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Elton John #19: Ice on Fire (1985)

Man, sometimes my research-oriented brain is a blessing and a curse.  In my desire to know all the info about any given subject, particularly when it comes to the art I consume, I try to read as many reviews and articles as I can.  970 more words

Relatable pop artist GRAACE reflects on her own insecurities in "21st Century Love"

There’s been a wave of relatable pop artists coming through the industry as of late with the likes of L Devine, Elm and Baum coming out with stunning pieces of music and I think we can now add Aussie artist… 136 more words


Haram Tapes - Scorpions & Fountains

This is one of those that I discovered by trying out something that one of the fans I follow on Bandcamp had bought. I have zero idea why I clicked on this one in particular, but am very glad I did. 68 more words


Holdan tells us not to beat ourselves up in his alternative pop single "Lost"

Florida born but now LA based artist Holdan only started releasing solo music in 2019 but before that he was actually the drummer in a variety of different punk bands. 211 more words


Caggie releases the music video for her compelling pop single "I Wish You Knew"

If you’ve been looking for a British version of Taylor Swift then look no further than the London based singer-songwriter Caggie who’s latest single I Wish You Knew… 218 more words


"Body Talk" is the sensually tinged debut single from Monika Damaszko that will take you on a an emotional journey

I love those moments you have when you’re listening to a song for a first time and you end up being completely and utterly floored by the voice on the track. 153 more words