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A deer, cow, sheep, antelope and giraffe walk into a restaurant. They find a booth table and sit down. After about five minutes, a waiter comes to take their order. 496 more words


Experimental Poetry Form: a couplet with various qualities

Today’s experimental poetry form is a couplet with various qualities.  It has the following qualities:

  • There are two lines (as is obvious from the fact that it is a couplet).
  • 63 more words

Conquering the “Look”

Conquering the “Look”

By Leigh Holland.

Reviewing my chapter today, I searched the document for the word “look”. Gasping in horror, I realized I’d used the word “look”, or some conjugation of it, far too often. 476 more words

The Awesome Power Of Words

Word Library

Need help with finding good words to use in your writing? Check out Georgina Kane’s Word Library


Mark Twain says:

” The difference between the right word and the almost right word is the difference between lightning and a lightning bug. ” 

Shun the disingenuous equivalent and Avoid the shifty metonym

Hmmm, what on Earth does that title mean? Even Spock* looks puzzled. What it started out as, before I searched online for replacement words, is: 394 more words