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SparkFlex launch script

In my last update, I wrote about what I call SparkFlex, a better way than my old method of launching Spark jobs on a Grid Engine based HPC cluster. 1,602 more words


Last In - First Out: Ad-Hoc Verses Structured System Management

This is a repost. This is an excellent list of all the operation areas that need to be well managed. The theme is: with automation, templates, and monitoring. 323 more words



Silver Tech Gears Background. 3D Rendered Polished Metallic Gears Background

We are working on something awesome!

In the meantime, If you have ServiceNow questions or would like to request: 124 more words


Declarative primitives or mkdir -p for the cloud

After some positive feedback regarding the concept of declarative primitives I would like to elaborate about it.

Defining declarative primitives

Declarative primitives is just a description of existing techniques. 733 more words

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Why CloudFormation is better than Chef and Puppet

Strange comparison, I know.

Scripting vs declarative approaches

The aspect I’m looking at is scripting (aka imperative programming) vs declarative approach. In many situations I choose the scripting approach over declarative because the downsides of declarative approach outweigh the benefits in the situations that I have. 561 more words

System Administration

Perl CPAN Modules Offline Windows Install

Supporting some Perl users recently with the need to install Perl CPAN modules (like “Tk” GUI Tool Kit) on Windows without direct access for perl cpan command to connect to any CPAN mirror servers (firewall or other connectivity issue). 197 more words

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