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The term ‘syringe’ comes from the Greek word ‘syrinx’ meaning ‘tube’. In classical Greek mythology, Syrinx was a nymph who was pursued by the amorous god ‘Pan’, and to avoid his advances, Syrinx ran away before her path was cut by river Ladon. 54 more words

Fact Food

Conquer Chiari, don’t let Chiari conquer you…

… easier said than done, right? Of course it is. You live with a life-long condition that’s a ‘pain in the neck!’. Yes I’m in a good place 6 months after my surgery, but trust me when I say I know how you’re feeling. 942 more words

Brain Surgery

The Song of Syrinx by Bethany W Pope

The Song of Syrinx

Once, the Great God Pan fell in love with a nymph.
Running to meet her (she was slender as a reed, 422 more words


Coping with Illness ...

I’m thinking if it’s time to do something drastic regarding my illness. I’ve been researching on Medical marijuana(Cannabis) I am straining to learn many things I can about the health benefits, along with following how and where it’s legal. 810 more words


From Rossini to Morris

The way I collect art is for most collectors of art so very random and non-specific. I do not search for works by an artist or visit galleries, or art auctions to collect but rely solely on people donating art pieces to charity.   427 more words


Syringomyelia Syrinx

I started doing physical therapy today. I’m compensated for it now, as I struggle to pen a blog.  Nonetheless, I had mentioned in the “About Me”  section of my illnesses, the really bad illness is the Syringomyelia (Syrinx). 363 more words