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Julia A. Morris

Title: Office Manager of Human Resources
Company: Weaxon LLC
Location: Fort Wayne, IN United States

Julia Morris is the manager of human resources for the system engineering consulting company, Weaxon LLC. 187 more words


System Engineering Fundamentals: System Engineering Work products

System Engineering Work products

A SE work product is the output from the systems engineering activities. This may be files, documents, services, processes which are used during the SE activities regardless of whether delivered or not, whether or not part of system. 183 more words

System Engineering

System Engineering Fundamentals: Software Development Life Cycle

Accept my apologies as I am busy with my on-going projects. We will have discussion on Software Development Life Cycle. We may come across a lot of development cycles, but we will discuss the below mention in our today’s blog. 255 more words

System Engineering

System Engineering Fundamentals: Project Life Cycle

In today’s blog, we will have an overview of  Project life cycle.

Baseline of the Project Life cycle is the signed contract of the project .That contract will define the complete Life cycle of the project such as project design, project deliverable, key milestones and schedule for the complete project. 176 more words

System Engineering

System Engineering Fundamentals: System Life Cycle

According to View point three life cycles interest the System Engineer.

System Life Cycle:

From initial step to disposal of the system.

Project Life Cycle: 229 more words

System Engineering

System Engineering Fundamentals For Beginners

We can’t describe the systems engineering fundamentals without being sure that we have same vocabulary particularly for the words System, Systems Engineering and  Architecting.

System… 407 more words

System Engineering

System Thermal Challenges

I’ve worked on two very different thermal design challenges over the past year. When working with any challenging system engineering problem, one key is to have a basic model to understand and communicate the problem clearly among the different disciplines that will be working together to solve the problem. 745 more words

Systems Engineering