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Synthesizer Interfaces

I built this synth for my final project at undergraduate level. It features four independent voices, six LFO’s, a resonant filter envelope and audio effects. Everything can be synced tightly to a given tempo, with an additional section for creating simple drum accompaniments. 292 more words

Duncan Harrison, BBBlood, Aqua Dentata: Ineluctable modality of the visible

No label CDr

Like a Rolling Thunder Revue for the no-audience underground, these chancers ripped through the north of England a couple of months back, scorching eyeballs and liquidising the squidgy brain matter of all who witnessed them and leaving only happy memories and this tour CDr in their wake. 372 more words

Reptar at Beat Kitchen 11/22/2015

Tommy Pickles and Chuckie were nowhere to be found, but Reptar was in full effect last night at Beat Kitchen in Chicago. Touring behind their new record Lurid Glow, the band worked the crowd into a tizzy playing new stuff and some of their better-known hits like “ 161 more words


Snowden: "Anemone Arms"

For some reason, the opening synthesizer on “Anemone Arms” paints a picture of a glacier, something cold and massive. It may just be that the temperatures continue to drop and I have had the need for sweaters any time I go outside, but that sound conjures up the image of Winter. 50 more words

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the film
halfway through
had this idea
gave mother

the baby

the baby is a monster with a broken foot

it comes out of my mouth this thing that feeds a brother… 39 more words

Seims - II (2015)

Seims are from Sydney, they play instrumental rock songs so utterly slathered in synths, effects pedals and guitar trickery it’s actually sometimes hard to determine exactly what bits are guitars and which are not! 229 more words