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How to achieve almost 100% availability of BI reports even if when ETL is running - Synonym Toggling Technique - Part 2

We have discussed about concepts and a bit of theory behind synonym toggling in my previous post here.

In this post we would like to discuss about the technique of achieving this . 350 more words


Why do I suck

In response to an article in my Seattle Mariner blog “Balls and Strikes” about class structure at major league baseball parks a comment was made which I did not approve and thus not published was “You suck.”  Naturally I would like to know why I suck, or what specifically am I sucking. 305 more words


Not Exactly The Same

In my first year of graduate school, the professor of my Introduction to the English Language course told the class that there are no two words with the exact same meaning. 657 more words

Vocabulary from Past Questions (BBA 2001-2002)

Word   Meaning/ Synonym Antonym Amusing

(চিত্তাকর্ষক) noun Entertaining, funny, charming, comical Boring, serious Blush

(লজ্জারুণ হওয়া) verb  Rouge, flush, redden Commiseration

(অনুকম্পা)    noun Pity, sympathy … 157 more words


Find The Right Word

I found this post on Tumblr, and thought that sharing it on my blog about writing was about the best thing I could do. Here it is: 1,720 more words

安心 ānxīn and 放心 fàngxīn

安心 ānxīn [ feel at ease; relieve]

放心 fàngxīn [ be at ease; relieve from pain]


-Both of them are compound words. However, their objects are different. 30 more words


Why are synonyms important in Mandarin?

If you have studied Mandarin for somewhile, you may ask yourself what is the difference between 二 and 两, 会 and 能, etc.

To solve this problems, I, Master of Mandarin made one more category for you, 115 more words