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  • Carnal   =   Bodily , lustful , mundane , fleshy, unspiritual , lewd ,
  • Envious  =  Jealous , malevolent, invidious, malignant, covetous, odious ,
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Ramblings: Part XIX. 

Your shirt got snagged in the brambles of a passing bush and we laughed at how ridiculous you looked. Stuck between going forward and going back; we giggled uncontrollably because we thought this entanglement was anything but symbolic. 22 more words


Not Quite Synonyms

Is there a difference between the words “complete” and “finished”? While they might be considered synonyms, these words might have some different connotations.

One man insisted that there is a distinction between those two words. 92 more words

Christian Living

108. Formal and Informal Words

Many informal English words have a Latin-derived formal synonym


Sometimes the difference between two words of similar meaning is not so much what they mean as where they are used (see… 1,306 more words

Academic And Professional Writing

How can you tell if somebody’s sad? *Whether (Infinite Jest)

‘How can you tell if somebody’s sad?’A quick smile. ‘You mean whether someone’s sad.’

A smile back, but still earnest: ‘That improves it a lot. Whether someone’s sad, how can you tell so you’re sure?’

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I understand

Talking with my Chinese internet pals I’ve been realizing that there are various ways to say “I understand”. It comes up a lot because they often have to explain words or phrases that I don’t get at first and then after they explain they’ll ask 明白了吗 ( understand ?), or expect me to say that “I got it now”. 434 more words


Joe Kleen Schooled part 27

Bathroom time can be log jam time when 120 seven and eight year old children converge on lavatory facilities designed to accommodate ten boys and eight girls over a span of five minutes time. 1,044 more words