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Configure network teaming on RH-7.1

Scenario :

Server : Dell Power Edge R730
OS : Red Hat 7.1
team version : 1.5.1

Team configuration

team2 device : em4 & p7p1… 432 more words


"Your password is too long" "It may only contain letters and numbers" - MilesWeb's affiliate program

Tried to sign up for the MilesWeb affiliate program and got these errors. http://ift.tt/2yUeiIB

Embarrassing. It's 2017 and they are a web hosting provider. This is not acceptable. 21 more words


Fuck Verizon Enterprise Services into the sun [Mostly a Rant, but also asking for suggestions]

So, I am writing this as rant mostly, but to also possibly see if anyone else has experienced something like this and has any options for recourse. 907 more words


That one folder called "public data exchange"

$company, where I work, has a set of folders where you can upload & share stuff, meant to be used to share data between departments if they do not have their own rights managed folders set up. 123 more words


[RANT] Disable "Access work or school" on Windows 10

So this is driving me nuts and I hope someone here can point me in the right direction.

I've been trying to figure out how to prevent users from registering their computers in "Azure AD", specifically the devices show up as "Azure AD registered" in Azure AD devices. 81 more words


[Rant?] The downside of automation

I've been asked to do a task that should theoretically take a dozen people a week to complete. I know the tricks, though. It took just under two hours, and that's because I only know where to find the information I need, but not whether I could modify it directly. 186 more words


What have I gotten myself into? [Mini-rant]

A few months back I made the decision to leave my cushy position at a large bank and take over as IT Manager of a smaller local bank. 507 more words