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WATCH: Blacked Out Kid On Snapchat Has No Business Being Alive

Everyone’s had that one night where they blacked out early but somehow managed to stay upright and awake until the wee hours of the morning. Call it a miracle, sheer determination, or the right amounts of adderall–but don’t call them quitters. 60 more words


Mark Coyle Leaves Syracuse

A couple hours after hearing the shocking announcement that Mark Coyle would leave Syracuse after just 311 days as its athletic director, it’s time to look at some of the reasons why Coyle decided to leave. 536 more words


"Failures of kindness" George Saunders @Syracuse

In this week of blooming jacarandas, empty white folding chairs await the procession of the graduates, and an elevated podium echoes with the voice of a valedictorian at sound check, rehearsing for the big day. 571 more words

Work Thoughts

Ashley Haskins

Ashley Haskins has been on a remarkable journey since graduating from Sandy Creek High School in 2008. She attended Syracuse University, fell in love with politics and education policy and earned a degree in policy studies in just three years. 380 more words

Onondaga Community College

The Mixed Media: Should Women Be Coaches in the NFL?

For my Race, Gender and the Media class, my team and I had to create a project focusing on an issue the media is facing regarding gender, race or sexuality. 86 more words


Five former Uplifting Athletes Chapter leaders named to 2016 NFF Hampshire Honor Society

When a college football student-athlete chooses to take on a leadership role of an Uplifting Athletes Chapter, it take a special level of drive, compassion and commitment to ensure the mission is carried out. 296 more words

Uplifting Athletes

Ernie "The Express" Davis

Today’s blog was written by Kevin L. Bradley, Archives Technician in the Motion Picture, Sound, and Video Division at the National Archives in College Park, Maryland… 345 more words