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Grab Your Parka, We've Discovered The Coldest Brown Dwarf Yet!

Brown dwarf stars are the T-Mobile Girl of the universe. You remember her? She was the girl in the pink dresses, who for some reason became a… 426 more words


Suck It, Atlantic Reviewers!

By Guy

I kid the Atlantic reviewing team, really!  Well, kinda.  In their multi-reviewer conversation of ep. 6 (True Detective’s First Disappointing Episode), one of the reviewers pans a particular shot as being to obvious and heavy handed in symbolism. 736 more words

Pink Bike

What do you think of T-Mobile commercial with the girl and motorcycle. To us it seems like a good tactic to attract more riders. Is it working? 62 more words

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T-Mobile Girl Can't Stop the Bleeding.


The Sheth model predicts corporate strategic behavior for niche and mass market players. T-Mobile is at the low end of the mass market line; smaller market share and lower financial results. 175 more words


The T-Mobile Girl Gets a Makeover!

We’ve all become accustomed to the nameless girl featured in T-Mobile television spots: she’s cute, polished and trustworthy in her adorably sweet pink dress. Theoretically, she seems to fit nicely into T-Mobile’s ad strategy; she’s attractive enough to appeal to all ages of the male market yet remains average enough in appearance that she’s relatable to the female demographic. 257 more words

Katelan Burch


Things You Shouldn’t Put on Pinterest
1. People you want to kill
2. Pictures of animals buttholes
3. STD “faves”
4. my poo poo collection… 16 more words

Am I Sexist?

I am not sexist.  Really, I am not.  Also, I have never google-image searched naked pictures of the T-Mobile girl and/or tried to friend her on facebook.  574 more words