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Russia says it extends moratorium on Aleppo air strikes


Tue Oct 25, 2016 | 1:06pm EDT

Smoke rises after strikes on Syria Democratic Forces (SDF) controlled Tell Rifaat town, northern Aleppo province, Syria October 22, 2016. 543 more words

Mosul and Aleppo update, 10/20

Since the situations in both Mosul and Aleppo are developing rapidly and I don’t feel like trying to come up with pithy titles for each frequent update, let’s just go with something bland and basic, OK? 590 more words


Vladimir Putin Says A Thing

Russia and Syria are supposedly planning to stop annihilating Aleppo for all of 8 hours later today (it’s 3:30 AM in Damascus right now), to give people trapped there a chance to get out. 1,180 more words


War Crimes in Syria: Marie Colvin, Abbas Khan and a Way Forward for Accountability?

Nobody knows how many people have died in Syria. Several estimates place it at close to half a million people, but the U.N. gave up counting two years ago. 1,566 more words

Syrian President Bashar Assad Says Aleppo Will Serve as the Springboard for Victory Over Rebels

MOSCOW (AP) — A military victory in Aleppo would provide the Syrian army a springboard from which to liberate other areas of the country from “terrorists,” President Bashar Assad said in an interview with a Russian media outlet. 236 more words

Chossudovsky: U.S. “Military Aid” to Al Qaeda, ISIS-Daesh: Pentagon Uses Illicit Arms Trafficking to Channel Enormous Shipments of Light Weapons into Syria

Based on the examination of a single December 2015 Pentagon sponsored shipment of more than 990 tons, one can reasonably conclude that the amounts of light weapons in the hands of  ”opposition” rebels inside Syria is substantial and exceedingly large.   1,783 more words

Military Madness

Aleppo rebels refuse to surrender

Image: The Spective / Kremlin press service

Read more: Reuters

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