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The International Caucasian Court

Gambia has threatened to withdraw its ratification of the International Criminal Court in the Hague, citing concerns over racial bias. So far, South Africa is the only African state to actually withdraw. 907 more words


League Explores International Migration

Among the top news stories of the past year is the plight of thousands of migrants fleeing violence and poverty and trying to establish new lives in Europe and beyond. 63 more words


The truth about the American media: everything at stake for their benefit

According to the Nation, American politicians and the media are constantly changing the rhetoric of their statements in the United States in the situations, when it suits them. 459 more words


The strange logic of US-led Coalition's mistakes in Syria

Recently, the White House has repeatedly accused Syria and its allies of killing civilians in Aleppo, deliberate airstrikes at civilian infrastructure and so on. But it should be mentioned that usually these allegations are ungrounded. 383 more words


Russia drops request to refuel Syrian-bound battle group at Spanish port after NATO uproar

BRUSSELS — Russia cancelled a request to refuel a flotilla of its Syria-bound warships at a Spanish port Wednesday, according to Russian state-run media and other news reports. 734 more words


The Liberation of Mosul: Iraqis Send a Message to the World

The liberation of Mosul has started.  The loosening of Daesh’s grip on Iraq’s second largest city represents for them an especially devastating blow.  The day their flag is torn down will effectively spell the end of their ambitions in Iraq. 323 more words

Sky News Soundbites on Syria Hit on 12 OCT 2016

Professor Raymond Tanter appeared on Sky News Arabia on 12 October 2016. Tanter spoke about Syria in English, which was translated into Arabic.

One of the themes of Tanter’s comments centered on this Idea, FORCE AND DIPLOMACY GO HAND TO HAND. 144 more words