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Day 4 (Lessons by Elephants)

“Have you ever heard of an elephant kicking out another elephant because they aren’t in the same country?
Animals might not be the smartest of spieces but it’s better than having no hearts like us humans. 26 more words


To disrupt the talks in Geneva Assad is shelling the Syrian capital

On February 20 the Syrian government forces escalated their bombing campaign around the Syrian capital, the bombs are falling like rain on the rebel-held areas sending out a bloody message days before the renewed talks are about to start in Geneva. 410 more words

The Raqqa Diaries

An edited version of this review was published at the Guardian.

In March 2013, Free Syrian Army fighters, alongside the al-Qaida-linked militia Jabhat al-Nusra, liberated Raqqa, a city in Syria’s east. 786 more words


Today in Middle Eastern history: the 1966 Syrian coup

Syria’s road from French colony (er, I mean “protectorate” or whatever) to the mess it is today was littered with coups d’état: three in 1949, one each in 1951, 1954, 1961, … 9 more words

Middle East

As Far As I Can See

Stories can be told verbally, over a text message, or posted online- but each method is different in the way the story comes across to the receiver. 667 more words


Syria's Peace Talks Resume in Geneva

Time: 8:29 p.m. CEST

Representatives of Syria’s government and opposition are for face-to-face meeting in Geneva for peace talks for fist time in three years. Reuters says, the aim is to end almost six years of war by agreeing on the future governance of Syria. 124 more words