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Midterm Essay: Hans Haacke and Systems Art

Crystal Sun, A10882923
VIS 159/ICAM 150 Midterm, Winter 2015
TA: Stephanie Sherman
Feb. 17, 2015

Hans Haacke and Systems Art

“A system,” artist Hans Haacke asserts in his 1967… 382 more words

Sixty Four Sets of Diagonal Stripes, in Rotation: Sienna, Violet and Blue

A descriptive title for this new painting would be Pattern: Sixty Four Sets of Eighteen Diagonal Stripes in Clockwise Rotation: Sienna, Violet, Blue

…or just… 33 more words


Split and inverted

Networked double tetractys…

…divided in half vertically, one half inverted and arranged in opposition. 8 more words