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Standard Medication and Treatment of Hypothyroidism

Hypothyroidism is a syndrome caused by a deficiency of thyroid hormones, and is displayed largely by a reversible slowing down of all body functions.  There is prominent retardation of growth and development that results in dwarfism and irreparable mental retardation in infants and children.  516 more words

Causes Of Hypothyroidism

Good Morning Sunday Ramblings

I just love when I have morings off and I can come outside and sit and start the morning this way. Its a little chilly this morning here in small-town Argos indiana. 495 more words

What My Thyroid Cancer Diagnosis Taught Me

This past weekend, April 2nd, marked the three-year anniversary of my thyroid cancer diagnosis (you can read the full story here). It’s not something I choose to commemorate, but rather something my mind never lets me forget. 384 more words

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The Frustration That Is Hypothyroid

It was just one of those times where you go into your doctor for something totally unrelated and they send you in for a full work up and BOOM, there it is those ugly high TSH levels. 526 more words

The Humpday Thankful Three

Thought I’d use this as an opportunity to reflect on three things I’m immensely thankful for right now. I could sure do more than 3 but for brevity’s sake, here we go… 367 more words


The Doctor Will See You Now...

Three years after my thyroid surgery, the struggle to find a good endocrinologist is real. If you are a fellow thyroid patient, perhaps you can relate. 468 more words

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Synthroid : What it did to me.

I’ve been dealing with nerve pain for about six months now, and it has been just getting worse, including headaches, light sensitivity in my eyes, and confusion at times. 180 more words

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