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Rudimentary compliance report for CFEngine

In CFEngine community you don’t have a web GUI with compliance report. You can get them via EvolveThinking’s Delta Reporting, but if you can’t for any reason, you need to find another way. 180 more words


Named Pipes with Putty and Tftp32 Syslog


  • Enable Syslog in Global tab of Admin Panel
  • Enable Forward msg to pipe Tftpd32Syslog on the SYSLOG tab.

Windows Powershell command to view created Named Pipes: 18 more words


hENC version 3 released

Today I am releasing the version 3 of hENC, the radically simple hierarchical External Node Classifier (ENC) for CFEngine (version 2 was released at the end of May and added support for data containers). 143 more words


General understanding of Syslog

What is Syslog and logging: Syslog is the client server protocol uses port 514 it can be configured to use TCP but basically it uses UDP and transfer logs in clear text.We can define logging as documenting and storing the triggered events in any technological environment. 509 more words


Plotting syslog events with Gnuplot

I posted about a syslog activity reporting script I wrote, it’s very useful as is but it could be improved by adding graphs to plot the timeline of each syslog event type. 304 more words


The leap second aftermath

The leap second is finally behind us, and for the first time it has been transformed in an event. That had the unfortunate consequence that many channels where useful information had flown in the previous events were now flooded with bullshit. 631 more words


Parsing json from syslog entries with logstash

A consequence of moving to Debian 8 (and hence systemd), is that all our log data now goes to syslog. So long logrotate!

It does however require a change to the way we filter them, once they’ve been aggregated: 116 more words