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Emergency Circus pairs with Clown Me In in Lebanon (Field Trip)

Clay Mazing and Emergency Circus continue their video journey by capturing their recent work with the Lebanese troupe Clown Me In as they help entertain Syrian refugees. 311 more words


Praying for Syria

I was driving to work this morning, to the sounds of my radio and the BBC World News, no bombs, no gunshots, no screams. The program was about Syria and the experience of everyday folks still trying to make a… 413 more words

Just Life

Germany to begin trial on Syrian war crimes, suspects entered Germany as refugees

Aria L., a 21-year-old German national and suspected jihadist, posted on Facebook photos of himself posing next to two decapitated heads in Syria — and his case is not the only one from the war-torn country to occupy German justice. 366 more words


Syria: A Primer

The Syrian Catastrophe: 5 years of revolution, reaction and inaction.

Too often, Syria is presented as a land of generic and ambiguous chaos, rather than a nation devastated by the systematic suppression of a popular uprising against a family regime and the intrusion of numerous local, regional and world power players. 32 more words


Syrian "Refugees" & Migration to Western Europe

How can you forget the Crusades??? Were they fought over nothing??? Oh I see, you simply just don’t care! Seriously, I mean who cares??

This note was originally written on September 2015 when the Syrian Refugee crisis was in its peak; it was then posted on my Facebook page and removed as per Facebook “guidelines” and I lost access to my account for over a week! 1,848 more words


Too funny! Mayor of Rutland, VT says we got our heroin epidemic under control, so now let's take some Syrian refugees

Yippee! Vermont’s “first relocation community for Syrians!”

I wasn’t planning to write anything else today (although I know I have to do the April round-up), but this story from… 615 more words

Refugee Resettlement Program

One Catholic in the world is not advocating for the wholesale movement of Syrians to the West....

He is the Archbishop of Aleppo, Syria and in this interview with Catholic News Service he is highly critical of Canada’s mass importation of Syrians.  (By the way, we have never seen a breakdown of the percentage of Muslim v. 400 more words

Who Is Going Where