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Even Though We Lost We Had a Great Year!

Georgia Tech pulled off a win against Ole Miss in the NIT Tournament in which Ole Miss could never really get a lead. In what seemed like a disappointing lost for our Rebels we have to give credit for what they have done this year. 534 more words

NCAA Tournament Projections: Syracuse is Again the Wildcard Entering Championship Week

Another year, another case of “what will the committee do with Syracuse?” I’ve got the Orangemen projected barely in right now, and that’s in large part because of the decision last year to put a team with a low RPI in, when they had more quality wins than teams in front of them. 228 more words


The Six Most Disappointing Teams in College Basketball

The 2016-2017 College Basketball season has some great stories. It also has some profound disappointments from big-name programs. Here’s a list of the most disappointing teams so far this year and who can turn it around. 1,226 more words