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Syrinx - Debussy

Being a flute player, it is only expected that I have played Syrinx, By Debussy (1913) at some point and I was first introduced to about two years ago. 250 more words

Debussy's Syrinx - Flute Solo

As a flautist, I am utterly embarrassed to admit that I HAVE NOT played Debussy’s Syrinx. I KNOW, DON’T JUDGE ME. But, I have heard… 404 more words


#MeToo nothing new

A priapic director, dressing gown flapping open, chasing a pretty actress round his hotel room.  A seedy image but hardly a new one.  As old as myth and fable. 173 more words


♥ Better Together ♥

Clint has spent half of the last 12 months in hospital.

It is quiet and lonely at home without him. I miss him and I don’t sleep well without him. 257 more words


B13.15 Call of the Sleeper

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The floor panel groaned briefly as it was crushed, crumpled up and cast aside by Amy’s power, revealing the power cables underneath. 5,761 more words

Brennus Chapters

Two Chapters from Daphnis and Chloe

I have been meaning to write about why I created this blog. Some thoughts on a section from the c. 2nd century AD novel Daphnis and Chloe might explain my love for myths. 1,364 more words