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Hard copies of files are stored with established rules, yet very few organisations have policies for naming and storage of electronic files. Everybody stores and names files on their PC as per their understanding, which is okay as long as the files are used frequently by just a single person.

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ระบบสุริยะของเรา ...ฉบับง๊ายง่าย (เอาไว้เล่าให้เด็กช่างถามฟัง)

ดูไว้ตอบคำถามเด็กๆ กันค่ะ … ดูก่อนซักรอบแล้วชวนลูกดูด้วยกันอีกที หรือจะเล่าให้ลูกฟังแบบคูลๆ ก็ได้นะคะ อิอิ

…เจ้าลูกชายที่บ้านชอบมากค่ะ ดูแล้วก็เกิดคำถามต่อๆๆ เยอะแยะ ชอบมากเลยค่ะ


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NOW HIRING: Panera Bread Hiring for Its Delivery Service

Panera Bread will add 10,000 jobs to its delivery service, which it plans to have at 35% to 40% of its locations by the end of 2017, the chain said Monday. 171 more words


Natural Vitiligo Treatment System™ - The ...

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Eggvanced Skin Therapy System

(3) Piece HealFast Skincare starter kit contains cleanser, eye cream and day cream. With Ovasome Technology to nourish and rebuild collagen.

Setting up the Owl System with user's in mind (Interactions)

Hello World!

As part of the project we have now considered what kind of sensor system which might be handy to make the concept “The Owl” feasible and useful for hearing aid user’s. 263 more words