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Cross compile Shadowsocks-libev for DS116

The shadowsocks-libev in repoentware-ng  is several versions behind the current release version on github. The latest 2.5.6 comes with fixes and new improvements. One feature, which I like the most, is the attack detection improvment. 392 more words


Running ShadowSocks service on DS116

Shadowsocks is an open sourced light weight socks5 based secured/encrypted proxy, commonly used to provide uncensored internet access across GFW. shadowsocks-libev is a C port of the Shadowsocks aiming to provide a high performance and low resource requirements than the original Shadowsocks, which is a python based solution. 346 more words


VPN Set Up on Synology DS116

My good old Synology DS107e finally decide to quit after about 10 years of usage. DS116 is then purchased as the replacement.

  1. Setup SSH
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Moving packages / applications to another volume on Synology DSM

Recently I experienced a disk failure that forced me to relocate folders to another volume. Turns out there were bunch of installed packages like HyperVault that also needed to be moved. 99 more words

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Home Automation - Synology NAS, Docker, openHAB

So little time to blog, so much tinkering to do; but I decided I would document this specific effort, because it is so frustrating when people blog about how something is so easy with little attention to screenshots. 1,856 more words

Extract private key from Microsoft CA-issued certificate

I wanted to use my internal Active Directory Certificate Services server to create a certificate for a Synology NAS. The Synology needs the private key and the certificate to be in separate files. 273 more words