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What the shit is "Systemic Injustice?"

In a shock to absolutely no one, condemning Nazis is super easy. Industrialized murder and racial supremacy aren’t really all that controversial. I mean, I know that’s not universal and there is a… 1,866 more words

Social Criticism

Police Officers, Heroes or Villians?: The Unique Perspective of a ‘White Boy’ Who’s Experienced Black Culture


Perhaps there is convincing proof of white privilege and racial injustice just in the intuitive feeling you had when you read this blog title. If you are white, you probably immediately thought to yourself something like this, “The police are here to serve and protect, of course, they are heroes!” If you are black you might have been a little more hesitant to jump to that conclusion. 1,271 more words

Mayberry's Powers Really Should Be Seperated

A stylish convertible flies by Andy, Barney, Opie, and Floyd as they are leaving the lake after a fishing trip.  They all rush into Andy’s patrol car and pull the driver over.  854 more words

Season One

Incarceration - Need More Picture Books!

Super sad story about a child who doesn’t at first understand why his dad doesn’t play their Knock Knock game any more. He is incarcerated now, which leaves the reader with so much sadness. 11 more words


Richard Spencer, white ignorance, and white guilt

Richard Spencer, the infamous American white supremacist, fundamentally misunderstands biology, history, and social anthropology, resulting in a deeply flawed moral economy. Although his racist beliefs are extreme, I think that we can take them as a point of departure for evaluating less conspicuous, but more prevalent, forms of insensitivity, including the denial that white people should feel guilty for benefiting from white privilege. 2,145 more words

Canonical Hermeneutics and Systemic Injustices

I watched the #PhilandoCastile dash cam video about an hour ago and am still horrified. This case appears to me to be a miscarriage of justice on every level, from the 50ish stops in 14 years to which Castile was subjected, to the actions of the officer, to the acquittal of the officer by the jury. 536 more words

Biblical Theology

Kazu Haga | Why the moral argument for nonviolence matters

Making the argument that nonviolence should be seen as a way of life is a much harder sell than convincing people that it is the most effective strategy to accomplish a goal.

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