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Gunship - 'Gunship'

The musical flavour of the month for me right now is Synthwave, a powerful new electronic subgenre that attempts to recapture a 80s  electro feel. Indeed, the original purpose of this week’s post was going to be an analysis of the subgenre, along with a list of some of my favourite artists. 593 more words

Album Review

Spaceventure album update

Everdune’s album Spaceventure is now updated. The album is remastered, it has two bonus tracks, and a new cover art. Also, you can now download/buy individual tracks. 44 more words


Your Favorite Retrosynthers are on 'Red Oaks,' the new Amazon Show

The new 80s-centric Amazon show, Red Oaks, is cool for many reasons: It’s set in the 80s, it’s funny, and it adds an edge to Paul Reiser that never before existed. 74 more words


"The Volkswagen of Death" EP reviewed on Drive Radio!

The Italian based producer Vincenzo Salvia is back on the scene with an all-powerful new EP, called « The Volkswagen of Death ». On this new record, he has attempted to mix things up tracks with adding a little dark horror with his signature Italo Disco sounds, and the overall result is a blend of of intoxicating sounds!!! 69 more words


Timecop1983 - Reflections

I’ve already featured the lead single from this album on this blog: The sublime “Don’t Let Go”. But there’s a lot more to Timecop1983’s… 274 more words


"The Volkswagen of Death" album is out now!

The most terrifying and polluting album of my career!
A horror story about Volkswagen’s emissions.
Available on Bandcamp, iTunes, Spotify, Amazon, Apple Music and more.


Caregivers from Space

I’m releasing this single. It’s a new Retrofuturistic Space Italo Disco, early 80s inspired.
“Badanti dallo Spazio” is about some sexy caregivers from the outer space. 13 more words