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Artist You Should Know: Airborn

I went into this article expecting to review Airborn’s last full length LP, The Airborn Express, that came out at the end of last year. 783 more words


Music Park: Void Vision @ DC9 -- 5/11/17

Void Vision performs at DC9 on May 11, 2017.

Charivari, according to Wikipedia, is “a folk custom in which the community gives a noisy, discordant mock serenade, frequently with pounding on pots and pans.” “Shari Vari” is also an electronic song from 1982 by A Number of Names, later covered by Detroit synth duo Adult. 335 more words

Music Park

Retroglyphs Album Review + Interview

Retroglyphs’ eponymous new album, released this month, is a powerful dichotomy on the themes of love and war, continuing the band’s traditions of strong narrative and synth-tastic sounds with a foundation of solid, beautiful lyrics and vocals. 1,485 more words


Vector Assailant breaks down entire Primitive Enemy album, new music coming this Fall

Since the April release of Vector Assailant‘s newest full-length/compilation, Primitive Enemy (available on Bandcamp), the Austin producer has stayed busy. I got in touch with Nicolai Lëur, AKA Vector Assailant, and pried his mind to learn the complete background and some of the production process on his first full new release since 2015. 598 more words


Absolute Valentine

Basé à Marseille, en France, la musique d’Absolute Valentine est de la pur synthwave : un son dystopique qui decire. Il décrit comment, armé d’une machine à voyager dans le temps, il sauverait les gens des années 80 et s’éclaterai en même temps. 1,085 more words


Microchip Terror's Self-Titled EP Breaks the Cybernetic Mold [Review]

Singapore is not a country one would suspect to have excellent synthwave as a main export, although it seems that Microchip Terror is making a hard effort to change this in his recently released self-titled EP. 530 more words