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Getting OpenStack Tenant Info by Floating IP Address

When running a public cloud you sometimes need to obtain user or tenant information quickly based on their public IP address.  Here is a simple shell tool… 159 more words

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Make OpenStack Glance Images Accessible to Selective Tenants

Recently I needed to make a Glance image available to a specific user but not make it public.  In this example an image needed to be available only to the services tenant and owner.  499 more words

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Restrict resources for LXD containers

Restricting resource usage is done with profiles in LXD. There is a default profile that could be modified but it’s wise to create new profiles for specific use cases. 45 more words


[ClearOS] Patch Content Filter Warning Page for E2Guardian

If you following my previous tutorial for installing e2guardian in ClearOS you may face strage warning page when content filter detecting some block content, here’s some example. 84 more words

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[ClearOS] Increase Content Filter Performance Using E2Guardian

ClearOS 6 using dansguardian version 2.10 as it’s web content filter service, i’ve been faced dansguardian performance issue in large client usage event though Performance Level… 323 more words

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