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Remeberance Week at SU

After walking on the quad today, I found these chairs caught my eye. At first, I didn’t really know what they represented but I was definitely curious to find out. 235 more words

Remembrance Week

This week on campus, Syracuse University is remembering the tragic event of the Pan Am 103 flight terrorist attack. On December 21st, 1988, the plane exploded due to a bomb in the luggage compartment. 140 more words

Daily Life

Blog Post #11 Podcast update

Within our podcast, our topic will come the dress code. My group consists of Tanisha, Bailey, Kelsie. We will be doing a round table discussion where each person will bring a part to discuss.   135 more words

Nanci Kushner Enjoys Beautiful Grounds and Architecture at Syracuse University

New undergraduate Nanci Kushner would enjoy, in the late 1900’s, “a beautiful town … springing up on the hillside and a community of refined and cultivated membership … established near the spot which will soon be the center of a great and beneficent educational institution.” 219 more words


Patience, Faith and Tradition

I got back this weekend from fishing the surf on Fire Island with former college roommate and longtime friend Curt Dircks. There were fish, but that, in my mind, wasn’t the important part. 772 more words


Blog Post 11: Podcast Update

My podcast group and I have decided on a topic! We will be making predictions for this year’s Grammy nominations and potential winners of each category. 268 more words

Syracuse University

Podcast Update

My podcast is focused around the nutrition and diet of the average college student and what the dining halls and other food joints provide as options. 332 more words

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