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Scary times at the leap second lab

After one month spent on other high priority tasks it was about time to get back to the leap second lab. The fated day is coming and we need to have a strategy in place. 1,247 more words


PowerCLI A Syslog Server To All ESXi Hosts In vCenter

I was recently tasked with configuring all ESXi hosts within a number of vCenter environments to use a Syslog Server.  Each of these environments contained numerous clusters and ESXi hosts.   570 more words


Wheezy and the leap second: a mystery?

Yesterday I reported about Debian Wheezy stepping back one second, despite the settings in ntpd prohibiting step changes and the leap second not armed in the kernel. 117 more words


How to remote syslog in Linux (using rsyslog)

rsyslog is an open-source implementation of syslog protocol / rfc3164 and extends it with content-based filtering, rich filtering capabilities, flexible configuration options and adds features such as using TCP for transport. 305 more words

The leap marathon has started

No, I’m not going to run 42 kilometres jumping :-) I’ve started my leap second tests today. The goal of the tests is to find a configuration, or a procedure, or both, to avoid a backwards step of the clock at the insertion of the leap second at the end of June 30th (UTC). 217 more words


Free Sexilog to view the Syslog and Events

Great tool for free and I will explain the basic configuration and the Installation part of the Sexilog.

Download the SexiLog from


Deploy the Appliance in to the vCenter. 103 more words



logger コマンドの1024バイト制限

$ cmd | logger というように、コマンドの出力結果を logger コマンド経由で syslog 出力することがある。
極稀に syslog のメッセージが途切れているという事象があり、調べてみると logger コマンドは 1024 バイトまでしか出力できないようにハードコードされているとわかる。

1024 バイト制限は “RFC 3164 : The BSD syslog Protocol” に起因していて 528 more words