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Prison Abolition

Short one today, because Flint’s crisis has exhausted every last bit of my brainpower.

In general, prison should have five goals, as described by criminologist… 163 more words

What the System's Vision for Your Child's Education Really Looks Like

There are moments at the beginning of every year when I wish that I could just sit down with parents and walk them through the harrowing process that is known as Elementary Education in the state of Oklahoma. 1,387 more words

Christian Prejudice: Finding Answers to a Shameful Problem

What are we supposed to do?

A friend of mine, Kyle West, posed this question to me in response to a blog post about racism in my community. 700 more words


But it wasn't me

The week before my birthday, I received a bill in the mail from AT&T for phone numbers I did not recognize. Then a letter declining “my” application for a store debit card. 479 more words

Faith Hope Love

Juvenile Murder Sentencing - A Saner Approach

A 70 year old man in Oklahoma is making headlines.

So is an 11 year old boy.

The first has been imprisoned since age 16, when he murdered a police officer. 749 more words

Evidence Based Policy

What Does Justice Look Like? Addressing the Roots and the Symptoms

I recently spent a rare evening watching a reality television show called “Undercover Boss.” The premise is this: CEOs of companies go undercover as regular employees and see the dark or uplifting side of their corporations. 1,423 more words

From The Fellows

Judging Prejudice: Looking for Lies with White Eyes

I have a lot of conversations about race and prejudice, and it is something I’ve done a fair bit of thinking and praying about. When I discuss these things publicly, people (usually white people) sometimes have a hard time believing that racism continues to be a significant force in contemporary society. 755 more words