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How to Setup a Virtual Host on CentOS 7

In this article, I am going to show you how to set up a virtual host on CentOS 7.

Still writing though, it would be ready soon…..

CentOS 7

ScienceLogic acquires AppFirst to bolster its IT infrastructure monitoring service

IT monitoring specialist ScienceLogic┬átoday announced that it has acquired AppFirst, a service to give IT admins deeper visibility in what apps and services run across a company’s servers, virtual machines and cloud instances. 377 more words


Mounting file systems under a desktop environment in Linux

Under modern Linux desktop environments, file systems are automatically mounted under /media when you try to access them. 219 more words


Mounting file systems by label in Linux

The classic way to mount a file system in Linux (and UNIX-like systems) is to modify the /etc/fstab file 274 more words


SparkFlex launch script

In my last update, I wrote about what I call SparkFlex, a better way than my old method of launching Spark jobs on a Grid Engine based HPC cluster. 1,602 more words


Last In - First Out: Ad-Hoc Verses Structured System Management

This is a repost. This is an excellent list of all the operation areas that need to be well managed. The theme is: with automation, templates, and monitoring. 323 more words


Declarative primitives or mkdir -p for the cloud

After some positive feedback regarding the concept of declarative primitives I would like to elaborate about it.

Defining declarative primitives

Declarative primitives is just a description of existing techniques. 733 more words

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