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A Truer Experience

I have been doing a lot of thinking. A lot of it. Considering that I am now pregnant. And about to move out and start my own life and family and work. 984 more words


A day with the Maronites

On Friday, four of us postulants (Jeremy, Leland, Colin and I) went for our day of recollection to the Most Holy Trinity Monastery in Petersham, Mass. 630 more words


Four unpublished homilies of Jacob of Serugh, with a 19th-cent. image of the Golden Horn (Constantinople)

CFMM 167 and 165 (in that order) are two small notebooks from the late 19th or early 20th century. There is no explicit date, nor did the scribe give a name, but the writing is very clear. 243 more words


Athanasios (Abū Ġalib) of Ǧayḥān (Ceyhan), d. 1177

One of the pleasures of cataloging manuscripts is learning about authors and texts that are relatively little known. One such Syriac author is Athanasios (Abū Ġalib) of Ǧayḥān (Ceyhan). 497 more words


Where do solitary monks live? Or, how to name various rocky places in Syriac

While cataloging the 15th-century manuscript CFMM 152 (on which see also here), I was struck by the long rubric of this mēmrā attributed to Ephrem. 242 more words


Translation Tip for iPads

Make liberal use of the zoom feature.

There are not a thousand words on this page, just a few.

These few are the ones I can manage.

Start with these.

– k. hawke

A scribe addressing a reader's spiritual condition

Here is a colophon from a manuscript I cataloged last week (CFMM 155, p. 378). It shares common features and vocabulary with other Syriac colophons, but the direct address to the reader, not merely to ask for prayer, but also to suggest that the reader, too, needs rescuing is less common. 227 more words