice as much on roughly the same footprint with less water all by 2050. 386 more words


Monsanto Takeover? Corporate Cabal's Control of Food Supply Continues

German chemical giants Bayer AG and BASF SE are both considering takeovers of U.S. seed behemoth Monsanto, according to news reports on Thursday.

Of the potential Bayer takeover of Monsanto, valued at roughly $40 billion, Bloomberg noted that it “would create the world’s largest supplier of seeds and farm chemicals.

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Monsanto Could Be M&A Target in New Twist

For months Monsanto was the pursuer as it went after Syngenta, the largest player in the agrochemicals business.

Monsanto, the world’s largest seed company, wanted to add to its chemicals business—headlined by Roundup—in part to become a full-service operation for farmers. 397 more words


Is the EU Completely in the Pocket of the Biotech Industry? Say No to Glyphosate

“In less than a fortnight, EU Member States will take a decision on the re-approval of glyphosate. Genius  is working to get this toxic herbicide re-approved by communicating the industry’s mantra that glyphosate is scientifically proven safe, sponsored by Monsanto, Dow and Syngenta. 843 more words