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Have you Hugged A SysAdmin Today?

The last Friday in July is always System Administrator Appreciation Day. So, today is the day to thank those amazing men and women who keep us up and running at the office. 42 more words


5 Systems Admin relationship tips (so you’re on talking terms again)

If you’ve spent much time interacting with system administrators, you know how unlikely it would be for them to host a relationship-fixing TV show. Were they born like this, or did IT support requests just grind them into jaded powder? 625 more words


What you sound like to a Sysadmin

Sysadmin courtesy of Shutterstock

We all know that what we say is only a part of what we actually communicate.

Like a good doctor, a trained Sysadmin starts an assessment and diagnosis of your problem before you even reach their desk (and then, in some cases, come round the desk, lean over, read everything on the monitor and then touch it for no reason – you know who you are). 452 more words


Happy SysAdmin Day from GoToAssist

It’s 2 a.m. and you’re in a deep sleep dreaming about your vacation to Hawaii when, BAM, you’re rudely interrupted by your phone ringing.

You somberly answer the phone to find out what the big emergency is. 253 more words

IT Humor

Fixing privileges to mount USB Keys with polkit

After switching to Devuan, I got suddenly dolphin complaining that it cannot mount an USB Key. Since Devuan is back to polkit to get rid of systemd (but polkit is probably part of the problem too), … 37 more words


howo install #synergy-project keyboad and mouse sharing app on #ed/x/ubuntu

howo install synergy-project keyboad and mouse sharing app on ed/x/ubuntu

download deb from http://synergy-project.org/download/free/

aptitude does not let you install local debs and dkpg doesnt fix dependencies so either… 25 more words


Moving away from systemd with Devuan

A while ago, I was encouraging to give a try to systemd. Well, now I know better and decided to get away from this tool that clearly wants to replace many parts of my system at once. 171 more words