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Hi everyone!

Hope everyone is having a nice weekend, I figured I’d post since I saw an email from here and it reminded me I hadn’t for a little bit. 286 more words

My life as of 2013.

Okay…So I’m not that good at keeping blogs etc, but I am going to try. In my defense I did have a lot going on last year. 1,986 more words

I'm thinking about getting dread extensions for a few reasons, mostly i live at home& my ma hates dreads. I was wondering if you have any advice and/or tips on putting them in and taking care of them


Whether it be temporary synthetics or real locks, please clear all of your hair choices with your guardian. While the limitations of your caretaker may be frustrating, we suggest you abide by the rules of your guardians until you are no longer dependent on them. 81 more words

Hello! When buying extensions, what's the difference between a double ended and a single ended dread? Thanks!

Hello there. 

When buying temporary locks to braid into your hair for 1-2 months at a time, you can do slightly different installs. A single-ended dread (SE) has a loop on the end where you pull the hair through and braid it down. 190 more words

Imp and Petal Dreadlocks Giveaway!

Imp and Petal are holding a contest for a full set of synthetic dreads! Check out their facebook page for all the details. If their facebook page gets 5000 likes, they’ll give away FOUR sets of dreads. 35 more words


Return of the Jedi

Hello my adorable munchkins!

First off I desperately need to apologise for being so quiet the past few months! Since returning to uni in September it feels like I blinked and time sped up! 699 more words