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Six Threats Bigger Than Climate Change

Here’s a list of a few challenges, all of which pose a greater threat to the world than climate change.

• Iraq is a greater challenge than climate change. 489 more words

Top 3 Conflicts Happening in the World Right Now

The world recently wailed to the tears of the Syrian kids suffering in the civil war. The media constantly showed us images of how the innocent population suffered at the hands of ISIS. 363 more words


Obama grants waiver for military support of foreign fighters in Syria – White House

From RT

December 8, 2016

President Barack Obama has ordered a waiver of restrictions on military aid for foreign forces and others in Syria, deeming it “essential to the national security interests” of the US to allow exceptions from provisions in the four-decades-old Arms Export Control Act. 562 more words

Conflict instigators must foot humanitarian crises' bills – Russian Emergencies Minister to UN

From RT

December 9, 2016
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The head of Russia’s Emergencies Ministry has proposed a new economic model of humanitarian assistance and reparation payments to victims of war zones, recommending that initiators of conflict pay for the destruction and suffering caused by their policies. 468 more words

Assad: Despite Gulf backing rebels, Israel still Syria’s only enemy

Despite almost six years of war between his army and rebels backed by the West and Gulf countries, Syrian President Bashar Assad said he still considers Israel the one and only “enemy” state, in an interview published Thursday. 612 more words

Daily News

Russia says Syria army halts Aleppo attacks as rebels cornered

ALEPPO, Syria — Syria’s army on Thursday halted its attacks in Aleppo to allow for trapped civilians to be evacuated, Russia’s foreign minister announced, after advancing regime forces cornered rebels in the city. 838 more words

Daily News

Russia's victory in Syria: The real meaning of the Aleppo Hospital tragedy

From Fort Russ

December 8, 2016 – Fort Russ –

Ruslan Ostashko – LiveJournal– translated by J. Arnoldski –

I am not surprised by the double standards of Western media and Western leaders who either don’t want to recognize the fact that our military medics were killed or are issuing statements to the effect of “serves you right.” I’m even more unsurprised by the absence or at least “cheesy” condolences that have been offered on the occasion of the murder of our military adviser. 731 more words