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How Verizon's faster download speeds lapped the field

”Wireless carriers have been slowly rolling out a new technology for the past few years to increase maximum download speeds on their networks,” Aaron Pressman reports for Fortune. 220 more words


Sprint and T-Mobile Offer More Expensive Unlimited Plans

After offering cheaper unlimited mobile plans with some compromises two weeks ago, wireless carriers T-Mobile and Sprint are now heeding calls for truly unlimited unlimited plans. 403 more words


T-Mobile ONE Now Offers Unlimited 4G LTE Tethering for Extra $25 Per Month

T-Mobile recently introduced a new plan called T-Mobile ONE that offers unlimited talk, text, and 4G LTE data for $70 per month. A second line can be added for $50 per month, while up to six more lines can be added for an additional $20 per month each. 194 more words


T-Mobile Will Sell One-Day "HD Passes" For $3; Unlimited HD Passes For $25/Month

Earlier this month, T-Mobile announced it was doing away with multiple data plans. Instead, its new T-Mobile One plan sells voice, data, and text messaging for a single price — with the condition that the speed of the video content streamed to your phone is automatically capped so that it’s not full HD. 432 more words

T-Mobile tweaks its One plan to address your complaints

T-Mobile’s One plan rubbed a lot of people the wrong way: sure, you got unlimited on-device data, but anything better than 480p video or 2G hotspot tethering was going to cost you an arm and a leg. 283 more words


After killing data plans just 2 weeks ago, T-Mobile already introduced a new data plan

There’s absolutely no question that T-Mobile has singlehandedly reshaped the wireless landscape in the United States over the past few years. Led by its outspoken CEO John Legere, the scrappy carrier has introduced a string of new initiatives that have left its larger rivals chasing it to compete. 483 more words