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vSphere 6 Dump / Syslog Collector: PowerCLI Script

This is a quick update for a post I previously wrote on configuring vSphere 5 Syslog and Network Dump Collectors. You can find it here… 617 more words


Using PowerCLI to change the Syslog server for your ESX host.

I recently discovered SexiLog to use with VMware ESX host.  I needed a quick and easy way to change where the ESX host sent there logs to.   75 more words

Rsyslog - Store and Forward messages to other hosts

One of the problems I encountered in my job is to get syslog (udp/514) logs from a server that support only one syslog destination and resend these logs to two or more servers (log archiving, security appliance etc). 307 more words


graylog2 server not listening on ports 514 and 12201

I have managed to get the graylog2 server  v1.2.2 running with their virtual appliance.

Everything seems to work just fine, except that the graylog server instance… 137 more words


Recipe: rsyslog + Kafka + Logstash

This recipe is similar to the previous rsyslog + Redis + Logstash one, except that we’ll use Kafka as a central buffer and connecting point instead of Redis. 916 more words


Rsyslog quick configuration

Hi there,

Rsyslog provides a logging daemon on our Linux system to catch different events in a organized manner as well providing a way to send/receive these logs to/from a remote machine which can be used for example for logs aggregation on our network. 577 more words