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I Commit to Pray

Have you ever wondered how to pray for fellow persecuted believers?  The Voice of the Martyrs ministry offers an online prayer newsfeed for believers around the world.  116 more words


Asst. Secretary of State on Syrian refugees: If only you could meet them....

…..your heart would melt (she didn’t exactly say that!).

This is from one more article on the growing conflict about how many Syrian Muslim refugees we should admit to the US.  431 more words

Refugee Resettlement Program

Capoeira: A surprising source of social transformation

Lugging a big wooden drum, about a dozen tambourines, and an assortment of other percussion instruments, we walked onto the big green astroturf. Some members of our team got to work assembling berimbaus, the staple instrument of a Brazilian dance/music/sport called Capoeira. 1,153 more words


Who are the 525 Syrian refugees admitted to the US in recent years; where have they been resettled?

Everybody is talking about the Syrian refugees admitted to the US, including the British press, here at the Daily Mail.  But, let me be clear, most news outlets are reporting that we are going to quadruple the number already here from recent Syrian crisis to around 2,000 in the coming year. 429 more words

Refugee Resettlement Program

Aleppo Days

By Lyana Darwish

Translated by Nick Salter

These are murky and bitter days in Aleppo, days of endless exhaustion.  I can’t escape my situation. I grow increasingly tense and mad. 475 more words


Czech Republic: Low turnout for pro-refugee rally

Apparently Amnesty International ginned-up the rally to pressure the government to accept 1,000 Syrian refugees.

When you consider that the US plan to resettle 9,000-10,000 has now… 233 more words

Refugee Resettlement Program

Let Muslim nations take the Muslim refugees!

As I have been saying, here and here, everyone is talking about the Obama plan to admit Syrian refugees to the US.

No truer words (more logical words) could be spoken than these by Bryan Fischer writing at… 141 more words

Refugee Resettlement Program