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Album of the Day: Syrinx, "Tumblers From the Vault"

After a tumultuous decade of musical experimentation lead by Cage and Boulez in the concert hall and the Beatles on the radio, the ’70s lurched forward. 556 more words

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The Electronic Experimentations of Syrinx

Syrinx. Photo by Bart Schoales.

The short-lived Toronto band Syrinx didn’t fit in anywhere, musically. That fact becomes abundantly clear listening to Tumblers From the Vault… 1,286 more words

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The term ‘syringe’ comes from the Greek word ‘syrinx’ meaning ‘tube’. In classical Greek mythology, Syrinx was a nymph who was pursued by the amorous god ‘Pan’, and to avoid his advances, Syrinx ran away before her path was cut by river Ladon. 54 more words

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Conquer Chiari, don’t let Chiari conquer you…

… easier said than done, right? Of course it is. You live with a life-long condition that’s a ‘pain in the neck!’. Yes I’m in a good place 6 months after my surgery, but trust me when I say I know how you’re feeling. 942 more words

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