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Desire - 'Under Your Spell'

One of the many highlights on the Drive soundtrack, ‘Under Your Spell’ is a dreamy, wistful synth-driven song about unrequited love. The lyrics are simple and the delivery is memorable – especailly the semi-disinterested spoken word section in the middle. 13 more words

Artist ……….. Pete Jon
Album ……….. joyride // deathdrive
Label ……….. Self Released
Released ……….. 7/10/19
Price ……….. $3

Electronic lofi weird pop with a haunting and hopeful folk sound

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The Thirteenth Hour Podcast #205: "Empty Hands" Behind the Scenes Part 1

Episode #205: “Empty Hands” Behind the Scenes Part 1


This week, we’re discussing “Empty Hands” behind the scenes, specifically the idea of creating an audio-visual experience for the reader to mimic what you might find in a movie.  605 more words


3U 8HP 4 Channel Panning Mixer

As I mentioned in my last post, I used an off-the-shelf 4 channel mixer board in my synth-in-a-box, but I wanted it to be accessible as a eurorack modular panel.  413 more words


Modular Synth in a Box

Inspired by Morocco Dave who built a small “almost 5U” modular synth case out of a plastic storage box, I have created one of my own.  699 more words


Out Now! Logic Moon - I See Planets

The show must go on and we’re over mid-way through our busy schedule for 2019. Next we’re back in Germany as we welcome Mainz based artist… 489 more words