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Evaluation of Host Intrusion Detection Systems (HIDS)

Followed up with a test deployment and drive.

The best time to install a HIDS is on a fresh install before you open the host up to the internet or even your LAN if it’s corporate. 2,730 more words


Sharing uid to cope with inconsistent user and group names

One day you set up some service, for instance like this spam slayer setup. Later arises the situation when the distribution package use user account named X (for instance debian-spamd)  while you set up things to use another one (for instance Debian-exim). 54 more words


Setting up RBAC for IBM IHS

Setting up RBAC for IBM IHS on AIX / Running httpd as a non-root user on port 80

Here’s the procedure for running IBM HTTP Server as a non-root user on port 80… 172 more words



rtop merupakan tools untuk monitoring server yang bekerja melalui protokol SSH, tools ini tidak memerlukan menginstall software apapun di server yang ingin dimonitor. Untuk menjalankan rtop terlebih dahulu downloadlah sourcenya dengan menggunakan git clone… 127 more words


Enabling SSL in Nginx

Last year I quickly commented how to enable SSL on Apache. Now I’ll do the same for Nginx, which has been my primary HTTP server choice since then, BTW. 86 more words


Changing Ubuntu root password in VMWare

Steps to change root password of Ubuntu in VMware

  1. Reboot and press ‘Shift’ in order to get Grub
  2. When you are in Grub, choose ‘Advance’ and ‘Recovery mode’ respectively.
  3. 67 more words
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Scary times at the leap second lab

After one month spent on other high priority tasks it was about time to get back to the leap second lab. The fated day is coming and we need to have a strategy in place. 1,247 more words