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Are The Saudis Behind 9-11 and ISIS?

Saudi Arabia up for Grabs in opening possible litigation over 9-11?  Not really because there is no proof – so lawsuits would be based on presumption instead of evidence…   1,055 more words


Iran vows Syrian rebels will pay a 'heavy price' after suffering major losses

BEIRUT — Top officials in Tehran have vowed to exact revenge for the heavy losses suffered by Iran Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) troops in a battle in which Islamist fighters seized a village south of Aleppo over the weekend. 374 more words

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Lawmakers To Obama: Don't Supply Syrian Rebels With Stingers

Source: Zero Hedge

Authored by Brendan McGarry via DoDBuzz.com,

More than two dozen U.S. lawmakers are urging President Barack Obama to refrain from supplying Syrian rebels with American-made shoulder-fired surface-to-air missiles. 333 more words

Propaganda, Fraud, And Outright Lies

Two to tango

If yesterday’s post on the deteriorating situation in Aleppo made it sound like it’s Assad’s forces who are doing most of the killing, that’s because…well, because Assad’s forces are doing most of the killing, as they have for the entire war. 337 more words


IS advances against rebels in north Syria

BEIRUT (AP) — Islamic State militants seized five villages from Syrian rebels close to the Turkish border Wednesday, Apr. 27, further weakening the rebels’ foothold in and around the northern city of Aleppo. 639 more words

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