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JIRA and Confluence Behind Apache SSL Reverse Proxy

This is just a quick note about running Atlassian JIRA and Confluence behind Apache HTTPD using the strong reverse proxy and SSL features of the full Apache web server. 169 more words

System Administration

Spanning files over multiple smaller devices

Imagine you are in Tasmania and need to move 35TB (1 million files) to S3 in the Sydney region. The link between Tasmania and continental Australia will undergo maintenance in the next month, which means either one or both: 534 more words

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IP conflict

I recycled one of the decommissioned server to use as a tested bed. All went well until I tried to access it. Server’s ssh kicked off intermittently. 131 more words

System Administration

Using Let's Encrypt manual mode

Let’s Encrypt is a service sponsored by web giants such as Facebook, Google Chrome, and Cisco (https://letsencrypt.org/). Let’s Encrypt has recently gone into public beta and is extremely easy to use. 386 more words


Python inserts data into mysql

A project involved importing hundred of lines of data from 3 columns(Name, Group, PID) of a regular file:  data.txt

Name    Group    Walltime    Status    PID      ….

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System Administration

Check RAM size, sticks, and slots

In Linux, checks RAM size and usage with command:


output something similar to this:

              total        used        free      shared  buff/cache   available
Mem:     16189436     3367076    10788544       78292     2033816    12314340…

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Secure LDAP with Active Directory

Microsoft Active Directory Domain Controllers (DCs) support secure LDAP connections on TCP ports 636 (non-global queries) and 3269 (global-catalog queries).

If you have an active Enterprise Root Certificate Authority in your domain, it will sign the domain controller LDAP certificate automatically using the built-in Domain Controller template. 400 more words

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