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Syrian War Daily – 25th of April 2019

Hello and welcome to the 770th installment of the SWD.

Military events/news are listed below by the governorates: 269 more words

Military Updates

Turkey: Revenge of the Kurds

Turkey: Rocks & Hard Places

Dispatches From The Edge

March 25, 2019

After 18 years of unchallenged power and success, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan suddenly finds himself in the middle of several domestic and foreign crises with no obvious way out. 1,418 more words


My lecture at the Lebanese American University (March, 2019)



Beyond Humanitarianism Paradigm: The Effect of Displacement on Religious Authorities

posted on 10/04/2019

By Fidaa Al Fakih

LAU’s Institute for Social Justice and Conflict Resolution (ISJCR) and the Department of Social Sciences hosted a seminar on “The Displacement of Religious Authorities from Syria and their Involvement in Aid Provision: Looking beyond Humanitarianism.” 343 more words


Is the Tartus Port Deal a Strategic Trap for Syria?

Russia will be in a prime position to control the bulk of Syria’s international trade and consequently keep an eye on Iran’s maritime exports to the Arab Republic once it obtains control of Tartus port, with it being very likely that Moscow will also exploit this ultra-strategic advantage for political ends as it seeks to advance its own national interests at its “ally’s” expense. 1,349 more words


"They Were Supposed To Save Us" - U.S. and U.K. Forces Killed Over 1,600 Civilians in Raqqa, Syria

Michael East, Red Revolution

It has been revealed that the bombing campaign against Raqqa in Syria by American led forces resulted in the deaths of over 1600 civilians and the destruction of 11,000 buildings. 715 more words


How the U.S. Miscounted the Dead in Syria

The United States dramatically underestimated the number of civilians killed in the U.S.-led coalition’s assault on the self-proclaimed capital of the Islamic State two years ago, according to the research of two leading human rights groups. 954 more words

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