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Fix Slow SFTP/SCP File Upload Rate and Stalling caused by TCP SACK

In brief, sometimes a conflict occurs between some firewalls and the TCP SACK. In my case, the upload was severely affected and reached upload speeds of a few kilobytes over a LAN! 84 more words


Using Odroid as IP Router

I purchased an Odroid-XU4 for ca. 80 EUR including power-supply and case from Pollin. The original manufacturer is hardkernel. I intended to use this small… 3,199 more words


HPOM (xpl-394) semget operation failed.

Creating directories under OvDataDir
Directory creation under OvDataDir completed.
Creating configuration files.
Updating XPL configuration.
(xpl-394) semget operation failed.
(RTL-28) No space left on device…

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Linux freeze on high memory consumption

Sometimes when working with virtual images, R or python, I can see that the memory load is really high and then the system becomes completely unresponsive. 984 more words