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Thyroid Surgery Round One

To have or have not. For the first thyroid surgery, I was presented with a fast growing nodule that wasn’t going away, and just making itself more known to me. 182 more words



I’ve been seeing an internist since December of 2016.  I’ve been feeling rundown, sluggish, excessively tired, and no matter what I do, I can’t seem to lose weight (1400 calories or less and the scale won’t move!).   180 more words


In the Beginning

Why was I loosing my voice? 20 plus years ago, I couldn’t understand why I was gradually sounding like I had a raspy voice. I knew my allergies might encourage that, but when I had allergies the previous year, I didn’t recall my voice sounding like that. 268 more words


A Little Less Anxious

This past weekend Stephanie and I flew to my home of Northern Virginia. We had a really lovely weekend and it was one of the best trips home I’ve had in a while. 866 more words

Life Update

Just one pill a day they said....

I don’t think that I will ever get use to having to take medication everyday.  Gone are the days of forgetting to take something and the worst side effect is having some heartburn or getting pregnant! 555 more words

Thyroid Journey

Blame it on the Thyroid

Ever since my thyroid was removed, I find it harder to lose weight, had bouts of low energy at work and frequent yawning. Then I just find myself saying, “oh, it’s my thyroid.” 181 more words

Just Me Talking

Hypothyroidism Sucks!

What does being hypothyroid mean?  Sounds like a relatively simple question, doesn’t it?  I mean, if you ask anyone on the street, they just tell you that you’re on medication for life.   715 more words

My Rocky Thyroid Journey