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Xvnc versus X11vnc

What is the difference between Xvnc and X11vnc?

Xvnc: Is an X and VNC server at the same time. It is mainly used to run the X server on a virtual display, (in the absence of a physical one) and connect remotely to it with a VNC client/viewer. 44 more words

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Configure a local repository on Redhat Linux

Create a rhel package repository

Create a directory where packages will be stored:

# mkdir /repo

Two options: mount the distribution DVD or copy it into /repo. 109 more words

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Configure HTTP(web) on virtual host Redhat 7


Installation instructions
yum groupinstall -y "Web Server" 

Edit the /etc/hosts file and the ip address and fully qualified domain name of the server : 318 more words

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Systemd on Redhat Linux

The following example below will serve as a basic template to be later modified to suit your specific needs. In the example below we will check a disk space of a /home/ directory during a boot time and write a report to /root/ directory. 374 more words

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Architecting an Environment to Share and Collaborate with Jupyter Notebooks

Jupyter Notebooks are very useful for developing (and sharing) data analytics. In addition, its flexibility allows it to be used for much more than that – teaching materials, self-learning programming languages, and (re)publication of academic papers and ebooks are other interesting uses. 1,181 more words

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Bash 'help'

Some commands you type in the shell are actually not binaries but shell (bash for example) buitins. For example, “alias” is such an shell builtin. 141 more words


Hunting for processes holding network port

Many times, we may encounter certain errors within the application showing some strange errors with network issues. Like XAMPP showing error when apache is started complaining that the port is already in use. 175 more words

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