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Need dual WAN ports? Synology's new RT2600ac router has got you covered

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Need dual WAN ports? Synology’s new RT2600ac router has got you covered

The brand Synology is synonymous with NAS, but since 2015, they have started to expand their offerings to include routers. 239 more words


Setting up an UPS for Synology NAS, Odroid and Arch Linux

To protect data residing on my Synology NAS I’ve bought and installed an UPS, an APC 700U to be exact. The trigger for buying and installing one was the loss of (some) disk data event that happened to family member external hard disk due to power loss. 756 more words

All About All

Configure logs to be sent to External Syslog Server (Synology) using ESXi Web Host Client

Step 1 – Add the external log server

Go to Manage > System > Advanced Settings and locate Syslog.global.logHost and edit settings.

Add the following: udp://SERVER.domain.com:514… 40 more words


Cross-compiling FFmpeg for Serviio 1.8 with shared libraries on Synology NAS (for 7 CPU architectures)

This method will build FFmpeg 3.2.2 for Synology DSM 6.0 with the shared libraries linked with relative paths, required for Serviio DLNA media server, using a Ubuntu/Xubuntu Desktop 14.04 virtual machine. 6,210 more words


Synology Cloud Station Client Can't Handle Read-Only Files

I picked up a Synology NAS (DS411+ii) years ago and it’s still alive and kicking today, mostly due to the rock-solid hardware and the amazing improvements in DSM. 2,233 more words


Cross compile Shadowsocks-libev for DS116

The shadowsocks-libev in repo entware-ng  is several versions behind the current release version on github. The latest 2.5.6 comes with fixes and new improvements… 403 more words


Running ShadowSocks service on DS116

Shadowsocks is an open sourced light weight socks5 based secured/encrypted proxy, commonly used to provide uncensored internet access across GFW. shadowsocks-libev is a C port of the Shadowsocks aiming to provide a high performance and low resource requirements than the original Shadowsocks, which is a python based solution. 346 more words