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Christian Prejudice: Finding Answers to a Shameful Problem

What are we supposed to do?

A friend of mine, Kyle West, posed this question to me in response to a blog post about racism in my community. 700 more words


But it wasn't me

The week before my birthday, I received a bill in the mail from AT&T for phone numbers I did not recognize. Then a letter declining “my” application for a store debit card. 479 more words

Faith Hope Love

Juvenile Murder Sentencing - A Saner Approach

A 70 year old man in Oklahoma is making headlines.

So is an 11 year old boy.

The first has been imprisoned since age 16, when he murdered a police officer. 749 more words

Systemic Injustice

What Does Justice Look Like? Addressing the Roots and the Symptoms

by Rachel Gross-Prinz

I recently spent a rare evening watching a reality television show called “Undercover Boss.” The premise is this: CEOs of companies go undercover as regular employees and see the dark or uplifting side of their corporations. 1,421 more words

Judging Prejudice: Looking for Lies with White Eyes

I have a lot of conversations about race and prejudice, and it is something I’ve done a fair bit of thinking and praying about. When I discuss these things publicly, people (usually white people) sometimes have a hard time believing that racism continues to be a significant force in contemporary society. 755 more words


Atticus Finch and Bill Cosby: Watchmen Needed

In Harper Lee’s Go Set a Watchman we discover that Atticus Finch is a racist, a strikingly different persona than we first came to know in… 1,116 more words

An Open Letter to my African-American Friends

Dear brothers and Sisters:

I wish to begin by declaring my love and respect for you. I am thankful for you and for your ministries. In many ways, each of you have had a profound influence on my life and ministry. 628 more words