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Monsanto Wants to Know Why People Doubt Science


Ultimately, it is not science itself that people have doubts about but science that is pressed into the service of immensely powerful private corporations and regulatory bodies that are effectively co-opted and adopt a ‘don’t look, don’t find approach’ to studies and products.

Common Law Community Training Manual


What is assembling is the first court in history to bring judgment against the Vatican and the Crown of England as institutions. But our Court also signals the dawn of a new notion of justice: one defined by the people themselves, and especially by the historic victims of church and state, to bring about not only a judgment on their persecutors, but a new political and spiritual arrangement to undo the systems responsible for intergenerational crimes against humanity…

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Could GMO's be the future of agriculture in India?

India is betting on genetically engineered crops in order to stop slumping productivity.

According to Reuters , the government of prime minister Narendra Modi, which began trials of select modified crops last August, is hoping to usher in a new… 246 more words

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Local farmers learn about Syngenta lawsuits

MASON CITY, Iowa – Area farmers are learning how they can join a major lawsuit against one of the nation’s largest seed producers. Attorneys from Phipps Anderson Deacon traveled from Fort Dodge to Mason City Wednesday to speak with area farmers.  160 more words


arkansas farmers say syngenta tainted grain supply to promote gmo

At least a dozen Arkansas farmers have joined hundreds of farmers in 19 other states in almost 800 lawsuits against Swiss seed maker Syngenta over genetically modified corn seed, a case that has been widely reported in the media. 180 more words

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Health Ranger unveils Food Rising grow system at Health Freedom Expo in Naples

Published on Feb 22, 2015
The Health Ranger reveals the Food Rising Mini-Farm Grow Box at the Health Freedom Expo in Naples, FL.


An excellent solution for Self sufficiency and self reliance NOT GMO or vaccines as solutions for nutritious foods or health.

The perversion of copyrighting food

We all have to eat, don’t we?

Well, at least those of us who are still allowed to stay alive, apparently with the sole purpose of helping big capital make more money… Because even basic human needs such as food have become a new profitable market for global conglomerates posing as philanthropist entities. 450 more words

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