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cold feet

that overflowing tub of hope seems to dry up fast. i’m never gonna be back. it will never be that okay. that okay.

when the warmth starts to go away. 32 more words


The Best Show You're Not Watching: HUMANS

While perusing through my DVR’s On Demand catalog for a new show to try, I stumbled upon a real gem. When it comes to good entertainment, once I hear, “android” I’m on board almost immediately. 487 more words

Sprinkling Topics


Hey guys, really big moment for me, my new CD is now available for international pre-order. CD will ship worldwide around the 20th August. I collaborated with Takahiro Izutani (Bayonetta, Metal Gear Solid 4), Manami Matsumae (Mega Man) and Saori Kobayashi (Nights, Crimson Dragon) to bring you this vision I had of an android coming to life :) 66 more words

The Resurrection of the 80s: This Summer's best 80s-sounding pop hits

By Lewis Hurt

What do this summer’s best pop records all have in common, aside from there not being a boyband anywhere near them? Well, they are reminiscent of a simpler age in music: a time before YouTube, Xfactor and iTunes. 662 more words


Review #92: GUNSHIP - Gunship

Artist – GUNSHIP
Album – Gunship (2015)

Check it out – https://open.spotify.com/album/03Rl4TjvJVdR2nBUupV7Wf

Gunship are a synthwave band from Northamptonshire, UK. The group consists of members Dan Haigh, Alex Westaway, Alex Gingell, Dan and Alex W also being members of the Charlie Simpson led band Fightstar. 270 more words