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Lies, damn lies, and spammers in disguise

Everyone get so many unsolicited commercial emails these days that you just become blind at them, at best. Sometimes they are clearly, expressly commercial. Other times, they try to pass through your attention and your spam checker by… 1,124 more words


Syslog Ports

Don’t use default ports when you can avoid it. Audits love to harp on it. It’s the first thing a cracker is gonna check. Default ports often mean you left Splunk running as root too. 206 more words

Pexip RP send logs to remote syslog server

rsyslog is an application that allows for local logs on the RP to be sent to another host for log consolidation. Below is a procedure that I have used to send logs from a Pexip RP to a remote syslog destination. 202 more words


Centralize your logs on the cheap on obsolete systems

This is a tale about what you should never do, but you are often forced to do in this time and age.

I’ll explain the technical solution and then tell the story for some context. 293 more words


A Django project template for a RESTful Application using Docker

I used what I learn and some decisions to create a template for new projects. Part of software development is mainly plumbing. Laying bricks together and connecting parts so the important bits of software can be accessing. 3,080 more words


How To Setup a CentOS 7 Syslog Server

Today we learn how to build a syslog server.  Having a couple SuperMicro Builds, Switches and Firewalls, I want to be able to know what is going on by looking at one central source.   352 more words

Dropped Calls at 10 min with Skype for Business SIP trunk. (& what is SIP ALG?)

The case of the dropped call at the 10 min mark:

We have a SIP trunk provider that due to their implementation of RFC requirements, send down a Re-Invite packet at the 10 minute mark. 1,084 more words

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