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Linux System Administrator Part 4

Part 4 of my Google+ Knowledge Base migration.  Not going to put tags in yet for quick links in the Content menu.  That’s a later project. 3,378 more words


Linux System Administrator Part 3

The third part to this series.  I expect around 15 parts looking at all the posts over the years.  Again for those who don’t know, these posts are from my Google+ account.  2,995 more words


Linux System Administrator Part 2

This is part two of my migration of links and articles collected over years on Google+.  I’ve looked at a number of alternate platforms, like diaspora, pluspora, MeWe, Mastodon but they all miss something.  3,255 more words


Linux System Administration Part 1

This Blog is part of the accumulated wealth of knowledge that I had collected from other Google+ Users.  This is my repository, my haven, for this knowledge as Google+ will cease to exist by Aug 2019. 2,762 more words


Allow a user to execute xp_cmdshell without being a sysadmin


Last 22th September I had the great pleasure to participate as a speaker in SQL Saturday #722 in Lisbon, where I presented a few demos regarding Permissions Management! 1,856 more words

PHP 7 via REMI

chgrp -R nginx /var/opt/remi/php70/lib/php


Using Azure Blob Storage as a highly-available CDP and AIA location for your internal PKI

I inherited a Windows PKI setup that had the Root CA installed on a Windows Server 2008 R2 Domain Controller, with the root certificate signed with a SHA1 hash… 772 more words