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Philosophy and the System of Thought

Philosophers are often seen as people who sit around and think all day. And, I guess having studied them, I couldn’t argue totally against that fact. 425 more words

Thoughts About Life

What do we really learn from yoga?

We have to respect our starting point as well as where we want to go.  It is based on the individual — Krishnamacharya


Some of you may know that I’m all signed up to participate in a Yoga Therapy training program in the tradition of Sri T. 765 more words


Knowledge Without Understanding

It seems that we have an addiction to knowledge without an interest in understanding. We go to conferences and seminars but we return home and little ever changes. 768 more words

Reality Check


I vow to never

be so committed

to a system of thought —

be it religion,

science, or otherwise —

that it would prevent me

from recognizing

the truth.