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Mount an ISO File in Linux

You do not need to burn an ISO file into a CD before you can use it for its intended purposes. A simple command like this can allow you to see and execute the content in the ISO file… 10 more words

System Administration

LPI Certification Level 1 Exam 101

Out of pure interest and curiosity, I have decided to pursue theĀ LPIC-1: System Administrator certification by the Linux Professional Institute (LPI). In this post, I would like to share more about the exam, and the resources I have used to prepare. 528 more words

System Administration

Connect AX client to specific AOS Server

See the below 2 min video for steps to create an AX client config for connecting to a specific AOS server.

AX 2012

Does all linux users are present on /etc/passwd?

There is one user “user1” which I cant find in /etc/passwd but I can execute cmds like

$touch abc
$chown user1 abc
$su user1

These command runs fine, but if I try to chown to some really nonexistent user these… 66 more words


Force DNS Lookup Over Windows VPN Connection

A common problem with Remote Access VPN connections is how to force DNS name resolution across the VPN tunnel. With Windows you will likely need to modify the Windows DNS Client behavior by changing the Network Interface Binding Order (older versions of Windows), or Network Interface Metric (Windows 10). 215 more words

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SystemD Script Example

This example shows a shell script that can be called in a SystemD service and how to setup the service itself. For CentOS, SystemD was introduced in CentOS 7.0 and represents a change from the way services were managed before (init.d). 527 more words


Splunk's data analytics gets a security boost with $350 million acquisition of Phantom Cyber

The data analytics service provider Splunk is giving itself a security upgrade with the $350 million cash and stock acquisition of the security automation technology developer, … 333 more words