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RANT - Scam callers from "Windows Technical Support"

A number of people at my work are getting bombarded with calls from "Windows Technical Support" claiming that they have "IP addresses on their computers that have been installed without their knowledge" and to uninstall it by running some command. 62 more words


IT rant

What do you do to instill self-sufficiency

Submitted May 23, 2018 at 02:14AM by markth_wi https://ift.tt/2GFa2je


Ansible & AWS Essentials

I promised in the past to try and delve into deeper Ansible topics and since we live in the world of the Cloud now and since AWS remains holding the largest market share in the world of public cloud, I thought of covering how Ansible automation can be helpful with managing AWS resources. 574 more words


Are you finally putting SharePoint out of it's misery?

EDIT: I should clarify, this post relates to SharePoint Online

I don't normally post anything work related to Reddit, but as working in IT we find ourselves perpetually at the end of our proverbial tethers. 484 more words


Horrible Boss of Past Job

I was reminiscing today about my luckily one truly horrible boss. Took the time to write it down so I can look back and appreciate how my career has progressed from that point. 712 more words


Why do ethics seem to be optional in this industry?

This is partly a rant, so if it's not in your interest I suggest skipping over it. It's going to have personal anecdotes in here that may or may not ring true to everyone's experience. 578 more words


Frustration (Rant)

Warning: General whining, pissing, and moaning ahead.

Today I drove the 30 minutes into my office to take an Online Proctored Microsoft Exam. I am greeted with this lovely message: 127 more words