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“It’s easier to make a working system fast than to make a fast system work” plus “you can not argue with a working system”.  Read More Here


Using the life cycle assessment approach to assess the environmental impacts of fish production in Egypt

In late 2016, the CGIAR Research Program on Livestock and Fish produced several synthesis products, including a series of briefs on ex-ante environment impact assessment work carried out between 2012 and 2016. 270 more words


Who is a Business Analyst?

In simple terms – A Business Analyst is a person who acts and works like a bridge between clients and software developers.

The profile of a BA includes works like analyzing a business or a domain and to document the business processes or the systems. 74 more words

Business Analyst

The Analyst Role in the Software Development Process

“Wait, you actually helped develop the software?” My wife asked curiously, and without accusation.  485 more words

Business systems analysis – implementation

There cannot be enough said about documentation – at every step of the SDLC. At Pfizer they had intranet Treps (Team Repositories) which are only accessible by people ‘with permission from the Project Manager – and not all of them have publishing rights. 2,292 more words

Business Systems Analysis

Business systems analysis - design phase

Design is perhaps the hardest part of the SDLC. Even though you are forming ideas in your mind while amassing the information and developing the analysis, now you need to formulate the picture and predetermine which questions or problems will occur and try to solve them ahead of time. 1,606 more words

Business Systems Analysis

Business Systems Analysis - Analysis Phase

Information-gathering at the inception of a project

I consider the use of interviews to be the most important fact-finding method, backed up by the collection of business documents, for fact finding on a development project. 2,800 more words

Business Systems Analysis