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That was … moving.

Seen video of this poor child who was caked in dust and blood that was saved from a building in Aleppo, Syria. 339 more words

Chinese artist imitates photo of Syrian toddler on the beach

NEW DELHI (AP) — Chinese artist and activist Ai Weiwei has recreated the famous image of a 3-year-old Syrian child who drowned in Turkey last year by staging a photo of himself lying face down on a beach in Greece. 307 more words


Charlie Hebdo Has the Right to Free Speech—As Do We.

Charlie Hebdo has the right to utilize free speech.  However, sane members of the general public should employ their rights to free speech to condemn Charlie Hebdo’s juvenile fetish for trivializing the death of Muslim children. 73 more words


Charlie Hebdo's Imperialist Agenda Is All Too Obvious

The cartoonists of Charlie Hebdo will pretend they are being satirical, utilizing free speech, and representing the truly radical when the reality is that they are driven by Western elitist and imperialist motives.   350 more words


The emptiness of our mourning for this child

by Brendan Beery

Americans are notorious for the fall-off of their collective concern for any human who has crossed the threshold from fetus to person. In fact, the birth of a human baby – during the nanosecond it takes for a spanking to cause wailing – seems to transform our doting into contempt. 429 more words

Banksy and the Drowned Syrian Child

The centre piece of the Dismaland exhibition is a carriage wreck. Cinderella’s body cascades from one of the windows, clearly broken in the carnage. Photographers click away outside. 229 more words


POEM- A child washed ashore by sea & all they cry is me

By Abdul Jabbar

A child washed ashore by sea & all they cry is me

I am angry
Why should I not be?

Would you not if that was your child? 161 more words