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The Shade

Metric is back with a new single called “The Shade”.

“The Shade” is their first new song in nearly 3 years. With the release of this single came the promise of a new album later this year! 162 more words


Metric Shines Bright With New Song 'The Shade'

When Metric announced they’d be joining Imagine Dragons for a summer tour in February, it felt like a sure sign the Canadian indie band was wrapping up its first album in three years. 81 more words

What Am I Rocking Out To? (February 2015)

I haven’t gone to any concerts this year (yet), but here’s a few artists I’ve been listening to non-stop for the month of February!

marilyn manson: 538 more words


Synthetica - or how I deal with anoying customers

There are some customers you just can’t please, if you follow my blog or have the misfortune to work in customer service your self then you have probably encountered them. 256 more words


…2014 w 52 – Album of the week is “Synthetica” by Metric.

The 00´s has been a fabulous time for Canadian indie music giving rise to heaps of great bands, often interacting and collaborating with each other in numerous projects. 814 more words


Cover - Metric: Clone

In 2010, my mate Ed and I tried to write a World Cup song. It was an unsuccessful project and we gave up with about three lines written and a working title of ‘Hello Capello’ – pretty poor form from the both of us. 156 more words