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The leap second aftermath

The leap second is finally behind us, and for the first time it has been transformed in an event. That had the unfortunate consequence that many channels where useful information had flown in the previous events were now flooded with bullshit. 631 more words


Parsing json from syslog entries with logstash

A consequence of moving to Debian 8 (and hence systemd), is that all our log data now goes to syslog. So long logrotate!

It does however require a change to the way we filter them, once they’ve been aggregated: 116 more words


Scripting a syslog activity report in Bash

Keeping track of your logs is crucial, not just for troubleshooting. Knowing how many messages you receive of what type and severity will help you baseline your regular syslog activity. 2,377 more words


[Recommended Reading Material] syslog

Source: Syslog Wikipedia


In computing, syslog is a widely used standard for message logging. It permits separation of the software that generates messages, the system that stores them, and the software that reports and analyzes them.


syslog-ng | Cisco: Setting Up Remote Syslog To MySQL in Linux

syslog-ng | Cisco: Setting Up Remote Syslog To MySQL.We are all in the need of a good method of keeping track of our log messages. 26 more words

How to make CFEngine recognize if systemd is used in Debian

CFEngine 3.6 tries to understand if a Linux is using systemd as init system by looking at the contents of /proc/1/cmdline, that happens in… 166 more words