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Just Father (ܐܰܒܳܐ ܕܩܘܽܫܬܳܐ) – by Jacob of Sarug (ca. A.D. 451 – 521) (an excerpt)

Just Father, behold Your Son, a sacrifice pleasing to You. Receive this , who died for me, that I might be pardon by it.

ܐܰܒܳܐ ܕܩܘܽܫܬܳܐ ܗܳܐ ܒܪܳܟ ܕܶܒܚܳܐ ܕܰܡܪܰܥܶܐ ܠܳܟ . 185 more words

Syriac Christianity

Syriac alphabet

  1. ܐ
  2. ܒ
  3. ܓ
  4. ܕ
  5. ܗ
  6. ܘ
  7. ܙ
  8. ܚ
  9. ܛ
  10. ܝ
  11. ܟ
  12. ܠ
  13. ܡ
  14. ܢ
  15. ܣ / ܤ
  16. ܥ
  17. ܦ
  18. ܨ
  19. ܩ
  20. ܪ
  21. ܫ
  22. ܬ

Danger! Books!

A new issue (39:2) of the journal Henoch includes a section devoted to “Dangerous Books:
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Workshop: Linked Data and Syriac Sources, Amsterdam, March 2018

Around 30 scholars from more than a dozen different countries met in Amsterdam in mid-March for two days of discussions and presentations on developments in digital humanities in Syriac language and literature. 572 more words


Indeed Grace Will Be The Judge

Who, then, understands this and faithfully discerns is not able to rejoice in works but only in the goodness of God. And the one who truly recognizes that God’s goodness is the cause of his joy, does not hold that his joy be only for himself but rejoices for all creatures. 524 more words