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The Syrian Crisis - A deep analysis

OK This has been long in waiting.. I’m going to discuss (in a question and answer format) the issue of ISIS/Islamic State from the beginning of the Syrian uprising and I will give some detailed insight on to the events on the ground that took place. 229 more words

Islamic State

Syrian refugees in Egypt: The Assad family

Hossam Assad, a 42-year-old Syrian refugee, says his family lives for Fridays.

“This is his favourite time of the week, going to football training,” Hossam tells Al Jazeera, gesturing to his eight-year-old son, Abdullah, as they walk through the noisy, crowded Cairo neighbourhood of al-Tawabeq. 722 more words


Can global warming cause wars?

Population growth, drought and poor governance combined to spur 2011 Syria uprising

Staff Report

FRISCO — A sustained drought in the Middle East, driven by global warming, may have been a key trigger for the brutal war in Syria, according to researchers. 605 more words

Climate And Weather

Syria in Revolt

Understanding the Unthinkable War

By Sadik J. Al-Azm in the Boston Review

The people’s intifada in Syria, against the military regime and police state of the Assad family, took me by surprise.

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Fear of the Unknown: the Myths of Syria's Arab Spring

This essay was written for PWP278 – Middle East Politics at Macquarie University. The essay addressed the question “What are the causes of the current uprisings and protests in the Middle East?” 2,385 more words

Academic Writing

Will the bilateral relationship between Saudi Arabia and the United States continue? If so, what will be the future foreign policy of the United States towards Saudi Arabia?

The United States is struggling to come to terms with the separation of Saudi Arabia. President Barack Obama seeks to reconcile with Saudi Arabia by wanting to improve their relationship. 697 more words

Too Extreme for Al-Qaeda?

How far must you go to be ousted by al-Qaeda?  Recently, the extremist group ISIS (Islamic State in Israel and Syria) managed to find out, after their violent takeover in 2013. 271 more words

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