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HeadlessFabric: Super easy remote command execution and file transfer over SSH

Do you…

  • …perform automated/programmatic SSH commands/file transfers?
  • …need a reliable way to do so that won’t block or exit unexpectedly (the banes of automation)?
  • …want a side dish of super easy automatic parallel execution over SSH to multiple hosts?
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Fixed nameserver breakage on Linux desktop machine

The network configuration on the home desktop/server is unusual. It had previously been configured to share DNS records with another zone. Moreover, the wireless network is statically configured, because it only ever needs to connect to the home Wireless AP, and I want it to connect on boot, so that other hosts can connect in. 78 more words

System Administration

Public SharePoint Using Intranet Zone

Private SharePoint sites accessed via a short name like http://mysharepoint/ are automatically placed in the “Intranet” security zone by Internet Explorer. This allows Automatic Single Sign-On (SSO) with Windows Integrated Authentication for Domain Users on Domain Computers. 189 more words

System Administration

Installing Microsoft SQL Server Express

The idea behind the programming and educational portion of this blog is to have very brief sessions that convey a lot of information.  Bite size, five minute, educational blurbs.   160 more words


Setting up Kali 1.1.0 on the new Raspberry Pi 2

My new Raspberry Pi 2 arrived, and I wanted to install Kali on it. I was preparing to follow the steps of Richard Brain,  but before I started, the folks at Kali tweeted that there was now a… 771 more words