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Five critical parameters in Industrial Control Systems

There are five categories involved in integrating different Industrial control systems. Control systems integration is fundamental to Industrial Automation. In fact, control system integrator provides maximum value to the client by designing the system following these parameters including higher levels of control that manage personnel, materials, and equipment across all factory production areas. 248 more words


Apache Kafka Ideas - Part 3

Consumer Groups

So far the following ideas have been introduced: topic, message, partition, producer, consumer and broker. By now, you should understand how Kafka stores messages on disk using commit log, topics and partitions. 941 more words


Apple has hired tech team from data science startup SVDS

Apple has made a quiet but interesting move in its longer-term strategy around courting more business from enterprises. The company has hired the tech team — at the least 18 people, including at least two co-founders, one of whom is the CEO — from… 978 more words


Don’t Let the Theory Wonks Slow Down the Progress of Healthcare Simulation

Those of us in the simulation community know well that when used appropriately and effectively simulation allows for amazing learning and contributes to students and providers of healthcare improving the craft. 607 more words


Apache Kafka Ideas - Part 2

The Topic, the Message and the Partition

Traditional messaging patterns: message queue and publish – subscribe, have some limitations as a result of their design. 463 more words


Apache Kafka Ideas - Part 1

What Apache Kafka is?

Apache Kafka can be thought of as a message broker. It has the following characteristics:


Benefits of System Integration Services

Benefits of System Integration Services

System Integration is the foremost factor to enable consistent productivity in most of the business organizations around the globe. Several growth initiatives and plans designed for achieving business targets need the complete support of system integration. 379 more words