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Monsanto slashing 2,600 jobs as corn sales slide

Monsanto, the agriculture and biotech giant, said Wednesday it will cut 2,600 jobs in a bid to restructure and save on costs.

The company, which is based in St.Louis, plans to slash the jobs over the next 18 to 24 months. 226 more words


The beginning of the end for RoundUp?

RoundUp is the most used herbicide in the world today and it is well known to be toxic. Glyphosate is one of the key ingredients in the herbicide and its copycat herbicides from other chemical companies.  120 more words

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Five great reasons to be a chemical engineer at Syngenta

You’ll probably know by now that IChemE exists to advance chemical engineering worldwide and the reason is a simple one – chemical engineering matters. As such, it’s important  to highlight some areas where the Institution and its 42,000 members make a difference. 450 more words

Chemical Engineering


The problem, of course, is that GMOs face increasing scrutiny, as more and more studies begin to trickle through the Maginot Line of corporate science, studies questioning not only the health and environmental impact of GMOs, but also questioning their cost-to-benefit ratios over the long haul, versus their natural counterparts… 500 more words

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GMO's - No More in Josephine County, Oregon

My comments:  Possibly one of the only things in Oregon that has been done right, even if it’s only in one small county.  The state is basically led by communists, so this is a plus for Josephine County.


Monsanto Drops Syngenta Takeover Bid

CREVE COEUR, Mo. (KMOX) — Monsanto Company has decided to go it alone, and drop its $47 billion takeover bid of Swiss-based rival Syngenta.

Just Tuesday, Bloomberg reported that Monsanto had upped its bid for Syngenta. 353 more words


Golden Rice—a star among GMO foods—has a major study retracted

Golden Rice, often touted as a shining example of the benefits of genetic engineering, might not be as golden as originally thought.

The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition… 385 more words