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Egyptian Synthroid

A reader of my blog asked me via Instagram if you can get Synthroid in Egypt.  She lives in Florida, has Graves, and is thinking of expating to Aswan. 174 more words


Anger and Frustration

Lately, this is all I’ve been feeling.

Yesterday I had my third visit with my NP who is my PCP. The first visit was a total bust, and I considered looking for another provider. 714 more words

I'm sick

Have you ever been really sick? I’m not talking about a cold or the flu, I’m talking about “there is something seriously wrong with me.” The sick that sends you to the doctor ready to do anything to get back to good health. 467 more words


My 'Medicine' Was Making Me Sick.

Disclaimer: I struggle to keep house plants alive. I am not a medical professional and the articles on this blog reflect personal decisions I made for myself, sometimes with the help of (and other times against the wishes of) a medical professional, but are in no way ‘recommendations’ or prescriptions for others.  2,024 more words

It’s Flashback Time!

Following my partial thyroidectomy that took place 20 years ago, I took Synthroid. I used it for a couple of years only to develop a headache that wouldn’t go away. 310 more words


Thyroid Surgery Round One

To have or have not. For the first thyroid surgery, I was presented with a fast growing nodule that wasn’t going away, and just making itself more known to me. 182 more words



I’ve been seeing an internist since December of 2016.  I’ve been feeling rundown, sluggish, excessively tired, and no matter what I do, I can’t seem to lose weight (1400 calories or less and the scale won’t move!).   180 more words