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The Truth about the Rashideen Bus Bombing

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Apr 21, 2017, UK Column News

21st Century Wire’s Vanessa Beeley speaks to Mike Robinson about the recent murder of children enticed off a bus with the promise of food. 185 more words


Chris Hedges, On Contact: The Uncivil War on Syria with Max Blumenthal and Ben Norton

On this week’s episode of On Contact, Chris Hedges is joined by Max Blumenthal, author and Senior Editor of AlterNet’s Grayzone Project, and Ben Norton, reporter for Alternet. 73 more words

Military Madness


Syria’s state media and opposition activists say government forces and their allies are advancing in the central province of Hama under the cover of intense airstrikes. 94 more words


Residents, fighters evacuate from four besieged Syria towns


The city of Idlib, Syria has been preparing for the arrival of evacuees from opposition-controlled Zabadani

BEIRUT (AFP) – Civilians and fighters began evacuating four towns besieged by rebels and government forces Friday under a deal brokered by opposition backer Qatar and regime ally Iran, an AFP correspondent and a local source said.An AFP correspondent in rebel-held Rashidin, west of Aleppo city, said at least 80 buses arrived in the region from government-held Fuaa and Kafraya in Idlib province?. 286 more words

Syrian Thanks Our President, Says Assad Has Murdered Thousands

Read More Articles by Amil Imani Tomahawk Missiles Launched The civilized world witnessed in revulsion the graphic images, which emerged showing the aftermath of a dawn poison gas attack that killed at least 86, including 20 children, in rebel-held northwestern Syria.

27 more words

Trump’s ‘Wag the Dog’ Moment – Consortiumnews


Giraldi told Scott Horton’s Webcast: “I’m hearing from sources on the ground in the Middle East, people who are intimately familiar with the intelligence that is available who are saying that the essential narrative that we’re all hearing about the Syrian government or the Russians using chemical weapons on innocent civilians is a sham.” 114 more words

False Flag: How the U.S. Armed Syrian Rebels to Set Up an Excuse to Attack Assad 

Source: The Daily Bell

Evidence suggests a false flag chemical weapons attack on the Syrian people was initiated by Syrian rebels with the help of the United States in order to justify Thursday night’s U.S. 437 more words

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