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Synology Surveillance on Windows Internet Explorer

First of all, don’t try to run it on anything else. The video feeds will only work on IE.

To enable the video feeds, go to Internet Options > Security > Trusted Sites > add… 16 more words


Synology hosts inaugural Solutions Day in Dubai

Synology brought together channel partners, resellers and systems integrators at its inaugural Solutions Day held in the UAE recently. The objective of the event was to provide a refreshed overview on the company’s solutions for storage, data backup and recovery. 12 more words

Synology Crashplan Crashing

I got Code42/Crashplan running as a headless setup on my Synology 415+, and it has been working beautifully until lately. After the latest update, and with increased amount of files to be backuped CrashPlan started to crash in the mid of its scans… Very frustrating. 143 more words


Publish Synology Web File Sharing through another Apache Web Server

Add this to your Apache VHOST:

ProxyPass /wfmlogindialog.js http://synology.your.domain:5000/wfmlogindialog.js
 ProxyPassReverse /wfmlogindialog.js http://synology.your.domain:5000/wfmlogindialog.js
 ProxyPass /scripts http://synology.your.domain:5000/scripts
 ProxyPassReverse /scripts http://synology.your.domain:5000/scripts
 ProxyPass /synoman http://synology.your.domain:5000/synoman
 ProxyPassReverse /synoman http://synology.your.domain:5000/synoman
 ProxyPass /webman http://synology.your.domain:5000/webman
 ProxyPassReverse /webman http://synology.your.domain:5000/webman
 ProxyPass /webapi http://synology.your.domain:5000/webapi
 ProxyPassReverse /webapi http://synology.your.domain:5000/webapi
 ProxyPass /sharing http://synology.your.domain:5000/sharing
 ProxyPassReverse /sharing http://synology.your.domain:5000/sharing
 ProxyPass /synoSDSjslib http://synology.your.domain:5000/synoSDSjslib
 ProxyPassReverse /synoSDSjslib http://synology.your.domain:5000/synoSDSjslib
 ProxyPass /downloads http://synology.your.domain:5000/fsdownload/3L5GsHTsz/web
 ProxyPassReverse /downloads http://synology.your.domain:5000/fsdownload/3L5GsHTsz/web
 ProxyPass /fsdownload http://synology.your.domain:5000/fsdownload
 ProxyPassReverse /fsdownload http://synology.your.domain:5000/fsdownload
 ProxyPreserveHost On

HTTPS on the Synology NAS

I love this Synology NAS. It’s so versatile and immensely capable. I use it for streaming my TV, movies and music. It also acts as my Couchpotato, Sonarr and NZBGet system. 191 more words


Synology NAS Server

Al een tijdje heb ik hier een Nas server van Synology staan, in principe ben ik best tevreden met dat ding maar er zijn een aantal puntjes die mij wel irriteren aan dat ding. 107 more words

NAS Server;