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Thyroid, caffeine and sleeeep

It’s always hard to know who to trust in this unwell world. I watch a lot of videos, read a lot of books and take a lot of courses. 429 more words

Armor Thyroid

1. So my thyroid is completely out of whack. It was a relief to hear this because that could be partially to blame for my neverending hunger. 331 more words

Anxiety & Insomnia

The last 2 weeks I have felt my anxiety notching back up.  I’m not sleeping well.  I toss and turn and lay awake thinking about everything under the sun – my old job, Mr. 860 more words


IVF #4 - Fertilization Report - The 411

My nurse, Greta, called this morning, but called from a blocked number so the call was sent straight to voicemail because I have a block on my phone to prevent calls from restricted numbers. 282 more words



On a trip to Pittsburgh’s Children’s Hospital, at 13 years old, I was diagnosed by the Head of the Endocrinology Department with a rare Thyroid condition called Central Hypothyroidism and told I would be on synthroid for the rest of my life. 445 more words



A few weeks ago I had an MRI of my brain because I am exhibiting some of the same symptoms – primarily confusion and forgetfulness – that my dad showed before he was diagnosed with a brain tumor. 258 more words

Tired doesn't really begin to cover it

I’ve forgotten what it’s like to not be tired. And who knew there could be so many levels of tired!
There’s the pulled an all nighter tired. 1,399 more words

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