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Rojava Women’s Association launches book campaign

Rojava Free Women Association launched a book campaign to increase awareness of education and reading in mother language in the society. With books to be collected, the associations is planning to open a library. 51 more words


Episode 6: Ancient Versions (Exod 1:5)

What the “versions” — the ancient translations — tell us about the Bible.


Click here for the Torah Talk podcast with a link to the Dead Sea Scrolls text of Exod 1:5. 15 more words


The Syriac Alphabet

Syriac is an Abjad writing system that consists of 22 consonants and  additional diacritics. The consonants also have a numeric value and double as a numeral writing system. 302 more words

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The Georgian alphabet (mxedruli) in a Syriac manuscript

To file in “unexpected finds”: With no apparent relationship to the rest of the text on the page, the Georgian mxedruli alphabet (along with Armenian) is found in the large outer margin of a Syriac manuscript from Jerusalem containing the… 55 more words


Murders of Christians

In a series of raids into the predominantly Christian area of eastern Syria, IS forces kidnapped several hundred civilians, men, women and children.   These are mainly Assyrian Christians, a small minority group that has been decimated over time by the depredations of the Muslims living around them.   321 more words

Israel And Middle East

Who are the Assyrian Christians?

(Once again, this post is intended for a more general audience than what I usually do. You can see yesterday’s post for some helpful background; unfortunately, current events dictated a more immediate followup than I really had in mind.) 1,870 more words