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Russia targeted Syrian Rebel Opposition that have been battling Islamic State extremists for over a year...


First, a little info on what has been going on across the pond.  Russia began airstrikes yesterday (October 1, 2015).  Assumably by most of the world, their efforts would be directed towards ISIS, but as we have found out this morning–they have bombed a Syrian rebel base.   193 more words

Bashar Al-Assad

Putin Shows Obama The "Little Man" He Is

I gotta hand it to Vladimir Putin. He certainly plays his cards right. Oh, don’t get me wrong…I’m really not happy with the fact that Russia of all people are moving in to Syria. 613 more words

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Arming rebels; what could go wrong?

Let’s go for a Syria trifecta…

One of the few things that’s more popular among the DC establishment than sending US soldiers off to fight wars is sending US weaponry off to folks who will use them to fight wars on our behalf. 557 more words


American trained Syrian rebels giving weapons to Al-Nusra terror group

US Military: US-trained Syrian rebels gave equipment to Nusra

A spokesman for the United States military confirmed that U.S. trained Syrian rebels gave their equipment to the al-Qaeda supported terror group Al-Nusra Front in exchange for safe passage. 186 more words

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Syria: Missile kills 17 in rebel enclave in Homs


Debris are seen following a rocket attack in the government-controlled Syrian central city of Homs on August 26, 2015, which reportedly killed three people and injured 25… 287 more words

Obama supported Syrian rebels turn over weapons to al-Qaeda after entering Syria

  Barack Obama has been a supporter of the rebels in Syria in their supposed attempt at combating Bashar Al-Assad and ISIS, and because of this we have learned the Pentagon has… 360 more words


US-Trained Syrian Rebels Allegedly Hand Weapons to Al Qaeda Affiliate

Washington Free Beacon, by Morgan Chalfant, Sep/ 22, 2015:

U.S.-trained rebels that reentered Syria over the weekend after completing the Pentagon program allegedly gave their weapons to the al Qaeda affiliate in the region, al Nusra. 433 more words

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