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Why Baseball Should be Played on Synthetic Turf

It looks like baseball could be the next frontier for synthetic turf, and it’s clear to see why. Teams at all levels are reaping the benefits of reduced maintenance, excellent… 447 more words

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The Perfect Pitch...

Once you’ve made the decision to upgrade your existing surface, for whatever reason (poor drainage, compacted/hazardous surface etc.), to a 3G pitch complete with the latest synthetic turf technology is a decision that today’s players definitely need. 383 more words

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Precaución con el uso de las superficie artificiales

Si usted es de los que se tira a descansar sobre la pista de goma luego de correr hasta que no pueda más, sepa que puede estar descansando sobre una cama de plomo; como mínimo. 1,058 more words

A Synthetic Summer?

With the summer of 2016 set to be one of the hottest on record, particularly for the UK, are your playing fields and gardens up to scratch? 397 more words

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Does Synthetic Turf Have a Role to Play in the Future of Golf?

UK, Scotland in particular, is home to some of the world’s most spectacular golf courses. These have become world renowned thanks to Championships like The Royal Open; therefore some might find it surprising that the sport is under a large amount of economic pressure in the majority of its important markets. 688 more words

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What's the Best for Synthetic Turf?

Something that often crops up during discussions with clients and consultants is the topic of polymers – “What polymer are you using?”, “Do you use C4, C6 or C8?”, “The tender specifies C8 as it’s the best, is that what you use?” and various variations. 497 more words

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Could Synthetic Turf Benefit Your Local School?

In today’s school environment, physical activity is based on a variety of different sports; however there’s not always a designated surface for each and playing 3 or 4 different types of sports on a natural surface is near impossible. 349 more words

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