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Looking back at 2015...

So, the year 2015 is almost at its end. While I write this, I am already in my second week of my two week time off. 413 more words

System Center Configuration Manager

Reviewing the DataON Cluster-in-a-box 9224 (CiB-9224 V12) platform

Recently the company I work for became a partner in deploying DataON platform solutions together with the Dutch distributor of DataON. The distributor has the knowledge and experience with distributing hardware, but was looking for a partner to have them deployed to meet the needs of customers. 730 more words


SCOM custom event based rule to monitor Reboot, unexpected shutdowns and BSOD crashes

Ok the requirements are simple. We want to find out whenever a system is shutdown or rebooted. Both

  1. Planned / User driven
  2. and unplanned (BSOD crashes / power cuts)
  3. 228 more words

Live Maps Unity 7.5 with Operations Manager 2012: making dashboard views easier...

Recently Savision announced Live Maps Unity 7.5. Shortly after the announce I finally had some time left to have a look at it. One of my customers asked me to help the build a pristine OpsMgr 2012 R2 environment and they stated they already purchased Savision Live Maps as well. 632 more words

System Center Operations Manager

Updated SCOM Agent Installation and Reporting Script

I found the following Script: Installation and Reporting Script. I found that in a big environment there was no error checking for installation status. Also found few other issues with how the AD query was done. 1,003 more words

System Center Operations Manager

SCOM: Adding property bag values to custom alert description

For a property bag value named “PropertyBagValueName”

Label text: $Data/Context/DataItem/Property[@Name=’PropertyBagValueName’]$


SCOM monitor for monitoring services status and system drivers presence

Script for the monitor. Currently looking for Sophos antivirus service and system driver.

'Try with or without after you have tested outside of SCOM
On Error Resume Next
Dim oAPI, oBag
Dim StrMntrStatus
Set oAPI = CreateObject("MOM.ScriptAPI")
Set oBag = oAPI.CreatePropertyBag()
For testing
'strComputer = "xyz.domain.com"
'Monitor has to be set to receive DNS name as 1st parameter
strComputer = WScript.Arguments(0) 
strrslt = "" ' String for debugging info
strSvcPresent = "No"
strSvcStatus = "None"
strSysDriverPresent = "No"
Set objWMIService = GetObject("winmgmts:\\" & strComputer & "\root\cimv2")
Set colItems = objWMIService.ExecQuery("Select * from Win32_SystemDriver where Name='vsepflt'",,48)
'wscript.echo TypeName(colItems)
if not isempty(colItems) then
 For Each objItem in colItems
 strSysDriverPresent = "Yes" 
 'wscript.echo strrslt
 'wscript.echo "Driver not installed"
end if
set colItems = Nothing
Set colItems = objWMIService.ExecQuery("Select * from Win32_Service where Name='SavService'",,48)
For Each objItem in colItems
 strSvcPresent = "Yes"
 'strSvcStatus = objItem.Status
 strSvcStatus = objItem.State
strrslt = strrslt & vbcrlf & "strComputer: " & strComputer
strrslt = strrslt & vbcrlf & "strSysDriverPresent: " & strSysDriverPresent
strrslt = strrslt & vbcrlf & "strSvcPresent: " & strSvcPresent
strrslt = strrslt & vbcrlf & "strSvcStatus: " & strSvcStatus
Set objWMIService = Nothing
set colItems = Nothing
Call oBag.AddValue("Computer",strComputer)
Call oBag.AddValue("SysDriverPresence",strSysDriverPresent)
Call oBag.AddValue("SvcPresent",strSvcPresent)
Call oBag.AddValue("SvcStatus",strSvcStatus)
 if ((strSvcPresent="Yes" and strSvcStatus="Running") or strSysDriverPresent="Yes") then
 Call oBag.AddValue("Status","OK")
 StrMntrStatus = "OK"
 elseif strSvcPresent="Yes" and strSysDriverPresent="Yes" then
 Call oBag.AddValue("Status","Warning")
 StrMntrStatus = "Warning"
 Call oBag.AddValue("Status","Bad")
 StrMntrStatus = "Bad"
 end if
Call oBag.AddValue("MntrStatus",StrMntrStatus)
strrslt = strrslt & vbcrlf & "StrMntrStatus: " & StrMntrStatus
wscript.echo strrslt
Call oAPI.Return(oBag)