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THINK The synonymic field with the headword “THINK” having the meaning: “to use one’s power of conception or judgment in regard to any matter or subject which concerns or interests one” 1,032 more words

Lesson 7

Today, we talked more about writing stories. We used our imaginations and came up with ideas for stories using the question ‘What if…’.

We then explored the four elements we need to pay attention to when we want to improve our writing: Vocabulary, Connectives, Openers and Punctuation (VCOP). 142 more words


What Word Describes Trumps Ignoring and Marginalizing You?

What Word Describes Trumps Ignoring and Marginalizing You?

Well, just take your pick: here are several hundred words describing that:

Go Away!

Ingoring, Discounting and Marginalizing You… 5,090 more words

Daily Prompt: Sludge or Slush?

via Daily Prompt: Sludge

I didn’t know what the meaning of the word ‘sludge’ is until I looked it up. However, before checking the meaning of the word I sure did think that it had a negative “vibe” to it, and that it was similar to the word ‘slush’, and ‘slushy’ and my guess was close to what the real meaning of the word is. 746 more words

Personal Stories And Opinions


noun | \ ˈprer \

A private moment of exchange between creator and creation, lover and loved; a source of comfort that never goes unseen or unheard, be it the silent drift of a droplet in an ocean or the scurrying of a fallen leaf in autumn.


Colleen’s Weekly #Poetry Tuesday Challenge 14/11 Smell & Cosy

Colleen’s Poetry challenge this month includes words which we can’t use, but instead, in their place, we need to use synonyms!

This week we have: 57 more words