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What's new in RHEL7: The Journal

Applications and daemons in Linux will either send logs to syslog or write directly to log files (Apache does that). For years, various implementations of syslog (rsyslog, syslog-ng, sysklogd) have been the sole logging service. 266 more words


250 GB/day of logs with Graylog: The good, the bad and the ugly


  • Load Balancer: Load balancer for log input (syslog, kafka, GELF, …)
  • Graylog: Logs receiver and processor + Web interface
  • ElasticSearch: Logs storage…
  • 2,017 more words

cfengine-tap now on GitHub

Back from the holiday season, I have finally found the time to publish a small library on GitHub. It’s called cfengine-tap and can help you writing TAP-compatible tests for your CFEngine policies. 85 more words


How to make Apple Airport wifi routers do remote logging.

This is a blog not related to Oracle products in any way.

Remote logging.
This post is specific to apple Airport Extreme and Express wifi routers. 501 more words

Part 2: Message Routing Framework (MRF)

I wanted to titled this post with a interesting subject but decided against getting too creative in case mislead any casual reader who wanted to get right down to business! 559 more words


Rsyslog to clean up /var/log/messages

Situation: Not all applications and utilities have been developed to log their messages intelligently or to their own location.

Complication: This can lead to logging bloat, especially for messages that are purely informational and noisy. 140 more words

New leap second at the end of the year

A new leap second will be introduced at the end of 2016. We have six months to get ready, but this time it may be easier than before as several timekeeping software have implemented some “leap smear” algorithm, which seems to be a very popular approach nowadays; e.g.: … 225 more words