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Adding Networking Services to a VM and Integration with Junos

This post shows a guideline for basic installation of an Ubuntu VM in order to provide basic networking services like NTP, Syslog, RADIUS, FTP, and Cacti Monitoring server for Juniper SRX Router/Firewall. 954 more words


Splunk / Python Script / Syslog Demo Data

Officially now a Splunk Certified User: (Splunker!)

With that in mind I thought I’d create a demo script to load some log data into Splunk, this is to show the data and some charts. 418 more words


Monitor and troubleshoot VMWare ESXi through logs

I recently worked with Graylog and Grafana to collect, analyze and visualize VMWare ESXi logs. I’ve started a new page where I will collect all the search strings I have found useful. 22 more words


Perl to go

I have been using Perl for more than 20 years now, seen Perl 4 bow out and Perl 5 come in and develop in that fantastic language that has helped me uncountable times in my professional life. 2,194 more words


Lies, damn lies, and spammers in disguise

Everyone get so many unsolicited commercial emails these days that you just become blind at them, at best. Sometimes they are clearly, expressly commercial. Other times, they try to pass through your attention and your spam checker by… 1,124 more words


Syslog Ports

Don’t use default ports when you can avoid it. Audits love to harp on it. It’s the first thing a cracker is gonna check. Default ports often mean you left Splunk running as root too. 206 more words