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Dell PERC / MegaRAID Disk Cache Policy

The Dell PERC (PowerEdge RAID Controller) cards provide a competitive server-based fault-tolerant storage solution. NOTE that Dell often quotes a server baseline configuration without any write cache on the RAID card – this makes the baseline config appear to be an attractive low price. 987 more words

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Mount CIFS Share on RHEL/CentOS

Some quick notes regarding mounting CIFS shares on RHEL and CentOS. Note that system-wide network filesystem mounts are typically specified in /etc/fstab and require supported kernel modules for compatible vfs filesystem types. 443 more words

System Administration

Red Hat Virtualization Technology


Hello guys…. finally I have decided to come with highly demanded technology in nowadays, that is Virtualization. So here we are going to start a new series for Red Hat Virtualization. 548 more words


The Significance of Administrator account in Windows Servers

It is critical that you protect the Administrator account in a manner that is suitable for your organization. The local Administrator account has complete control over your server, and the domain Administrator account has complete control over your network! 449 more words


Linux performance Monitoring Tools

There are a lot of tools used for monitoring the performance in Linux.

Here is the list of tools in one image that covers what is monitored by what.


"Arcturus" Partitioning Scheme

For Powerful New Workstation

Windows must be installed first, because the Windows installer wasn’t able to format anything and isn’t as smart as the Anaconda installer. 423 more words


Firefox Trusted Certificate Authorities (Windows Crypto API)

Windows versions of the Firefox browser have an independent certificate trust store and do not integrate with the native system cert trust infrastructure. This limitation applies to all Firefox versions up to and including 48. 142 more words

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