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Battle in Nagoya, by Lips and Ribs

Equal parts chiptune madness and funky footwork, Battle in Nagoya is a new cassette tape released through Field Hymns Records by Lips and Ribs. Featuring some truly dense and determined tracks, 16 to be exact, this album drags the listener on a strange and mystical journey. 90 more words

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Scene and Heard – CCXCV : Land of Clouds  - Yaman Palak (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Land of Clouds is one of those songs that underlines the power of the digital music revolution. There was a time when synthesisers and samples, music created from non-analogue sources, sounds drawn from the ether rather than for physical dexterity of the player was viewed with suspicion, especially by guitar wielding, narrow-minded, nostalgia freaks. 138 more words

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April 13, 2018 episode highlights – April 20, 2018 teased

Starting off the nod to songs from last week’s episode with The Aces. I swear I see some Heathers in this video…

This video from The Neighbourhood makes me miss the 80s, when, as I always say, EVERY video looked like a horror movie. 75 more words

The Rainbow's End // by Fräulein

In this playlist: For the hopeful wallflower looking to channel a spectrum of post-punk to synthwave. Maybe you’ll find a pot of gold or come out a basket case.

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Album Review: Nina - Sleepwalking

With its engaging compositions, impeccable vocal performances, and frequently exceptional production values, the long-awaited full-length album from Nina fulfills much of the promise shown on the singles and EPs that preceded it. 930 more words


"Weekend" is here! I know, it's thursday... I mean my album!

My latest album “Weekend” is finally out.
8 retro tracks for a Friday-Saturday-Sunday trip somewhere in time: 70s, 80s, funky, Italian movies, some 16 bit arcade mixed with a gentle fusion touch and Italo disco influences. 16 more words