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Obarun on the Linux Hall of Fame (distrowatch)

Obarun is now portrayed in Distrowatch

Obarun seems to have started back in the summer of 2015, so it is nearing three years of age, but few people know about it.  543 more words

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sysdfree call for opinions and suggestions

I can say I am slightly disillusioned by the whole process and the sporadic approaches to make pockets of linux autonomous from systemd dominance.  With the bright exception of seeing Obarun remaining successful and tightly holding to its principles, heading towards the goal without concessions and reductions, while its approaching induction in the unix hall of fame (distrowatch) I have very little to cheer for. 512 more words

Systemd-Free Linux

Fragmentation of the anti-systemd front

Having a place as neutral ground to discuss openly and rationally what the obstacles are in giving linux users back the liberty that has abruptly been taken away (by… 1,191 more words

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kernelKurtz: What’s up with the hate towards Freedesktop?

kernelKurtz, aka kK, has been a supporter and contributor of this site since its inception.  This came as a comment to an article by FigOSdev on dbus… 365 more words

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FigOSdev takes back what he said about Dbus

Maybe I Take Back What I Said About Dbus       by FigOSdev

Despite what I’ve said about worrying about Bus1 (I’m not worried) I’m increasingly of the opinion that getting rid of Dbus or making it easier to remove is a good idea. 1,353 more words

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Steve Litt's: Init System Feature Matrix - Init System Features and Benefits

With all respect to Steve Litt and his detailed analysis and scrutiny of what is what in init systems, and with respect to copyrights and licensing of republishing his work, it is done purely with respect that this work is too precious to just vanish from the net.  4,784 more words

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Should We Rank Systemd-free Distros By Their Success In That Very Thing?

Adapted from a post on the new forum: https://nosystemd.icyboards.net 
<by FigOSdev>

Ranking systemd-free distros by how much they have managed to remove systemd doesn’t seem like a crazy idea to me at all. 995 more words

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