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Too hot, too cold? Do you have hypothyroidism?

There can be several reasons you are cold or hot more than the people around you. One of those reasons can be your thyroid.  If your thyroid is underactive, you could have hypothyroidism. 817 more words

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January is Thyroid Disease Awareness Month

When I was first diagnosed with a thyroid condition, I knew little about thyroid disease. In my mind, my thyroid was this shapeless figure somewhere in my neck that served a function — but I didn’t know just how important its job was until I lost it. 252 more words

Thyroid Cancer

IVF #6 - Stim Day 4 - The 411

Today is my forth day of stims and after getting the results back from the blood work my Internist, Dr. Witt ran, there are some additions to my protocol. 312 more words

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I’m having a reaction to the very high TSH count in my body. TSH is Thyroid Simulating Hormone. Our brain produces TSH in the Pituitary Gland to stimulate our Thyroid to work. 210 more words


Should this patient take Synthroid for her subclinical hypothyroidism?

Noriko Noguchi, MD, is an OB/GYN physician in Japan. Her subspeciality is endocrinology.

Simon R. Downes, thedoctorsopinion.co : A friend of mine has been told by her D.O. 501 more words

Noriko Noguchi MD

Off Balance Once Again

So, my thyroid is still out of whack.

In fact, out of whack is a bit of an understatement.

It seems that I’m getting blood work done every 4-6 weeks, and my numbers just keep changing.  589 more words

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Most Med cards?

Here are Zocor, and Synthroid. Zocor is a cholesterol lowering drug that is also used to prevent an MI in patients that have coronary heart disease. 57 more words