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The Truth About The Gas Attacks In Aleppo And Damascus And Why A No Fly Zone Failed And Syria Was Not Bombed Back Into The Stone Age By NATO

EXCLUSIVE: Witness Reveals Who’s to Blame for 2013 Ghouta Gas Attack in Syria/ Syrian Envoy to UN Discloses French Ties to 2013 Chemical Weapons Attacks/ Mother Agnes Mariam: Exposing the Syrian Chemical Hoax… 2,337 more words

World At War

Syrian Flashpoint, by Justin Raimondo

SLL has raised the possibility that Syria will be the cradle of World War III. From Justin Raimondo at antiwar.com:

Even as top Turkish officials excoriate the United States for supposedly backing the failed coup attempt against President Recip Erdogan, Turkish troops and US Special Forces are coordinating with Syrian Islamist rebels to carry out a de facto invasion of Syria. 548 more words

Foreign Policy

Aftermath of Syria's Endless War - John Marc Cruz

There are only two choices; To stay or To leave.

In agony for over the past five years. Devastated houses, buildings and lives. Denuded streets and faces and places encrusted in dust…

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Kerry, Lavrov: 'Close' on Syrian Peace Agreement

Speaking in Geneva on Friday, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov and his US counterpart US Secretary of State John Kerry said they are “close” to a Syrian peace agreement, but still have differences to work through. 304 more words

Russia in Iran?

Russia definitely surprised a lot of people earlier this month when it released images of Russian jets taking off from an Iranian base to then go drop some bombs on Syria. 82 more words

*** Good News To You At Last ***


I am Mariamma Akash, a Syrian widow. I lost my husband and 2 of my children to the jihadist militants from the Islamic State in 2014. 327 more words