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Build your own Minecraft server in EC2 and a Raspberry Pi with Ansible

After a time working with Chef Server and taking advantage of a change of job where you had to start automating deployments and configuration management from scratch, I decided to work with  390 more words


Quick and Dirty Remote Execution with Ansible

Ansible is a wonderful tool for orchestration, configuration management and automating a lot of tasks you’d never want to do by hand.  Sometimes you just need to get in there and run a few commands across a bunch of different systems.  651 more words

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Correct Horse Battery Staple for PowerShell, AKA Random Memorable Password Generator

I’m a fan of using correcthorsebatterystaple.net for generating temporary passwords for users, rather than always using a static password. The site itself is a reference to the XKCD… 221 more words


How to migrate your existing Django project to Heroku

Recently I had some fun with Heroku, the well known PaaS provider. I had a small personal Django project I use for invoicing that I ran locally with ./manage.py runserver when needed. 687 more words


A Letter to Lenovo: Your Bloatware Brings My Piss to a Boil

(Note: before I get more complaints from sysadmins saying “WHY AREN’T YOU RE-IMAGING”, this is for a client, an imaging solution is on their roadmap, but for now they’re setting up their own laptops, so this is the hand I’m dealt.   689 more words

Automate 7 Days to Die Game Server Deployment with Ansible

7 Days to Die is an extremely fun apocalyptic zombie survival crafting game with much less emphasis on the crafting and more on survival.  It’s a cross between the good building aspects of… 278 more words

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Oracle Client...eh?

Jeez! My first post and I’m not even talking about SQL Server! What’s up with that??!

Well when you work in a heterogeneous environment you may be connecting your SQL Server to an Oracle database using a linked server object. 330 more words