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Conquer Chiari, don’t let Chiari conquer you…

… easier said than done, right? Of course it is. You live with a life-long condition that’s a ‘pain in the neck!’. Yes I’m in a good place 6 months after my surgery, but trust me when I say I know how you’re feeling. 942 more words

Brain Surgery

The Song of Syrinx by Bethany W Pope

The Song of Syrinx

Once, the Great God Pan fell in love with a nymph.
Running to meet her (she was slender as a reed, 422 more words


Coping with Illness ...

I’m thinking if it’s time to do something drastic regarding my illness. I’ve been researching on Medical marijuana(Cannabis) I am straining to learn many things I can about the health benefits, along with following how and where it’s legal. 810 more words


From Rossini to Morris

The way I collect art is for most collectors of art so very random and non-specific. I do not search for works by an artist or visit galleries, or art auctions to collect but rely solely on people donating art pieces to charity.   427 more words


Syringomyelia Syrinx

I started doing physical therapy today. I’m compensated for it now, as I struggle to pen a blog.  Nonetheless, I had mentioned in the “About Me”  section of my illnesses, the really bad illness is the Syringomyelia (Syrinx). 363 more words


Chiari Journey - His love prevails every fall!

I deliberately haven’t written in a while because I have been a little low and I have been preparing my home (e.g. labelling kitchen cupboards, filing, getting documents in order etc.) for when I get a date to go in for the surgery.  1,025 more words

Here a train, there a train

Today was physical therapy. The exercises made me cry. My PT is a good dude so that helps, but goddamn I need some hardcore cuddling. I have to elevate my foot, or else it swells, turns purple, and hurts like a motherfucker. 281 more words

Health Problems