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Gartner releases new quadrant of Hypervisors x86

Gartner has released in the middle of last month the new quadrant of hypervisors x 86.

In relation to the previous quadrant highlights the gap between VMWare and Hyper-V compared to other products… 57 more words

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Powershell command to show names of all machines in SCOM

Simple one-liner, very helpful though!

Import-Module OperationsManager; Get-SCOMGroup -DisplayName “All Windows Computers” | Get-SCOMClassInstance | sort DisplayName | FT DisplayName

This will output just the names of all machines in the “All Windows Computers” group, you can change that name to output the machine names of any other group as well.

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Server 2012 R2 "does not have a network adapter available to create a virtual switch" when configuring VDI

I recently ran into this issue when doing an all-in-one VDI install, on top of a server that had been used for other things in the past. 181 more words


Simply find the activity modified dates

Today i try to find the review activity approval dates.

to find the dates i search internet a little bit and i have found below script… 39 more words

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SCOM custom web console examples

For me, the presentation layer is always the most important in any monitoring solution. Besides digesting alerts, I’d look for something that gives a ‘big picture’ view (or at least, as big a picture as is relevant for the operations team). 573 more words

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SCCM with 100% USB/Mobile Device storage security

Security Removable Media Manager (secRMM) is Windows security software that audits and authorizes write activity to storage devices that connect using the USB port.  239 more words


SCCM Collection Query for all Workgroup Machines

Nothing too special about this post, just a query statement. Use this query in an SCCM collection and it will give you all WORKGROUP machines. 52 more words

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