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Technical writing was new. In 1981, it didn’t have a name. I was a pioneer. I didn’t chop down forests or slaughter aboriginal inhabitants, but I went where no one had gone before. 508 more words


5 Alarming Points That Should Concern Us With Technology. What Improvements Can We Make? [Videos]

How many people are aware that:

☞ According to a Cisco Survey in May 2017, it was revealed that three-fourths of the IoT projects are failing… 555 more words


What Does Harmony Mean? Do We Want to Be the Melody or Are We Better Suited as the Team Harmony?

During my high school experience, I was a member of three different choir groups. The main school choir, the swing choir and the chosen best of the best for the Christmas Carolers. 580 more words


Would You Rather Be a Fearless Pirate of the Sea or a Pioneering Cow Woman of the West? [Videos]

Would you rather be a fearless pirate of the sea or a pioneering cow woman of the West?” (0:20) CONVERGE17

This question was presented to Hui Chen, former Department of Justice (DOJ) Compliance Counsel in the Fraud section.

667 more words

Why Should We Make Science Education Sexy? [Video]

During a workshop, I begged the question about what was being taught about writing versus what is required for scholastic writing.

First and foremost, who is our target audience? 319 more words


Complete the assignment “Sandia Medical Devices Real-Time Glucose Monitoring.” Do this after you have viewed all the videos posted below then submit a Word document that answers questions 1, 2, 3 and 4… 419 more words