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Mediacybernetics tools - emergence

W. James Potter, 2012

Spencer A Rathus, 2004

Wikipedia, 2015

If people did not share meaning, communication would not be possible. That’s why the most important is to consider how the humans process meaning from media messages. 423 more words

New Economy

HR System

Behind the grid what did we find? We found a complex HR system designed to understand human abilities through keywords versus direct contact.

An Struggling Indian Student

Is There anyone who Love this Lucid Education system ?

We Indians, We are really sick of working hard, as we always want to move upward (LoL), Forget this …!!! 236 more words



I am a dynamic loop

a loop that nature enacts
through me
to the extent I let it

a loop that projects the real into novel trajectories… 9 more words