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'We ought to understand Jesus within context first' - some thoughts on doing theology

A friend of mine likes to occasionally post religious questions on Facebook to inspire conversation. Today, I saw:

Before his Resurrection, did Jesus know that the Earth orbits the Sun?

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Syro-Aramaic Reading of the Koran: A Contribution to the Decoding of the Language of the Koran, by Christopher Luxenberg

Christoph Luxenberg is a pseudonym and that’s your first hint about the book being produced for political reasons rather than scholarly ones – taking into consideration that there are thousands of other up-to-date books in the market that are circulated without being passed through the lens of any Islamic Authority and/or official Institution whatsoever. 46 more words


Practice Sheets for the Syriac Alphabet

I have just posted practice sheets for the Syriac alphabet on the Syriac Grammar page on Between the Perfect and the Doomed (https://markfrancois.wordpress.com/syriac-grammar/).  These letters are in the Estrangela script and show how letters are written when they are not attached to other letters. 374 more words


Ecolinguism in Israel: Another place where languages go to die

The modern State of Israel recognizes two official languages: Hebrew and Arabic. Nearly all of its Jewish citizens came from somewhere else within the last 2-3 generations. 732 more words


Mini Episode 1: Ephrem on the Nativity


In this episode, Gerhard talks about St. Ephrem the Syrian. Ephrem might rightly be called the Church’s greatest theologian-poet. Listen to this episode and you’ll find out exactly why, as Gerhard reads one of his hymns on the Nativity. 59 more words