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When should I suspect spontaneous coronary artery dissection in my patient with chest pain?

Spontaneous coronary artery dissection (SCAD) is defined as the separation of the walls of the coronary artery.1 It is thought that hemorrhage into the false lumen can result in compression of the true lumen, leading to ischemia.  403 more words

Little Lupie Essentials


Not the healthiest of options/recommended by doctors and nutritionists, but let’s face it, with chronic fatigue and the days when just getting breakfast or taking a shower can drain you of all energy, a good strong coffee is needed and well-deserved. 809 more words


30 Things About My Invisible Illness You May Not Know

In celebration of World Lupus Day, I have answered these questions that were originally used in blogs for invisible illness week. They’re a bit of fun, and a good way to show how living with chronic illnesses is different for everyone! 1,784 more words


My Dog has Started Walking in Circles - should I be concerned?

Although it is normal for puppies to chase their tails and even for fully-grown animals to dash around in wild twists and turns.  But, dogs don’t typically walk in circles, except when they are preparing to urinate, defecate, or they find an interesting smell or another animal. 850 more words

Dog Behaviours

A lesson in Lupus. 

This post is long but please read it, out of all my illnesses this is the one I want you to understand. I have tried to make it easy to follow and understand but Lupus isn’t simple and isn’t easy. 1,386 more words


What is Raynaud's Phenomenon?

I want to start writing blog posts explaining what my secondary illnesses are. This task might take me a while to get through – because I want to ensure they are thorough and easy for you to understand. 771 more words


My Daily Thoughts as a Spoonie

Today marks one year since the doctor confirmed that I have lupus. Happy anniversary to me! It’s had some ups and downs – A&E, multiple doctors, medicine increases and decreases, so many blood and urine tests, and countless colds. 310 more words