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in #centos 6.x #percona 5.x #phpmyadmin 4.x reads config file from a new directory #dba #devops #sysadmin

in #centos 6.x #percona 5.x #phpmyadmin 4.x reads its config file from a completely different directory – it is no longer in the phpmyadmin code directory… 57 more words


Solving a permission problem when setting up Hadoop to support multiple users

And now for something completely different…

If you are setting up a Hadoop cluster for multiple users and run into the following error:

AccessControlException: Permission denied: user=John, access=EXECUTE…
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[Django] Exception AppRegistryNotReady

I Just migrate all projects application into Django version 1.8, all  django apps are migrated smoothly but there is an error in simple my script that using Django ORM (used for background tasks). 36 more words

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Morningchecks : a `dmesg` loop

Wrote a simple bash script to loop over a list of servers w/ IPs, ssh to each one and run `dmesg`, grepping for the current or current + last x days. 668 more words

MySQL - show process list and Kill Query

To show all running queries:

show processlist;


kill “number from first col”;

That it is. No need for Navicat or anything.

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Teste se o site está no ar com "Server is Down"

Fiz uma ferramenta para verificar o status do servidor web: http://www.serverisdown.com (Server is Down).
Com este testador é possível s aber se o servidor está fora do ar para todo mundo ou apenas para você, como no caso de um problema temporário de conexão com a rede.


Is 'sysadmin' role required for the SQL Server and SQL Server Agent Service Accounts?

Need to know if ‘sysadmin’ role is required for the startup account for SQL Server Service and the SQL Server Agent Service; And if so, what is the reason behind the requirement etc. 281 more words

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