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another #firstworldproblem where do i report that @twitter is down when @twitter is down ? @instagram ? #404 #fail

another #firstworldproblem where do i report that @twitter is down when @twitter is down ? @instagram ? #404 #fail


How I recovered an unbootable Linux server hosted in OVH/SoYouStart

My friend has a server hosted in SoYouStart, and suddenly the server went down and nobody knew why. He asked my helped to bring it back online. 259 more words


Converting all files to tab indentation from spaces

Tabs are clearly the one true indentation style, but when you create a new Ruby on Rails project it uses spaces, which could lead to a mish-mash of tabs and spaces in your project, not good! 51 more words


Cloning a linux drive

It’s easy to clone a linux drive to a new hd or ssd. One of the fastest ways is to create a clonezilla flash drive (see clonezilla.org), add your new drive to the system either via a usb sata adapter or plug the drive in your system, and then create and boot your clonezilla usb stick. 278 more words


Checking DNS records of a specific nameserver

I’m migrating a site from GoDaddy to HostGator (I personally would prefer to move over AWS but that’s the client’s choice in this specific case) and I wanted to get the IP of the new server on HostGator. 162 more words


How to fix the error "an authentication error has occurred(code 0x80004005)" when connecting through RDP.

Ever since the policy to disable TLS 1.0 was pushed down to the local machines, we started getting the error “an authentication error has occurred(code 0x80004005)”  when accessing few of our Windows 2008 R2 servers. 82 more words


virtualbox @zabbix appliance #sysadmin #netadmin

virtualbox @zabbix 4.0 LTS appliance #sysadmin #netadmin