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Systemic Injustice, Particular Punishment

The real enemy, according to most progressive critical thought, is not overt racism, sexism, etc. Such are easily noticed and relatively easy to deal with. The real enemy is systemic injustices. 978 more words


Marijuana Dispensaries: The New Liquor Stores?

As so often happens, I was reading an article in the Metro Times, one which advocated for marijuana dispensaries as legal business within the city of Detroit (and Michigan, in general).  562 more words

How to talk to your parents about police brutality.

Ever since Ferguson, I’ve been hopeful that we’re living in a historical turning point.  I keep thinking and hoping the greater culture is finally going to open up a bit, to acknowledge systemic oppression.   814 more words

Chains & Forge by Laurie Halse Anderson

Okay so I just discovered that Laurie Halse Anderson is actually NOT an author of color. She’s the author of Speak (I haven’t read it) as well as Chains (just read it) and Forge (just bought it). 165 more words

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Author I Need to Read - Alma Flor Ada

I remember her coming to TCRWP when I worked there to do a PD on My Name is Maria Isabel. It’s about a young girl whose teacher tells her there are too many Marias in the class. 9 more words

Authors Of Color

The Jacket by Andrew Clements

This book is possibly best described by the author’s words “If a white kid grows up in the majority culture in America, sooner or later there will come a realization that children from other races may have had a very different experience, may have lived in a very different America. 136 more words

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