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ASP.NET Restrict to Active Directory Group in IIS 8.5

Here’s a short summary of steps to restrict access of an ASP.NET site to one or more specific Active Directory groups. The target environment is IIS 8.5 on Windows Server 2012 R2 – similar concepts may apply to other versions. 422 more words

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Convert Disk TB to File TB

You may have noticed that when you buy a hard disk or other storage media, the reported size is always greater than the size presented for file storage in your computer once the disk is connected and formatted for use. 251 more words

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Finding duplicate files and saving space in Unix filesytems

trimtrees.pl is a useful script to save space on unix file-systems. It works by looking at all the files in a list of directories and replacing duplicate files by hard linking to the first copy of the file. 195 more words


Expand zpool online Solaris

I have Solaris 11.1 runnning on SPARC T4-2, connected to SAN using powerpath. I want to expand an existing zpool without any downtime and loss of data. 307 more words

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High cpu load due to evince-thumbnailer

Recently I came across a situation where the process “evince-thumbnailer” got stuck with very a high cpu load (90%-100%). The amount of the load was observed using the System Monitor application. 82 more words

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Cannot remove homegroup icon from desktop windows 8

  1. a)  Press Win + R to open a run box.
    b) Type: regedit and hit Enter.
    c)  Navigate to:


         d) Find a folder (key) with the name {B4FB3F98-C1EA-428d-A78A-D1F5659CBA93}, this is the registry entry                                 Homegroup icon. 19 more words

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Remote Desktop Notes Server 2012 R2

Windows servers including 2012 R2 allow up to two simultaneous remote desktop administrative sessions without installing the Remote Desktop Services role.

Unfortunately the old GUI tool for managing Remote Desktop TCP connectivity has been removed in 2012 R2 and administrators are directed by Microsoft to use WMI command-line tools to change the RDP TCP certificate if needed. 96 more words

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