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Syrian and Christian in New York

Syrian Christians who immigrated to the U.S. before Syria descended into chaos have watched from the sidelines as their families, churches, and hometowns have been demolished in the fight between pro-government and Islamist militant forces, including the Islamic State. 35 more words

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What happened when I started asking about Racism.

Last August when media attention spiked around the protests that Mike Brown’s death in Ferguson ignited, I noticed Syrian Americans on social media were largely ignorant of black history and the current struggle in America. 1,629 more words

Explaining undercurrents of bigotry at Texas Muslim Capitol Day

Every two years when Texas legislature is in session, CAIR Texas organizes Texas Muslim Capitol Day. Muslims primarily from Dallas, San Antonio, and Houston travel to Austin to meet with their state representatives and push for legislation in a co-ordinated matter. 992 more words

What our "Worst Failure" and "Best Success" have in common.

Not many people know that last fall was one of the toughest times for SAC Houston. Following the summer’s “Return to Homs” film screening success, the fall’s work schedule was difficult and frustrating for myself and my team to work around (we’re all volunteers). 607 more words

Leaders of the world,

A job well done

Power became this easy sensation

Slowly life became this merchandise creation…

But you forgot something

The most important thing… 32 more words


Niagara Forum on Syria: 11/14

By: Karen Shen, intern at Niagara and student at Northwestern University 

The ongoing conflict in Syria has been in and out of front page headlines for months now. 469 more words

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