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Listening skills

At first, you may consider hearing as a synonym of listening. It is time to cast the false belief and be guided with a fact. Hearing pertains to particular sounds that people hear even unintentionally. 129 more words

Is Word Repetition Good Or Bad?

In middle school and high school, we’re taught that word repetition is bad, that we shouldn’t use the same word over and over again in the same piece if we can help it: it gets old/annoying, and it gives the impression that we have severely limited vocabularies. 412 more words

General Thoughts

I'll Commence to Start at the Beginning

Turning to the ol’ Dino-Thesaurus, at least the online version at http://www.thesaurus.com, there are 31 synonyms for ‘start’, including everything from ‘alpha’ to ‘flying start’. 98 more words

Random Meditations

No need for repetition in writing

Experienced writers find themselves blessed with a hefty vocabulary to deploy as needed. The mot juste can make or break a sentence.

I find that in crafting long articles and blog posts, I run out of words. 345 more words


I have to

It’s hard, doesn’t mean impossible.

I know it’ll take hundred of years, just like I’ve wasted when hoping her back.

It’s simple, yet so vulnerable. 75 more words


People with heavy Synonyms

Okay, so you thought of writing, in between you thought of goggling synonym of a word. And you find what, a new word which you have never heard in your whole life, which spells and sounds so different, but you love it because you feel being stand out of the crowd. 217 more words


He is cute!

Learning English …

What is General Meeting?
Meeting with the general

What is a pilot project?
You take a pilot and give him a project… 47 more words