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Wisdom is the ability to hold two conflicting truths in your mind at the same time, without budging

This morning on Radio France Internationale I listened to a story on child abuse by catholic priests in Canada. And I heard myself thinking: “Well, no wonder, if you create a system where critizising the authorities is considered blasphemy and at the same time forbid these authorities from having healthy adult relationships… It’s no surprise that in a system like that you have a lot of abuse of the weakest parties and that it will be easy to cover this up for decades.” But then, at the same time, I thought: “Wait, are you saying it’s not the priests fault? 346 more words

Personal Development

Maya-New to the system

I am Maya and I am 13. I am here for one reason and one reason only. I am here to help us to cope. We’ve been badly triggered. 218 more words


jaime talking

i am new i am jaime i am 10 years old i just came tonight i am here to not remember i dont remember any abuse i dont even remember our family our real family in my mind our foster mom is our real family she is my mom my real mom isnt my mom at all i never knew her it is my job to love my foster mom and act like her daughter and it is also my job to not remember the bad stuff to just know that stuff happened in the past but to not have any memories of it i think the system needed someone to be able to go on to not remember to just be void of the memories and stuff so we can function better than we have been i know some stuff i know about some of the insiders i dont know all of them i know april and taylor and taryn and i have seen ali too but she is in her room now i think she is thinking about things i better take us to bed it is late past 4 am



non-human alters and whether it's DID or a case of lying for attention

Okay, guys. I feel like a turd for suggesting that some people lie about multiplicity when I am struggling with this condition and don’t want to be called a liar. 1,444 more words

Hats Post

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Inner world talk

In our system, we have lights, darks and neutrals. Lights are those insiders who work for the good of the body and the good of the system in general. 263 more words

Dissociative Identity Disorder

Multiples inside multiples?

Recently, a new insider was created inside of me. Her name is Jaelyn Rae. She is 13 years old. Ok so, in our system, we have insiders who have their own insiders, so, yes, multiples inside a multiple, so ok, Shirleys our host, and then, I Carol anne, Allie, Darina, Lexi, Erika, Amy all have insiders. 175 more words

Dissociative Identity Disorder

Questions on os structure

1. What is microkernel?
__ As os expanded new modules were incresingly being added to it. It resulted in difficult management of os. So microkernel approch came in. 69 more words