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These 13 Corporations Are “Big Pharma”: Their History, Crimes, and Products

This is a preview to the Era of Wisdom documentary “Toddlers on Adderall: History of “Big Pharma” and the Major Players,” to be released December 28, 2016. 809 more words


Prominent Latin American Scientists Say Bill Gates’ Golden Rice Is a Total Failure

By Christina Sarich | Underground Reporter | September 27, 2016

Nobel Laureates who have been pushing the genetically modified organism agenda deep into scientific circles are being lambasted by a group called the Union of Latin American Scientists Committed to Society and Nature (UCCSN-AL).

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U.S. farmer lawsuits over Syngenta GMO corn granted class status

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U.S. district court judge in Kansas this week said lawsuits brought by U.S. farmers against seed company Syngenta AG over sales of biotech corn seeds not approved for import by China can proceed as a class action, according to a court filing. 334 more words

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Tutti noi, che crediamo di sapere, di divulgare: non sappiamo nulla. Nulla di nulla.#DowChemicalCompany #Bayer #ChinaNationalChemicalCorp

— Claudio CrimiTrigona (@Crimiclaudio) September 27, 2016


Spotlight on Bayer-Monsanto neonicotinoid field trials

Farming Today (23.9.16) seems to be unaware of the content of the neonicotinoids research studies obtained by Greenpeace after a freedom of information request to the US Environmental Protection Agency. 372 more words


Monsanto Merges with Bayer, “Their Expertise is War “. Shady Historical Origins, IG Farben, Part of Hitler’s Chemical Genetic Engineering Cartel

They made explosives and lethally poisonous gases using shared technologies and sold them to both sides in both  World Wars. The same war chemicals were bought by the Allied Powers and the Axis Powers, from the same manufacturers, with money borrowed from the same federated reserve bank. 1,260 more words


Bayer Monsanto Merger Confirmed – $66 Billion Dollar Acquisition

By Heather Callaghan | Natural Blaze

It Happened… Bayer has wedded Monsanto this Wednesday Click to Tweet

Previously, we reported that Bayer AG – one of the world’s largest crop chemicals business, second only to Syngenta – was out to acquire or “merge” with Monsanto – the multinational seed and biotech corporation – in one of the biggest mergers in recent history. 559 more words

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