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Here We Go...

Alright. So. We always knew that once our miracle baby turned one, we would start trying for miracle baby #2. I’m certainly not getting any younger and while we hope the second time around doesn’t take as long as the first time…. 815 more words

Hashi's Flare

A few posts ago, I shared that I have Hashimoto’s thyroiditis, an auto immune disease that attacks the thyroid gland and destroys it. Over the summer my thyroid has been a little funky but mostly maintained until last month. 183 more words


Another Panic Attack

I was doing so well and haven’t had a panic attack since June but somehow I triggered one today on the whole 45 minute ride from picking up my daughter at school. 1,220 more words


Some sad news

Today was a day filled with much anticipation. Last week I was told my 6 week fetus didn’t have a heartbeat yet. I was hopeful, thinking it was still too early to tell and hoping that I would hear a strong heartbeat this week. 468 more words




So, how did I go from feeling like crap on Synthroid to feeling GREAT???

If you have been reading this blog until now, you know that I was diagnosed as hypo thyroid and even though I was taking thyroid medications I still didn’t feel well. 576 more words

Angie Fox

Creeping Shadows

Just when you think you’re far enough away from something that’s been trailing you, the sun starts to shine and good things start to happen, but then you stop and look behind you to find your shadow.   782 more words

Surviving Thyroid Cancer

My Low Level Thyroid

About two years ago I was diagnosed with hypothyroid and more recently discovered a goiter was causing it. So basically for those of you who are not doctors and have perfectly functioning thyroids – my little glad does not make enough hormones to regulate my metabolism, weight, temperature, keep hair on my head and body, keep me awake more then four hours at a time – so just the little things in life…. 301 more words