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Pentagon: We Found Only 60 ‘Moderate’ Syrian Rebels to Train

The strategy of President Barack Obama’s administration for combating the Islamic State depends on training a large force of moderate Syrian rebels capable of defeating the militants on the ground. 184 more words

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From Birmingham Six to... Something Else

A story and a fresh perspective on a controversial song.

Rather contentious, but clearly, there is a lot of irony, paradox and ambivalence, and the story surrounding the song is not easy to interpret. 47 more words

Wake up, Kabyle Politicians and businessmen

As thought the Kabyles have not lived through pain and suffering for a long time…So I am asking myself how and why so many do not seem to see problems, either because they cannot or are unaware of what is happening… unless they lost touch with the native land. 618 more words


Defense Chief: Obama Likely to Be Out of Office Before Assad

It was a good question, even if it was a bit of a trap set by an experienced lawyer with a knack for pulling information out of people who would rather prefer to stay silent. 159 more words

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Previously Secret report shows Obama and Clinton aided in forming ISIS

The truth is coming out why we were in Benghazi. The question is WHO in the media will report the truth?

Secret Pentagon Report Reveals US “Created” ISIS As A “Tool” To Overthrow Syria’s President Assad… 3,029 more words