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Exploring a dark forest

Most users of FSX will likely find all of this information superfluous. They will migrate from Windows 7/MS-FSX to Windows 10/FSX-SE or to entirely different simulation platform(s). 953 more words

Struggle dawns passion

the machine loosens
its grip on the child
and the blood seeps freely
in between the gaps

Reason and passion wage a war
filling this sack of mine… 31 more words


Reverse Osmosis Filtration System Provides Dentists with Pure Water

Another drawback is the cost of purchasing dionized water, which can be rather steep owing to the specialized process involved. Since the water is usually delivered in bulky bottles, one also has to sacrifice office space to store them. 70 more words


Credibility and connection: personality theory

It really infuriates me when people dismiss a topic out of hand. It often happens when I mention something I believe in that is slightly off the beaten track, and whoever I’m talking to gets the smug look on their face that precedes their making a definitive statement about a topic they know almost literally nothing about. 1,089 more words


KUBUS - Modular Storage Seating System

A versatile system that can support human weight while store or display objects which will also fit and maximize almost any space.

Problem Statement

The continuous urban population growth causes the rise in property rate and resulting in smaller living space for many households. 154 more words


3rd year student of Bachelor's Degree Electronic System Engineering


selawat dan salam keatas junjungan besar Nabi Muhammad S.A.W, syukur tak terhingga kepada Ibu yang tersayang. Tanpa kasih dan sayang mana mungkin dapat sampai ketahap ini. 223 more words