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Looking for suggestions for platforms

I’m looking for a new platform, is face book and twitter it? is My space Dead? or just there. Also are you on RPM. as a Label. 30 more words


Higher Ground - Video

Some of you may know that one of my interests is building a playing a modular analog synthesizer.  This is an “Old School” instrument where sounds are created by patching different modules together with patch cords.  257 more words


Kavinsky - Teddy Boy

Teddy Boy was recorded on a Yamaha DX7, but that’s hardly where it’s 80s synth sound comes from – there’s a feeling to Kavinsky’s work, not just his memories of the 80s but our collective ideas about what an action-movie soundtrack might sound like in 1988, or what the theme to a Ferrari might be. 378 more words

Electro + Pop

Új Bála: Negative Kingdom Tapes Volume One

Self-released cassette and download

There’s a particularly acidic squelch to ‘Mr. Muscle’, the opening track of Új Bála’s latest burst of corroded electronica. It blurts out the speakers in flighty gasps, with a BPM hasty enough to induce flashbacks of UV squiggles in grungy basements, propelled by popping snares that give a martial galumph to the crusty bleeps. 393 more words

Dixon, Stein Turn 'Stranger Things' Upside Down with Synth Soundtrack (Music Review)

When a television show is based in 1984, viewers should expect to be immersed in the culture and vibe of the intended time period through injections of retro clothing, hairstyles, technology, dialect and even music. 828 more words



Session number 29 is here and the highlights are sun: John Maus, Gus Gus, Kölsch, new tracks from US Girls, Laraaji… 225 more words