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Phylosymbiosis: Cooperative Relationships as a Matter of Survival

It has become increasingly apparent that larger organisms like ourselves cannot live alone. A certain community of bacterial associates must live in, and on a host organism. 485 more words


On Bacterial Intelligence And Sociality

Although Eshel-Ben Jacob Died in June of 2015, during his life he was a leader in the theory of self-organization and pattern formation in open systems. 200 more words


Cancer Is a Biological Outlaw

Cancer is a biological outlaw. It begins its career as a cell triggered by a set of circumstances that cause it to diverge from participating in a contributory role in the community it draws nourishment from. 646 more words


Dick Van Dyke Sings At A Denny's And Makes Everyone's Day -- Watch!

Ninety years old, and Dick Van Dyke is still such a performer!

The “Dick Van Dyke” show star delighted patrons at a Denny’s in Santa Monica, California, recently by breaking out into a barbershop quartet rendition of “Chitty Chitty Bang Bang.” 174 more words


Is Farming Evolution's First Step toward Complex Organisms?

There are certain ants that farm aphids for the food they produce, protecting and defending them for the nourishing survival value they provide. Leafcutter ants farm leaves in order to grow a fungus. 395 more words


SBML and the Julia Programming Language

Loading SBML files into the Julia programming language

Systems Biology Markup Language (SBML – http://sbml.org) is a widely used standard for exporting and sharing computational models of biological processes. 814 more words