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How to backup MBR and restore

BACKUP – dd if=/dev/hda /of=mbr.backup bs=1 count=512
RESTORE – dd if=mbr.backup of=/dev/hda


Displaying Windows server proxy settings

Usually Windows server proxy settings can be retrieved from Internet Explorer options.
From Powershell, they can be also retrieve with this command line :

netsh winhttp show proxy


Not a VMware boot bank.

This error can pop up when rebooting an ESXi host.

Make sure there is no hardware failure at the USB module level by reinstalling ESXi. 14 more words


Ubuntu 16.04 LTS

For those who uses an Ubuntu server 14.04 LTS, you will be able to move forward… To the 16.04 LTS. Quite easily.

You will be able to move from the old 14.04 to the new 16.04 in the next days (when the version 16.04.1 will be out, it is planned for July 21). 297 more words


Managing Servers 

Not really Powershell (but there is a cool script to build your rdg in the gallery) but part of the daily system administration process,  connecting to servers via RDP. 148 more words


Problematic passwords

How can you convince someone that passwords are bad?

  1. Tell them to google poor passwords. Even better lmgtfy. Though I assume you want to keep being their friend.
  2. 184 more words

Unix/Linux SysAdmin Tutorials

As part of their celebration of SysAdminDay coming up on July 29, Linux Foundation Training  will email you a different eBook tutorial each week over the coming 22 weeks. 58 more words