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Will your installation work without dbus? by: Anti-DBus

Remove DBus, ConsoleKit, PolicyKit, PAM, new udev, systemd, freedesktop cancer

by: Anti-DBus

Greetings. I have completed a successful DBus removal. Stragglers were ghostscript-gpl, which was removed, cups, which was also removed and all the dependent programs recompiled to live without it, changing it for lprng (the old Berkeley printer spooler, updated), barring icedtea-bin, which was changed to icedtea and built without any build time dependency, sgt-puzzles (removed), winetricks (sadly removed), qtwidgets (all the programs that needed it were recompiled to not to), qtbittorrent (changed for rtorrent as rutorrent has php and bloat), libreoffice (changed for openoffice-bin, as amazingly it doesn’t have need for dbus or even GTK3; it was chosen to avoid sketchy Chinese poor support and paid support office suites such as WPS and Softmaker), notification-daemon (I actually never used it for anything, ever, as redshift pops up its icon without a notification), nvidia-drivers (recompiled without tools), and such. 724 more words

Systemd-Free Linux

Search term that lead someone to sysdfree (this site)

In most cases there is not much to talk about.  The vast majority is people seeking information on distributions that use init systems other than systemd.  661 more words

Systemd-Free Linux

Void musl - how does it compare with glibc

After our previous week’s test of Alpine linux and the impression of its simplicity and high speed, we decided to give a group test on the Void linux with musl.  359 more words

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Obarun on the Linux Hall of Fame (distrowatch)

Obarun is now portrayed in Distrowatch

Obarun seems to have started back in the summer of 2015, so it is nearing three years of age, but few people know about it.  543 more words

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sysdfree call for opinions and suggestions

I can say I am slightly disillusioned by the whole process and the sporadic approaches to make pockets of linux autonomous from systemd dominance.  With the bright exception of seeing Obarun remaining successful and tightly holding to its principles, heading towards the goal without concessions and reductions, while its approaching induction in the unix hall of fame (distrowatch) I have very little to cheer for. 512 more words

Systemd-Free Linux

Fragmentation of the anti-systemd front

Having a place as neutral ground to discuss openly and rationally what the obstacles are in giving linux users back the liberty that has abruptly been taken away (by… 1,262 more words

Systemd-Free Linux

kernelKurtz: What’s up with the hate towards Freedesktop?

kernelKurtz, aka kK, has been a supporter and contributor of this site since its inception.  This came as a comment to an article by FigOSdev on dbus… 365 more words

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