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Written by Hamid Alizadeh

Syrian soldier gives victory sign in the devastated city of Aleppo

Aleppo has fallen. After four years of bloody war of attrition, the pre-civil war commercial hub and Syria’s largest city is once again under the complete control of the Assad regime. 2,811 more words


Syrian Warplanes Strike Near Damascus During Fragile Truce

Syrian government warplanes resumed their bombardment of a rebel-held valley near Damascus on Sunday after nearly 24 hours with no air raids, a rebel official and monitors said, during the third day of a fragile ceasefire. 467 more words


ICRC: Mosul's Recapturing Won't End Soon

ICRC international committee’s director of operations Dominik Stillhart on Dec. 1 said that at a conservative estimate of the experts Iraqi government operation on liberation of Mosul… 163 more words


Resistance was broken near Damascus

According to Inside Syria Media Center, members of armed groups accepted the conditions of the Syrian authorities on Saturday and to leave one of the most active points of their resistance in the Khan al-Shih 26 km south-west of Damascus. 305 more words


Terrorists Shelled Aleppo University

Syrian newspaper Al Watan has reported that today radical terrorist groups shelled University of Aleppo. According to the newspaper’s sources, militants launched four rockets. Three of them exploded on the university territory while one hit the building. 99 more words


Erdogan: "The West Supports ISIS"

Yesterday, during his two-day visit to Pakistan Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan delivered a speech in the country’s parliament to touch upon the issues of tackling ISIS. 78 more words


West Closes its Eyes to Terrorists' Chemical Attacks in Syria

Yesterday, terrorists carried out another attack on the Syrian army positions in Aleppo using chemical weapons. This time, they shelled Karam al-Tarab district near the city’s international airport which resulted in 28 Syrian soldiers injured. 304 more words