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Install Apache-2.4.25 and php-7.10 from source Centos-6.8

In this post we will see how to install Apache-2.4.25 and php7.1 from source on Linux CentOS-6.8_x86_64, also work on CentOS-7.x
Why choose install from source ? 460 more words



yum install yum-security
yum info-sec

yum -y update --security

Remove package and all of its configuration files:

for package in package1 package2 package3
 echo "removing config files for $package"
 for file in $(rpm -q --configfiles $package)
 echo " removing $file"
 rm -f $file
 rpm -e $package

[WriteUp] RingZer0Team CTF - SysAdmin Level 2

Yosh, sekarang kita bahas Challenge RingZer0Team Online CTF – SysAdmin Level 2

Mirip dengan Challenge level 01 , tetapi yang kita cari adalah user “architect” 77 more words


[WriteUp] Ringzer0Team CTF - SysAdmin Level 1

Kali ini saya akan membahas Challenge Ringzer0Team Online CTF – SysAdmin Level 1

Langsung saja . Diawal kita diberikan challenge seperti ini :

Langsung saja masuk ke… 150 more words


Upvoted: 100 days of code anyone? via /r/sysadmin

100 days of code anyone?

Anyone here doing 100 days of code? I've just moved into a new role at work where among other things I'm doing partner integration POCs and additionally blogging more. 84 more words

MacOS, Beats and Graylog. Learning for better logging.


Until recently I’ve had to dump the entire syslog to the syslog server, now trying to  begin using Filebeat collector for macOS  and Graylog Elastic Beats Input Plugin which one can send a specific log or set of logs to a syslog server. 528 more words


2016 MacBook Pro thoughts

My greatly anticipated 15″ 2016 MacBook Pro (MBP) arrived right before Christmas. I couldn’t wait to try out the new features and haven’t been disappointed. Overall, I’m glad that I waited and that I decided to stick with Apple. 397 more words