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let's reflect, shall we?

I eat synonym toast crunch in echo chambers.
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Flash Fiction

Increase Words in Vocabulary

Let us talk talk more about vocabulary today. For speaking English, vocabulary is a vital part building block. If we have different words in our memory bank, then we can communicate with anyone. 286 more words


Quick cup of COCA - compare

How are the words rotate and revolve used?

Have a think, then read this description.

Now using COCA-BYU’s compare feature let’s see if the description is supported and whether we can add anything to the picture painted by the Grammarist. 180 more words


The difference between 比 bǐ and 比较 bǐjiào

Welcome to Master of Mandarin.

Have you ever notice the difference between these two words?

Some people know have an intuition that these words are used differently, but what are the exact distinctions between these two words? 168 more words


All About Words

Hi Everyone,

On Friday, we began our class with a review of synonyms and antonyms. Synonyms are words that are similar to one another, and antonyms are words that are opposite of one another. 294 more words

To Be Both: Synonym and Antonym

With a childlike enthusiasm, and a glowing smile,
A child who tells all of news.
From the lips of a a child, who cried in my arms… 75 more words

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