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It is with great pleasure to announce that the Community run respin team has yet another Updated ISO round.  This round carries the 4.7.9-200 kernel along with over 800 MB of updates (avg,  some Desktop Environments more, some less) since the Gold release back in June. 670 more words


Tunnel only specific applications through VPN

A mission of trance

Say you are on a mission. A mission to spread your trance music. So you create a software for this trance mission. 421 more words


Challenge of Two Cases

Small and portable PCs are an attractive computing option. Unfortunately, they are at odds with much of the technical networking world. If you merely need one large graphics card or one beefy 10GbE networking card, you can get away with your MiniITX form factor system. 482 more words


lxc Remoting

  1. Set up network communications. This command binds the service to any IP address
    lxc config set core.https_address [::]:8443
  2. Set trust password
  3. 119 more words

Amazing Resources

My aim is to write many tutorials and guides myself, but I know I can’t cover everything. I’m learning something new every day (relevant XKCD… 297 more words


Using the netrc file for curl

Using a netrc file in curl is useful to avoid typing your password for each new request.

The syntax of your netrc file is as follows : 76 more words