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IVF #5 - Stim Day 8 - The 411

Today, April 17th, marks exactly one year of the anniversary of my very first IVF retrieval.  This is the cycle I conceived by A.R.T. my daughter.  176 more words

Single Mother By Choice

IVF #5 - Stim Day 5 - The 411

Today is stim day 5.  Nothing too exciting….  I took my synthroid, prenatals, Vitamin D, B6, L-methofolate, and prednisone at various times today and did the am Ganirelix injection and mid day Neupogen injection.  130 more words

Single Mother By Choice

Symptoms and self-advocacy

Or “Why I’m looking for a new primary care provider” — because my current one is a jerk.

After two completely useless messages from my primary care doctor yesterday — two messages that only confirmed that his investment in my well-being is non-existent — I’ve had it. 1,112 more words

Lack of Motivation, Opinion on Cursing, etc.

You were expecting to see a Writing 101 assignment, weren’t you? Well, today’s assignment requires a lot of thinking .. but not really. Basically, I have to do a character study on an interesting person I’ve met in the past year .. 659 more words

Dear Diary...

IVF # 5 - Stim Day 2 - The 411

Today is CD 3 and Stim Day 2 !!  This morning, I injected the Ganirelix, took 20 mg of Prednisone, 175 mg Synthroid,  1 Claritin and I have to take 4000 units of Vitamin D, 2 prenatal vitamins (am and pm) and 20 mg of Prednisone later this evening.  164 more words

Single Mother By Choice

Synthroid Usage, Dosage and Side Effects


Synthroid is commonly known as Levothyroxine. It is a thyroid hormone supplement which is used to treat an underactive thyroid hormone. It delivers more thyroid hormone or balance the low level of thyroid hormone. 208 more words


Thyroid Dysfunction Demystified Part 4

We now have a basic understanding of the difference between hyper- and hypothyroidism. The main discussion today will be about medications used to treat an underactive thyroid, but, before we get into that, let’s gloss over treatments for hyperthyroidism. 903 more words