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Linguistics is for shimonrikbliks

This morning, my six-year-old decided he would come up with a new word. The word he invented was shimonrikblik [ ʃimoʊnɹɪkblɪk ]. I asked him what it meant and he thought for a while and said, “It’s another word for linguistics.” I love him. 549 more words


Thesaurus 355

from bubble to cloud
from surf to souffle
to fermentation and fizz

in the sea on a screen
on a plate in the sky
in bottle and brain… 67 more words


abandon vs synonyms

mean to leave without intending to return.

ABANDON suggests that the thing or person left may be helpless without protection <abandoned children>. 49 more words



fashioned from stardust
creation’s masterpiece
graced imperfection


For Haiku Horizons Challenge using a synonym of the prompt word, forge (fashion).


A Writer's Best Friend

When an author rereads their own work, one thing they are looking to edit is the use of the same word too many times. Here’s an example by  290 more words


Synonyms to Well-Known

Wrecking my brain out to find synonyms for the word “well-known”, because it gets repetitive to keep saying an organization is well-known. Here’s the list: 20 more words


Society Adds New Meaning to ‘Trump’

It’s official. The National Synonym Society today approved “trump” as a new word for “dumb.”

“This is a well-earned honor,” said Sebastian T. Wordsworth, NSS president. 298 more words

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