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TAKE STH OFF (I love phrasal verbs 1)

Howdy! This is my first post in the series “I love phrasal verbs”. Should you want to know more information about this series, you can find it… 1,877 more words


Are You Using A Lot A Lot?

Recently I was chastised “a lot” for using “a lot” in my writing. While the vague measurement is now over-used and abused, I was reprimanded to not use a lot a lot. 831 more words

Writing Tips

The Choice of Words by V H Collins

Wow! I can’t believe how quickly this week has gone. It is almost Saturday again which means it is time to pull another book of my shelf and tell you all about it. 476 more words



SYNONYMS MEAN==समानार्थक शब्द 

  1. mandatory = necessary / essential
  2. nab = arrest / catch 
  3. melancholy / mournful = sad
  4. litter = garbage 
  5. integrity = unity / honesty…
  6. 11 more words


Since I’ve been bombarding you with vocabulary lists lately, I think it’s time to show you yet another method of studying vocabulary – and, as what I’m covering now is CAE Writing, here is a worksheet I use to revise essay vocabulary by means of synonyms and little Post-its. 299 more words


100 Words Similar to Said

*Roughly* 100 Words Similar to Said

Acknowledged, added, admitted, admonished, affected, agreed, allowed, amplified, announced, answered, apologized, articulated, asked, assured, avowed, backpedaled, barked, began, begged, bellowed, blathered, bleated, boasted, burst out, cackled, cajoled, calculated, called out, chanted, chastised, chattered, cheered, chimed in, chirped, choked out, chuckled, clarified, coaxed, commanded, commented, complained, complemented, concluded, concurred, confided, confirmed, contemplated, contended, continued, conversed, conveyed, corrected, cooed, cursed, claimed, declared, denied, demanded, dictated, digressed, disagreed, disclosed, echoed, elucidated, embellished, emphasized, emoted, ended, enlightened, enunciated, eluded, exclaimed, explained, exaggerated, expounded, expressed, exuded, exulted, fabricated, fibbed, finished, fired back, flattered, flirted, flung, foreshadowed, forewarned, formulated, fumed, gasped, giggled, gloated, goaded, grated, growled, grunted, guessed, gushed, harangued, hissed, howled, hollered, huffed, hurled back, insisted, insulted, importuned, implied, informed, injected, inquired, interrupted, intoned, interrogated, interpreted, interrupted, joked, jumped in, justified, kidded, laughed, lectured, lied, mentioned, mocked, mumbled, murmured, muttered, nagged, narrated, nted, noticed, objected, offered, opined, ordered, opined, outlined, paraphrased, placated, pointed out, pondered, pontificated, pouted, praised, predicted, preened, presented, proclaimed, proffered, presented, projected, promised, pronounced, proposed, provided, purred, pursued, put forth, queried, questioned, quipped, quoted, raged, rambled, rationalized, raved, read, recalled, recounted, reiterated, repeated, related, remarked, replied, reported, restated, responded, retorted, reviewed, rhymed, ribbed, riddled, riposted, rolled onward, rumbled, sang, scolded, screamed, screeched, shared, sighed, shouted, simpered, simplified, snapped, sneered, sniffled, sniped, snitched, snorted, sobbed, scolded, soothed, snapped, spewed, spoke, sputtered, squacked, squeaked, stammered,started, stated, stressed, stuttered, submitted, suggested, supplied, swore, taunted, teased, temporized, threatened, thought, thundered, toasted, told, translated, trumpeted, twittered, uttered, vented, verbalized, verified, vocalized, volunteered, vowed, warbled, warned, wept, wheedled, wheezed, whimpered, whined, whispered, wondered, yapped, yawned, yelled, yelped, zinged.

The Awesome Power Of Words

It’s Not What You Think | The First Ten Words by Rich Larson

On Writer’s Blog today, we take a little break from writing – as this is such a good, well written post, and is so relevant to what I was saying in my post earlier in the week on… 1,680 more words