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A Crystal Bowl Concert with T Love

Here is a crystal bowl concert announced in Sussex County. T Love is an energy therapist I met last year. She is a fascinating enthusiast and kind person and I have learned a great deal about the effects of crystal bowls music on our body, mind and soul. 99 more words

Get Out Of The FOG: How To Get Out Of Our Comfort Zone

Manifesting my Dream

Today I went on taking that one action in the physical world to act upon my dream board visualization from yesterday. I shopped for gifts for my family and also bought you a little something. 144 more words


Dream board

I receive a mail from you, quite long, where I can feel that you have settled down, processed your thoughts and experiences, you have cleared and cleaned your energies and now you are ready to have that open honest heart-to-heart conversation with me and come clean about it all and about your feelings for me and what happened between us, where we are at and what could happen in the future. 184 more words



to tell me you ever felt that ecstasy with anyone else before me… Just dare.



Emancipate myself from the mental slavery…