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Academy Award winning actor Forest Whitaker inspires Syracuse community

By Cheyenne De’Von Cheathem
March 26, 2015

In his “The New American Opportunity” talk at SU, Forest Whitaker discusses his humble beginnings, the transformation of the economy and the importance of community building. 418 more words

Artist Isaiah Rashad and rapper Pell bring an unconventional style of music to Syracuse University

By Cheyenne De’Von Cheathem
March 19, 2015

From the South to Syracuse, the artists fused electronic dance music with southern style rap for an unforgettable ending to University Union’s final Bandersnatch concert of the year. 410 more words

Annual drag show competition crowns new 'totally fabulous' winner

By Cheyenne De’Von Cheathem
March 1, 2015

Sky-high heels with energy to match! The 13th Annual Totally Fabulous Drag Show did not fail to impress or entertain. 416 more words

Saturday night puts SU students in the spotlight

By Cheyenne De’Von 
February 8, 2015 – 6:13 pm

Review: R&B singer Teyana Taylor tops a bill of dance, music and comedy at ‘SNL: the Showcase’ 835 more words

Juice Jam: A Survival Guide

Great music, free food, and one of the best experiences Syracuse University has to offer.

Juice Jam is one of the quintessential experiences all Syracuse University students share. 535 more words

Infirmary Blues (?) Syracuse Style

Have you heard of the S.U. Infirmary? Recapping a bit, Roy and I roomed together at Watson in years 54-55.  I lived in G. Cleveland 55-56 and Roy took a year off.   1,079 more words


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