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Lebanon Denies Endorsing US’ Caesar Sanctions Act against Syria


June 1, 2020

Lebanese premiership denied on Monday that the government has approved US’ Caesar Act legislation which targets Syria.

“Some media reported that the Caesar Act on US sanctions has been distributed during the last Cabinet session and that the government has adopted the said Act,” the press office of Lebanon’s premiership said in a statement carried by National News Agency (NNA). 98 more words

War On Syria

Capernaum - humans with no IDs

  1. Capernaum is a 2018 Lebanese film directed by Nadine Labaki that talks about the sufferings that a Syrian refugee family goes through.
  2. Zain (Zain Al Rafeea…
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How ignorant British policy inflamed the war in Syria  | Middle East Eye

In the first years of his presidency, Assad was warmly welcomed in London and even met the Queen. The British Syrian Society brought dozens of MPs to Syria before the war, and beyond official British visits, a glance at the society’s… 929 more words

Application de la loi César ... la promulgation de la loi Caesar - Syria Civilian

“قانون قيصر” لحماية المدنيين بسوريا

Application de la loi César pour la protection des civils, à partir d’aujourd’hui…

Alors que la mise en œuvre de la loi César approche, la livre syrienne perd à nouveau sa valeur…

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Libyan War Escalates as Regional Powers Attempt to Gain Stronger Influence - Global Research

Alarms are sounding in Europe as Turkey, Russia and Arab states could potentially agree on shared influence in Libya, and therefore the entirety of the eastern Mediterranean, according to some experts.

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Ambassador Jaafari Issues Formal Complaint on US Burning Wheat Fields - Syria News

Syria’s Permanent Representative to the United Nations issued a formal complaint to Secretary General Antonio Guterres and to the current president of the UNSC on the recent torching of Syrian wheat fields by the US and Turkey.

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