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Sorry, Not Sorry

I refuse to apologize for my chronic illness or the accommodations I have to make because of them.

When I make plans with someone, but end up having to cancel – I do not get down on myself. 459 more words

Late Night Musings About Lupus and Anger

Something that always amazes me about chronic illness is the anger that has a tendency to creep up at different points, without warning. Whether in the form of self-judgment and negative self-talk, jealousy, becoming overwhelmed and emotionally withdrawing, being passive-aggressive, or outright lashing out at those around us, at the root (for me, at least) the cause seems to be anger. 635 more words

Why I Choose To Share My Story

If you’re anything like me, early on in your diagnosis (along with the many other emotions going on) you felt a sense of fear and shame when thinking about discussing your new illness with others. 1,250 more words

A Letter To Anyone Struggling to Cope With Chronic Illness

I was speaking to a friend recently about chronic illness and the many effects it has on a person’s life. Of course, there are the physical symptoms that are a direct cause of one’s disease, but how about the emotional toll it takes on a person? 349 more words

10 Mistakes I Made After My Chronic Illness Diagnosis

Unfortunately for most of us, there is no guidebook on how to cope handed out along with our chronic illness diagnosis’; it’s more of a learn as you go type of experience. 1,537 more words