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The Perfect PowerShell Script

  1. Set-UserCredentials
  2. Connect-VMHost
  3. Create-VMGroup
  4. Configure-ActiveDirectory
  5. Leave-ObsoleteADObjectsIntactForWayTooLong
  6. Add-TooManyUsersToAdminSecurityGroups
  7. Create-WayTooManyGPOsWithOverlappingSettings
  8. Create-CustomServiceAndUserAccountsAndGroups
  9. Install-CMPrerequisites
  10. Install-SQLServerUsingImproperDriveAllocations
  11. Ignore-SQLServerSettings
  12. Install-CMPrimarySite
  13. Install-CMSecondarySiteWhenDPorMPwouldWorkJustFine
  14. Configure-CMSiteHierarchy
  15. Configure-CMDiscoverySettings
  16. Configure-CMSiteBoundariesAndBoundaryGroups
  17. Configure-CMClientSettings
  18. Deploy-CMClientSettings
  19. Deploy-CMClients
  20. Ignore-CMStatusLogs
  21. Ignore-CMMaintenanceTasks
  22. Ignore-SQLServerMaintenancePlanBenefits
  23. Wait-ForCMCrash
  24. Listen-ToTechsBitching
  25. Escalate-ToManagement…
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SCOM 2016 - What's New UNIX/Linux Series: Monitors and Rules Running (Any) Script e.g. Perl

One new feature I am very excited about is to run any sort of script on the UNIX/Linux agent. In SCOM 2012 R2 you had the option to run shell commands for performance rules and monitors. 528 more words


Turn SCCM SQL Queries into Web Reports

The goal of this exercise is to add custom reports to your Configuration Manager site so you can dazzle executives while you sneak out the door.   1,473 more words


SCOM 2016 – What’s New UNIX/Linux Series: File System Discovery e.g. Exclude /tmp

A little pain in SCOM 2012 R2 was, that as soon you installed the UNIX/Linux management packs for your distribution all UNIX/Linux folders were discovered on the file system. 207 more words


How to get a detailed list of all your Configuration Manager Deployments using Powershell

In this blog I will show you step by step how to quickly get a detailed list of all your Configuration Manager deployments, output in Excel table format, including the following details… 156 more words

ConfigMgr & InTune

Configurar RunAs Account para Sistemas UNIX/Linux en SCOM

En la gran mayoría de los datacenter existen Servidores que no son Windows Server y que desempeñan funciones críticas dentro del Desarrollo del negocio. Es por esto que System Center Operations Manager viene preparado para monitorear Sistemas que no son Microsoft. 594 more words


SCOM 2016 - What's New UNIX/Linux Series: Agent Task Running Script e.g. Perl

I assume you are familiar with creating SCOM tasks and you know there are tasks that are executed on the SCOM console side (console task) and such that are executed on the agent (agent task). 179 more words