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When the irrefutable evidence gets splattered all over your favorite shoes

I’ve been giving a lot of thought to my initial reaction after the election — the morning after that too-late Tuesday night, when I’d gone to bed exhausted, my nerves worn to a thin fray. 1,288 more words


On Things I Must Believe

There are certain things I have to believe.

I have to believe that God is good. Though it doesn’t always seem like He is. It doesn’t seem like His plans are always good. 467 more words

Planet Ernesto | LAUP Narratives

“What’s on Planet Ernesto?” I asked.

“There’s LOTS of dirt for dirt bikes and motorcycles, and so many trees that grow apples- but not the fruit kind, the candy ones.

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How Should White People Think about Racism?

It is difficult for white people like myself to have conversations about racism, for a number of reasons. Here are a few I can think of: 637 more words

Current Issues


I prepare each of my posts the night before. Before I get into the meat of today’s post, I have to give you an idea of what the last 24 hours have been like. 369 more words


Scandalous words

These words will scandalize some readers.

Sometime in the future, I will no doubt discuss the same ideas in a more well-ordered way.  But I think I need to produce some expression now. 600 more words


Personal Account of Lovin', Romancin', and Datin' in Current Times of Systemic Injustice

The question that was posed to the panel put a lump in my throat:

“In the Black / African American community, can a long term relationship be successful when the husband is less educated and makes less money?” 918 more words