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Vocabulary of Death

Hellozees, everyone!

That’s another word that I just came up with, although I struggle to believe that it hadn’t already been invented by some random Californian surfer dude. 413 more words

Writing without Eyes

I’m seeing a lot of “eyes” these days in the works I’ve been editing. Understandable, since they’re both for vision and for expression. Problem is, we rely on the use of the word “eyes” far too much, and we also tend to rely on the sense of sight too much. 525 more words


Synonyms, feelings and art

This is one of my all time favourite literacy projects. I first discovered the project on Pinterest (arted20.ning.com- link now broken). The first thing we do,  is discuss synonyms. 295 more words


"Get" is getting to me

What an annoying little word “get” is. It gets everywhere. Like there, for instance. It’s a small, ugly monosyllable which, seemingly, we would find very hard to eradicate from English, especially from spoken English. 739 more words


Willie Wags

You know those nights… you have had a long day, your best friend is on the phone hounding you to go out and your body is tired but your brain is wide awake? 300 more words